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Informal Commands WALK! SLEEP! EAT!.

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1 Informal Commands WALK! SLEEP! EAT!

2 In Spanish… When we want to tell a friend, a pet or someone younger to do something we use informal (tú) commands… ¡Come! – EAT! ¡Camina!- WALK! ¡Duerme!- SLEEP! What looks familiar about these endings?

3 Positive Commands Commands are used for both do’s and don’ts
Lets begin with the do’s (positive tú commands) To state the do’s of most verbs, drop the –s ending of the verb. STATEMENT COMMAND (tú) caminas ¡Camina! Walk! (tú) comes ¡Come! Eat! (tú) duermes ¡Duerme! Sleep!

4 Let’s work on positive commands…
Open the window!… Verb Abrir Put it in the tú form = tú abres Drop the –s = abre ¡Abre la ventana!

5 Let’s work on positive commands…
Speak now!... Verb hablar Put hablar in the tú form= hablas Drop the –s = habla ¡Habla ahora!

6 Let’s work on positive commands…
Drink water!... Verb beber Put beber in the tú form= bebes Drop the –s = bebe ¡Bebe agua!

7 ¡OJO! hacer and poner These two verbs have irregular affirmative tú command forms. They do not follow the pattern you just learned. poner pon ¡Pon la mesa! hacer haz ¡Haz la cama! You will learn more irregular affirmative tú commands in the next lesson.

8 Online Practice Click on the button!

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