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MANDATOS I’ll tell you what to do.

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1 MANDATOS I’ll tell you what to do

2 Mandatos - Commands Commands are used when ordering, or telling someone to do something. This is often referred to as the "imperative" form of the verb. Go to the store! Do your homework! Be quiet!

3 Mandatos In Spanish, commands are called mandatos.
Tú commands (telling “tú ” what to do) are the same as the él/ella/usted form in the present tense. Example: Open the door. Abre la puerta.

4 Mandatos In a normal sentence: You open the door.
Tú abres la puerta. In a command: Open the door! ¡Abre la puerta!

5 Mandatos Write the answer! Eat your food! Attend class every day!
¡Escribe la respuesta! Eat your food! ¡Come tu comida! Attend class every day! ¡Asiste clase todos los días!

6 Mandatos y DOPs If you have a command and a DOP, then the DOP goes after the command, not before it like in normal sentences. Regular: You eat the french fries. You eat them. Regular: Tú comes las papas fritas. Tú las comes. Commands: Eat french fries! Come las papas! Commands: ¡Come las papas fritas! ¡Cómelas!

7 Accentos When you add a syllable (such as a DOP) to the end of a word in Spanish, you must write an accent on the word. Come las papas! ¡Cómelas! If you add one syllable, the accent goes on the third vowel from the end.

8 Accentos Where do the accents go on the following words?
¡Come tu comida! ¡Cómela! ¡Usa el libro! ¡Úsalo! ¡Compra los aretes! ¡Cómpralos! ¡Prepara la tarea! ¡Prepárala!

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