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1 Advanced Techniques for online mediarooms Whats hype and whats not? September 2006

2 Market Credibility The Fuel Team developed MediaRoom; sold exclusively through PR Newswire PR WEEK Magazine PR Innovation of the Year Over 300 users, both public and private Clear leadership in marketplace of online newsrooms 4 th release of software platform Continuous research with live Media Advisory Councils Continuous research with Corporate IT Teams Hosted and maintained by PR Newswire CONFIDENTIAL Page 2

3 Online MediaRooms are a hot topic in the trades More and More companies are building or buying them Off-the-shelf, on-demand software much more common PR Automation tools are much more common PR Clients are more educated about online tools Theres a lot of noise out there about social media Ease of Use remains higher priority than functionality The news release is far from dead CONFIDENTIAL Page 3 The Trend

4 CONFIDENTIAL Page 4 Compelling Product Always a question of build vs. buy All Verticals and Industries F100 to Agency to Non-Profit HealthCare Pharma Financial Technology Non-Profit Associations Cable Retail Restaurant Aerospace Auto Supply Manufacturing Agency Telecommunications Media Airlines Client Profile

5 The 5 Key Value Propositions Real-time Content Control- PR team can manage without reliance upon IT. Dark sections turned on easily for crisis or product launch or trade show content Auto-Population of News Releases- XML pull directly from the wire…huge time-saver Notification- instant email and RSS delivery of news. Subscribe and Unsubscribe options at all times Multimedia- high resolution images, podcasts, video news releases, webcasts Site Tracking and User Monitoring- registration form builder, password-protection and Urchin tracking system allow for complete snapshot view of all traffic and campaigns

6 Hype or no Hype? Real ROI for BellSouth Auto-pull of news releases from wire is saving 20 man hours per week Email Notification is saving over $80,000 over previous vendor Content Management issues killed them during Hurricane season according to decision- maker Additional benefit to Public Policy group, hosting FCC- compliant docs in MediaRoom pages

7 Hype or no Hype? Serve 3 audiences during Katrina Cingular used MR to manage Katrina crisis to three audiences: employees, media, customers Created dedicated URL: www.cingularhurricaneupdates www.cingularhurricaneupdates Traffic was tracked pre/post Increased traffic from 3,000 weekly pageviews to over 30,000. Traffic has remained high since. See attached Crisis Communcations pdf

8 Hype or no Hype? B of A serves Hispanic media Bank of America launched separate MR site to serve the hispanic media audience Can track multi-cultural efforts individually Use subscription RSS feeds to deliver hispanic releases into markets directly to branch managers No translation efforts required in site since all content is posted natively

9 Hype or no Hype? Epson uses MR as press kit Use MediaRoom for Trade Shows exclusively Content sections built for each event or product offering Epson services over 30 trade shows a year using MediaRooms customizable pages Password protection of individual pages of content Urchin tracking allows complete reporting snapshot RSS feeds of show-specific content to specific audiences

10 Hype or no Hype? Registration required Home Depot directs all of their media audience AWAY from and to the MR site instead They needed to be able to track site traffic by campaign and by release They require a form login to access content Urchin systems allows them to finely hone their seasonal campaigns

11 Optimize the release itself before sending out over wire Optimize the pages of the MR using Title Tags, meta tags and keyword descriptions Associate images and multimedia to release after it posts to MR site by using the content manager Link, link, link to blog posts and coverages Consider sending out a traditional release and then actually posting a social media release to your MR Pull your news releases into the home page of your MR and the home page of your main website for maximum SEO results (see Pfizer on next slide) The News Release and MR

12 Pfizer pulls news into home

13 New MediaRoom Platform Improved interface Meta Tagging on Each Page Ability to Hide Inactive Navigation Rich Text Editor available on more fields Image placement Image alt tags Break up news release elements into bite-size chunks that can each be indexed as content

14 Index your News on the Web Gather your clips out there once they land Auto-pull using XML those clips directly into your MR Display the positive clips as their own page, which creates another index of that news on the web Point to blog posts about you/your products and include summary responses to those posts Maintain these links agressively…nothing worse than dead links on your MR pages Get permissions for article reprints (see CME on the next slide)


16 Hype or no hype? Social media tools Podcasts? Sure…limited downloads by journalists RSS? Absolutely, although research indicates journalists slower to adopt than consumers Blogs? Sure…if youre brave and careful. Journalists view them as amateur competition but consumers will go to them and read them Digg? Other bookmarking tools? Sure. Any and all of these efforts must be prioritized by you and your PR team. Do it if you have time? Do it if you want a younger audience?

17 Hype or no Hype? Multimedia Produce VNRs Produce Podcasts Add them to your MR pages in a gallery and then associate them with a given release Track downloads of that multimedia file Allow request for broadcast-quality versions although few newsrooms will pull them down at this time Tagging and social proliferation to sites such as YouTube and Flickr merely help support consumer traffic to your sites, your message and your products Again…function of time and priorities

18 Track, Track and Track more Use registration forms to capture those users that will actually sign up…some will Use a tracking system to determine how effective or ineffective your campaigns are Back up the tracking system with regular searches on all search engines to see how well youre optimized Do regular benchmarking of all of these metrics Experiment with different distribution methods Export reports that allow you to tweak your distributions (see Urchin tracking slide)


20 Contact Info Dee Rambeau, Managing Partner The Fuel Team 1800 Platte St. Denver, CO 80202 303.561.1234 Blog:

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