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Affirmative Tú Commands

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1 Affirmative Tú Commands

2 What are affirmative tú commands?
They tell someone what to do. Spanish uses special verb ending to give affirmative commands to anyone you would address as tú.

3 How to form affirmative tú commands:
Use the él/ella/ud. ending to form an affirmative command. lavar -a lava barrer -e barre abrir abre

4 Examples ¡Lava los platos! ¡Barre el suelo! ¡Abre la puerta!

5 Irregular affirmative tú commands
decir di hacer haz ir ve poner pon salir sal ser tener ten venir ven

6 Regla If you use an affirmative command with a direct object pronoun, attach the pronoun to the end. Add an accent when you attach a pronoun to a command of 2 or more syllables to retain the original stress. ¡Cierra la ventana! > ¡Ciérrala! ¡Pon la mesa ahora! > ¡Ponla ahora!

7 Practicar Tell Andrés to set the table. Tell Diego to make the bed.
Tell Kat to run the vaccum. Tell Tim to feed the dog. Tell Lizz to cut the grass.

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