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A Producer’s Guide to Chubb’s SMART Application Platform

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1 A Producer’s Guide to Chubb’s SMART Application Platform
Thank you for taking time today to join us to discuss the upcoming enhancements of the SMART Application. NEXT SLIDE A Producer’s Guide to Chubb’s SMART Application Platform

2 Welcome Slides will advance automatically. However, you can use your left mouse button or press “Enter” to advance the slides manually. (Autorun time approximately 10 minutes.)

3 What is Chubb’s SMART Application?
The Information and Network Technology (INT) E&O SMART Application is a web-based tool that dynamically creates customized new and renewal E&O applications based on the client’s nature of operation. Project background and goals 1. producer view

4 Why Use Chubb’s SMART Application?
Simplifies the application process Facilitates the ease of doing business with Chubb Increases the producers’ value-added Offers “anytime, anywhere” capability Saves time and cost for the Producer and Client Streamlines the renewal application process

5 Benefits of a Customized Application
Customized SMART Application Paper-based Application vs. 164 mandatory questions, whether relevant or not 89 relevant questions customized to the client Average “back and forth” more than 3.5 times between all parties “Back and forth” minimized or eliminated Application process time equals 78 days Estimated application process time cut in half! Comparisons derived from actual case study.

6 Streamlined Renewal Process
Data cedes the renewal application with last year’s data. Client/Producer updates the renewal application in the SMART Application Chubb Underwriter reviews submitted application Estimated process time for renewals in the SMART Application = minutes vs. 40 to 60 minutes.

7 The SMART Application Process
Producer Client Producer Chubb Producer creates the application with the SMART Application wizard. Turns over to client. Client adds information and electronically signs the application. Hands off to Producer. Producer reviews application and sends to Chubb underwriter. Chubb underwriter receives and reviews the application. 1 2 3 4 (average time 5 minutes) (average time 30 minutes) (average time 10 minutes)

8 Producer Next, we’ll review the Producer’s steps in the SMART Application process.

9 SMART Application Process - Producer
The Producer’s steps are very easy. Producer enters information into the SMART Application Wizard. Producer generates the application. SMART Application sends an to the client with log-in information.

10 Chubb’s Internet Home Page
Select link Click on Chubb button at the top of the browser to access the SMART Application system.

11 The @chubb Agency Portal
Enter User ID and Password and press “Login.” Use Chubb user ID and password to enter the system. If you have not been issued this ID, contact your Chubb agency representative.

12 Business / Quote & Modify
Select Technology E&O

13 Business / Quote & Modify
Launch App Select “Launch App” to access the SMART Application.

14 Producer Welcome Page SMART Application global navigation tabs
This is the Producer Welcome screen. Begin creating a new application here. Click to learn more about SMART Application Click on either link to create a new application.

15 Create a New SMART Application
Begin creating a customized application using the Application Wizard. Process flow bar indicates progress The Application Wizard opens A yellow circle in the process flow bar indicates your progression of the application. A completed step is indicated by a yellow circle with a check mark.

16 Send to Applicant You are here. This is the “Send to Applicant” page. You can continue to answer the questions and send the info to the applicant later, or you can send the link directly to the applicant now. Send to Applicant Later allows you to continue to work on the application. Send to Applicant Now sends notification to client.

17 Client Next, we’ll look at the Client’s steps in the SMART Application process.

18 SMART Application Process - Client
The Client opens the application after notification with log-in instructions. Client receives User ID and Password in 2 separate s. Client receives log-in instructions and quick reference guide. Client completes and signs application online, and system sends notification to producer.

19 Client Log-in Screen Enter User ID and Password sent in notification and press “Login.” This is the Client Log-in Screen. The client enters USER ID and PASSWORD.

20 Client Agrees to Service Agreement
The next screen in the client process is the information services agreement. This is a standard service agreement. The applicant must click “I agree” to move to the next screen. Client selects I AGREE.

21 Quick Reference Guide link
Client Welcome Screen The Client Welcome screen offers several options. Download reference material. Learn more about how to use the Smart Application. Or complete the application started by the Producer. Quick Reference Guide link Select to Learn About SMART Application. Select to Complete Your SMART Application.

22 Application History This is the first screen you see when you enter the SMART Application. On this page, you can: View/edit the application Print a copy Delete the application Attach documents (i.e., business plan, financial information, sample contracts) Click “View/Edit Application” to review the application started by the Producer.

23 Preview & Confirm Application
Review and confirm the information that has been entered in the application Wizard by the Producer. Press the Confirm button when you finish. Press to confirm your application.

24 Navigating the SMART Application
This is an instructional page to guide the Client through the application process. This is the side-bar menu of the application sections.

25 Navigating the SMART Application
Use the yellow circles to track your progress through the system. In this case, we are in the General Information section, and the Subcontractors information is complete. The yellow circle shows your location in the process. A yellow circle with a check mark indicates a finished section.

26 Complete an Application
Finish the application by entering the rest of the information. You are here. Red text indicates mandatory information. Click to add additional information to the application.

27 Applicant Sign-off When the application is complete, the client must “sign off.” Continue to Applicant Sign-off page.

28 Applicant Acknowledgement
The Client reviews and acknowledges the terms of the application on this screen. Review the You are here. Click to sign off and lock the application. Sign application here.

29 Producer Review Next, we’ll review the Producer steps after the Client has signed off.

30 Producer Reviews the Application
The Producer opens the application again following notification that the client has finished. Producer receives notifying of completed application. Producer logs on and verifies application Producer submits application to Chubb Underwriter

31 Producer Welcome Page Producer logs and navigates to the SMART Application. Producer selects “Producer Inbox” or “Manage Existing SMART Applications” to review the application.

32 Manage Existing SMART Applications
Producer Inbox lists all current and submitted applications. Navigate to Applicant Acknowledgment from this page. Select Current Applications. Look for Applicant Acknowledgment in Status column. Click here to select.

33 Submit Producer reviews the application and submits to Chubb for underwriting review. You can review or edit the application. Or submit final application directly to Chubb underwriter.

34 Other Features Chubb’s SMART Application offers many other helpful features and functions.

35 Locate Applications Easily locate an application at any time.
Click to locate an existing application.

36 Click to process Renewals
One of the key benefits of the SMART Application is the streamlined renewal process which uses information in the system to simplify the next year’s renewal. Click to process Renewals

37 “Help” Press “Help” to find contact information for the SMART Application system. Click on “Help” for contact information.

38 Marketing and Training Materials
Access marketing and training materials within the SMART Application. Click for marketing/ training materials.

39 In Summary Creating customized and shorter applications
Now you see how easy the SMART Application is to use. You can better serve your information and network technology clients by: Creating customized and shorter applications Simplifying the application process Saving time and cost Streamlining the application renewal process

40 Give the SMART Application a try!
It’s Fast, Easy, and SMART!

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