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Welcome and Introduction Derek Ludlow, MBE Chair, BLEDP Ltd.

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1 Welcome and Introduction Derek Ludlow, MBE Chair, BLEDP Ltd

2 Delivering Economic Success in Bedfordshire & Luton: Presentation to the 2 nd BLEDP Plenary Session David Marlow Chief Executive East of England Development Agency 8 November 2005

3 The BLEDP sub-region today A population approaching 600,000 Slow relative rates of economic growth Low skills base, business start-up and growth rates Communities of multiple deprivation Strong competition from neighbouring centres

4 BLEDP in the region

5 The regional framework for growth & development

6 Applying the framework in Bedfordshire & Luton 1.Building on our strengths International gateway and national transport corridor roles HE & FE strengths Advanced manufacturing and R&D Creative, cultural diversity & quality of life

7 Applying the framework in Bedfordshire & Luton 2.Maximising distinctive opportunities Growth Area Status Adjacent to London, Milton Keynes & the centre of O2C Arc Tourism investment opportunities Transport & aviation – related developments

8 Applying the framework in Bedfordshire & Luton 3.Addressing Areas of Concern Skills participation, attainment & levels of productivity Enterprise, business start up & growth Economic Inclusion Profile & image

9 Applying the framework in Bedfordshire & Luton 4.Delivering Change Sustainably Bedford, Luton & Dunstable Town Centres High quality design, balanced and sustainable communities Celebrating diversity Leadership & delivery management

10 EEDA roles & functions Shaping strategic direction Persuading / influencing Delivery of four core products Business Support Enterprise Hubs Investing in Communities Regional Renaissance

11 Business Support in action

12 Enterprise Hubs in action

13 Investing in Communities in action

14 Regional Renaissance

15 Persuading / influencing: the EEDA/BLEDP Partnership Core roles of SREPS Outcomes of SREP Summit –more effective performance management –interfaces with EEDA core products –interfaces with LAAs –responding to Growth Areas agenda Outcomes of Growth Areas agenda

16 Delivering Economic Success Strategic Leadership & a strategic approach Its the economy... Partnership and stakeholder management Delivery, delivery, delivery …


18 BLEDP and the Future of the Beds and Luton Economy Chris Barnes CEO, BLEDP Ltd

19 Introduction Welcome the proposal BLEDP well on way to achieving EEDAs proposals Independent Co limited by guarantee Private sector led Already adopted SRES (JEDS) Task and Finish Groups to turn strategy into activity.

20 Economic Underperformance

21 Sectoral Comparison A closer comparison of numbers suggests quite strongly that Bedfordshire & Lutons performance is generally weaker across the board. Thus where a sector is declining in both areas it tends to be declining faster in Bedfordshire & Luton. Where sectors are growing they tend to be growing faster in neighbouring areas. Where growth has been more mixed, the overall performance still tends to be weaker in Bedfordshire & Luton.

22 Building a Sustainable Economy 50,000 new jobs by 2021 –Jobs created by private sector (mainly) –New SMEs not yet started 8,000-12,000 –New Social Enterprises250-750 –Existing Employers10,500-14,500 –Inward Investment23,000-29,000 Double the capacity of the local economy to create jobs No change not an option –Business as usual has failed

23 Partnership Overload 35 organisations –6 government –3 regional –8 public authorities –7 education sector –6 Private sector –5 Community & voluntary sector 10 Regional Partnerships (and counting) 33 sub-regional/local Partnerships (& counting)


25 Partnership Overload 3 10 regional partnerships not included Sub groups etc. not included Resourcing – staff to run and staff to attend Transaction costs duplication

26 BLEDPs Role Original intention to be one partnership to prevent a plethora Joint Economic Development Strategy Task & Finish Groups – turning JEDS into action Evidence base > strategic interventions > project activity

27 Adding Value to EEDA Sub regional strategic co-ordination of EEDA investments, especially the co-ordination of the 4 core products within the JEDS/Business Plan Linking EEDA/RES objectives to the LAA process and aligning mainsteam funding to RES priorities Linking the RES priorities to the Sustainable Communities Plan growth agenda Helping EEDA to avoid having to arbitrate between locally competing claims on its funds by having those discussions within the strategic framework provided by the BLEDP and the JEDS

28 Adding Value to Partners One Stop Shop for Strategic intervention Strategic conduit for EEDA funding Aligning EEDA funding with LAAs Framework for collective decisions on priorities Independent Performance Assessment pilot for EEDA Fighting B&L corner within region

29 Long Term Vision Rationalisation of partnership working Improvements to corporate governance Encouraging more investment and jobs into Beds and Luton

30 Issues to be resolved Need for adequate resources Core funding plus Product management funding

31 Question & Answer Session

32 Barriers to Inward Investment Group Members Harry Moore, PULS (UK) Sally Ann Forsyth, Unilever PLC Matt Peachey, Bedford Borough Council Gareth Smith, Charter Architects Mark Smith, Barclays Bank PLC Andrew Duncan, BLEDP Andrew Clarke, Douglas Duff Cheryl Smart, Chamber Business

33 Barriers to Inward Investment November 8 th 2005 Lack of co-ordinated business support, The need for vision, leadership and authority to achieve objectives The poor image and need for projection of the area.

34 Barriers to inward Investment November 8 th 2005 One Agency to Handle Inward Investment

35 Key Roles –A one stop shop, signposting towards the sources of information and assistance required 0845 number and coordinating web site –Account Manager assigned to each enquiry –Help with Red Tape supporting enquirers in dealing with regulation and red tape –Offering a sophisticated web-based service –Lobbying re. Central and Local Government Barriers to inward Investment November 8th 2005

36 Vision, leadership and authority EEDA/DEFRA should not encourage separate funding bids from agencies aspiring to conduct inward investment activity in Beds and Luton but rather steer them towards collaborating in a joint bid to underpin the one-agency approach. Before more is committed, existing expenditure should be effectively utilised. The newly-introduced Local Area Agreements should be made to contribute as they are structured to incentivise Local Authorities to work together with other bodies and agencies to achieve economic development goals. Barriers to inward Investment November 8th 2005

37 Image One Company Separate Brands Quality of life Schools Workforce Shopping Experience Accessibility Events Barriers to inward Investment November 8th 2005

38 Change Barriers to Positives Transportation Congestion Infrastructure Barriers to inward Investment November 8th 2005

39 To Break down the Barriers and Succeed One Organisation must be Accountable Barriers to inward Investment November 8th 2005

40 SME Needs Peter Fraser Business Link & Chair SME T&F Group

41 New Business & Social Enterprises Group Membership Peter FraserChair Alex FrancisBLEDP Sarah HughesBedfordshire County Council Frances BrowningLSC Steve PryorBusiness Link Gary JessonE-Financial Management Ltd Eamonn Keenan/University of Luton Karen Wood Martin TrinderNorth Beds CVS

42 New Business & Social Enterprises Priorities Development of entrepreneurial culture Better coordinated and seamless business support/aftercare/incubation Proactive targeting of start-ups Use of networks and business champions Flexible and appropriate premises

43 New Business & Social Enterprises Resources Improved accessibility Shared database and CRM systems Business support website Account management Sector and cluster support Small grants Premises research/database

44 Issues For Existing Employers Lee Allen AW Transport

45 BLEDP General Meeting

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