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Welcome to Curriculum Night Mrs. V allillo Kindergarten Second Grade Curriculum Night Mrs. V allillo.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Mrs. V allillo Kindergarten Second Grade Curriculum Night Mrs. V allillo

2 About Mrs. V allillo BA, Elementary Education Arizona State University MA, Early Childhood Northern Arizona University 10 th year teaching Enjoys reading, snowboarding, spending time with family Married to Mike, 3 ½ year old Addison, and Grayson will be 2 in August!


4 Thinking Maps We are a thinking maps school and you will see thinking maps related to all content areas of learning. There is a link on our website where you can learn more about the thinking processes that are the basis of Thinking Maps. Your children will be able to name, tell you how to use, and draw all 8 thinking maps by the end of the year.

5 AZ Career College Ready Standards Reading Mathematical Practices Language Math  Informational and literature texts  Asking and answering questions citing text evidence  Foundation of Knowledge reading history, science, etc  Text features and images  Vocabulary  Opinion pieces  Informative and explanatory texts  Narratives  Grammar  Conventions  Glossaries/ dictionaries  Shades of meaning (e.g. toss, throw, hurl)  Understanding of place value up to 1000  Multiple strategies to add and subtract  Solve word problems  Foundations for Multiplication  Measurement  Time and Money  Make sense of problems  Reasoning and explaining thinking  Attend to precision  Use appropriate tools

6 Reading Homework High Frequency Words (HFW) Reading Comprehension Communication Tool  A guided reading book or passage will go home nightly. 20 minutes  The goal is to read 20 minutes per night.  Fill in time with a book of their choice  Please return books daily. Reread in class.  Lost books are $7 each.  Discuss what is read  Ask questions about the text  Use examples from the text  Take time to practice these words with your child.  They must be recognized instantly, by “sight” to support reading fluency.  HFW are the most often used words in reading and writing.  Return to school each day.  Check nightly for important papers  Return homework signed forms, money, etc.

7 Writing Writing Ideas Thank You Notes Summaries Friendly Letters Expository Text Poems Journals Narratives Literature Response Math thinking FR: Writing is used in ALL subjects

8 Writing Process PrewritingDraftingEditing RevisingPublishingReflecting

9 Social Studies National symbols and holidays People and events of the past American and World History Geography Economics Civics and Government

10 Science Inquiry Process Solids, Liquids, and Gases Life Cycles Important People and Contributions Weather and Clouds Body Systems Health Education

11 Specials Days 1 and 4 Day 3 and 6 Day 2 Day 5 Wear tennis shoes. Extra learning opportunities (i.e. art activity or computer lab) Get ready to sing. Check out new library books. Specials are a fun part of our day.



14 Responsible Thinking Process respect Teaches respect for others by fostering responsible thinking be responsible Helps students to think responsibly and to be responsible for their own behavior. teachinglearning Creates a classroom environment that maximizes the time spent on teaching and learning. Through a series of questions, the teacher asks the student to evaluate his/her actions, and make a responsible choice about behavior.

15 Responsible Thinking Process What are you doing? What are the rules? What happens when you break rules? Is that what you want to happen? What do you want to do now? What will happen if you disrupt again?

16 Student Progress  Progress reports and Report cards are available through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal  Please register if you haven’t already!

17 Second Grade Website  Second Grade Website Second Grade Website  Homework: posted on Friday and due the following Friday. Spelling tests on Friday.  Newsletters posted on Friday  Parent and Student Handbook  Important Dates (Birthday Book Club)  Parent Links  REGISTER FOR E-ALERTS

18 Housekeeping  Attendance  Transportation  Tax Credits (online)  Library/Journey’s Forms  Emergency Forms  Lunch Money   T-Shirts  Conferences: August 26 th and 27 th  Enrichment  JA, Art Masterpiece, Computer Lab  Volunteers  Forms, Sign up genius, PTO Liaison  Snacks: Peanut Free Classroom Please!

19 Meeting new friends…

20 Thank you for coming! I am really excited to share in your child’s educational experience this school year.

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