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Affirmative Tú Commands

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1 Affirmative Tú Commands
Page 305 Realidades 1 By: Sra. Suzanne M. Shirley North Intermediate High School 808 East College, Broken Arrow, OK  74012

2 Affirmative Commands When you tell someone to do something, you are giving an affirmative command.

3 Affirmative Commands Here are some affirmative commands you might give to a person you address as tú:

4 Affirmative Commands Pablo, apaga las luces por favor.
Linda, recoge la basura. Cristóbol, sirve la cena ahora.

5 Affirmative Commands Notice that command forms are usually the same forms that we use for él / ella / Ud. in the present tense.

6 Affirmative Commands Certain verbs, like poner and hacer have irregular command forms.

7 Affirmative Commands Isabel, pon los libros en la mesa.
Miguel, haz tu cama.

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