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Affirmative tú Commands

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1 Affirmative tú Commands
To tell someone what to do “mandatos”

2 ¿Qué significa? “Tú commands” are used with people you know well, friend, family member and/or children. You use commands when you are trying to tell someone what to do. Example: Matt, eat your dinner!

3 ¿Cómo se forma? *Use the él, ella form of the verb in the present tense. *Add exclamation points for excitement or stern delivery. *Ejemplos: Hablar: Pepe, ¡Habla español! Comer: Mateo, ¡Come la cena!

4 Los mandatos irregulares…..
Decir- Di- say Ir- Ve- go Ser- Sé- be Salir- Sal- leave Hacer- Haz do/make Tener- Ten have Venir- Ven come Poner- Pon put

5 A couple ways to remember the irregulars
1. Ven Di sal haz ten ve pon sé. Vin Diesel has 10 weapons. 2. Sé ve ten ven haz di pon sal. It’s catchy, isn’t it? 3. Can you make one up?

6 Now, translate them into Spanish.
What would your Mom say? With a partner, use the new vocab. and write 5 commands your Mom would tell you to do at home…… English. Now, translate them into Spanish. Let’s share!

7 ¡Vamos a Practicar! Make the following a command  Sweep the floor!
Celebrate! Go home! Decorate the house! Bring the refreshments! Wrap the gifts!

8 Irregulares Con Pronombres…..
Ejemplo: Irregular Commands with pronouns. ¡Poner la mesa! Set the table. Set what? Set it. ¡Ponla! Set it!

9 Su turno…. Tell the truth. Tell it. ¡Di la verdad! ¡Dila!
¡Write the story! Write it! ¡Escribe el cuento! ¡Escríbelo! Set the table. Set it. ¡Pon la mesa! ¡Ponla! Begin the book. Begin it. ¡Comienza el libro! ¡Comiénzalo! *With stem changers, accent always goes on the “e” of the stem change!

10 Regulares Con Pronombres….
Pronouns can be attached to a command too!! Ejemplo: Regular Command: Sweep the floor! ¡Barre el suelo! Sweep what? Sweep it! Becomes……. bárrelo *Accent goes on second to last syllable of the verb without the pronoun. *Most times, the accent goes on the first vowel of the verb.

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