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NATIONAL SKILLS ACADEMY FOR CONSTRUCTION Jamie White National Skills Academy for Construction.

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1 NATIONAL SKILLS ACADEMY FOR CONSTRUCTION Jamie White National Skills Academy for Construction

2 Agenda ●Construction Skills National role ●Governments Commitment to constriction skills ●Local Authority remit for skills and local employment ●The Skills Academy Model ●Skills Academy Proposal for EMPA ●Potential Benefits

3 The Role of Construction Skills ●ConstructionSkills is working to ensure that the industry - and the country - has the right people with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time. ConstructionSkills has identified four major areas of challenge –Improving Business Performance –Attracting and Retaining Talent –Developing Talent (LLL) –Strengthening the Skills Infrastructure across Nations

4 Sector Skills Agreement ●This Sector Skills Agreement for Construction offers significantly increased employer commitments to training and skills. The objective is to work in partnership with further and higher education and government agencies to respond to the key skills challenges revealed by research and industry consultation. ●The Agreement covers the whole construction industry, from craft to professional, both new build and repair and maintenance, across the whole of the UK with separate agreements for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. At the core of the Agreement are the collective action plans addressing the construction industry’s major skills challenges. ●With construction underpinning all other UK industries and public services, and employing over two million workers, its impact and importance to UK Plc cannot be underestimated.

5 The demand for skills ●The economy – this is the prime driver for change across the industry. Continuing demand in the Public Sector ●The pressure from clients to improve performance – a major review, sponsored by the Deputy Prime Minister ●Innovation and new technology – a recent report on Innovation, Skills and Productivity suggests that the industry needs to be more innovative ●Sustainability – The impact of the Government’s new UK Sustainable Development ●Legislation – the construction industry is under legislative pressure from all levels

6 Challenges for Local Authorities ●Local Employment ●Apprenticeships ●14 – 19 Skills Agenda ●Career development ●Use of the construction programme to create opportunity ●Efficiency savings ●Delivery of best value ●Collaborative Working

7 National Skills Academy for Construction

8 Why have Academies been introduced What is the NSAfC How is a project selected What can be achieved Who is involved What does it mean for us

9 Construction Project centre for learning & development integrated into project work X

10 LEARNERS FUNDING BODIES LEARNING PROVIDERS CLIENTS - to deliver the right skills & learning so that projects are high performing workplaces ensuring build to time, quality, cost & safety Essence CONTRACTORS

11 What do we want to achieve? ●Driven by employers ●Higher performing workplaces ●Learning and Development centres ●Raising training standards ●Improving value for money for employers ●Training all parts of the industry ●Strong community links ●Flexible training

12 Project Selection Process 2007 Employment & Skills Plan Regional Partnership Endorsement National Approval (NCSAG) Project National Skills Academy for Construction badged and operational

13 Who are the Regional Partnership ●Business Link ●Construction Industry Council ●ConstructionSkills ●Further Education ●Higher Education ●Jobcentre Plus ●Learning and Skills Council ●Regional Development Agency ●Skills South East ●SummitSkills ●Others

14 National Skills Academy for Construction North RP London RP E/Mids RP South West RP South East RP Denne

15 EMPA Skills Academy ‘Skills Emporium’ ●Focused on the EMPA Framework and other East Midlands Regional Construction projects ●Support Managers develop skills to deliver the framework successfully ●Applicable to Clients, design teams, contracting partners and supply chains ●Engagement with regional stakeholders and initiatives ●Better performing teams ●Better projects delivered for the local community

16 What Is Required From Industry? ●A commitment from clients, developers and lead contractors to: ●Allow full engagement with the extended supply chain ●Support the employment and skills plan development

17 What are contractors committing to Provide premises for training Contribute towards a project coordinator Show 100% commitment to Competence cards Champion the National Skills Academy for Construction approach Establish work based learning projects Share best practice with new National Skills Academy for Construction projects Devise Training &Development plan - all project companies/ individuals

18 How is the project training plan developed? ●14-19 Year Olds ●New Entrants ●Local Communities ●Higher Education ●Supply Chain companies ●Project Team ●Existing Workforce ●Migrant Workers ●Trade Unions

19 What will be delivered ●NVQ’s through OSAT and EWPA ●Health & Safety tests ●100% accredited workforce (CSCS/CPSC) ●Workforce Training & Development Plans ●Companies supported by grant each year ●Employers involved in education initiatives

20 What will be delivered ●Inspire Scholarships ●Construction Ambassadors in schools ●Employment opportunities on sites for women per year ●Work experience opportunities for 14-19 diploma students/young apprentices/GCSE ●‘Step into Construction’ outcomes ●Apprenticeships

21 What will be delivered ● 14-19 Curriculum Support ● Teacher Professional Development ● Work Experience ● Apprenticeships – L2 and L3 ● Higher Education ● Business Support ● Qualifying Existing Workforce ● BAME/Disability Training for Project Team Local Communities

22 Who is involved in delivering the plan ●EMPA Local Authority Framework Partners ●Contractor ●Project Co-ordinator (EMCBE – Major Contractor) ●ConstructionSkills - CDA - OSAT/EWPA - AO - Education ●Providers ●Other Partners

23 What next… ●EMPA/EMCBE currently developing proposal for approval ●Consultation currently underway with EMPA members ●Proposal supporting the Client Based approach to NCSAG for approval ●Roll-out to other LA’s

24 The right skills in The right quantity in The right place at The right time in The Local Community The NSAfC aims to achieve…..

25 Questions

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