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Manifesto 2015 - 2020. Introduction Hampshire & Isle of Wight Business Alliance (HIBA) Manifesto 2015-2020 Lord Heseltine’s report “No stone unturned”

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1 Manifesto 2015 - 2020

2 Introduction Hampshire & Isle of Wight Business Alliance (HIBA) Manifesto 2015-2020 Lord Heseltine’s report “No stone unturned” recommended that the major national support organisations should find a way to work together and collectively utilise the resources of the national and international chamber network to provide the level of support that will be essential if the UK is to achieve its national export targets. HIBA has been created by the Hampshire offices of those nationally important business support organisations to deliver Lord Heseltine’s vision and provide a mechanism and framework to deliver this enhanced level of support. Hampshire & Isle of Wight Business Alliance (HIBA) Believe that the following Manifesto will help to deliver continued economic growth throughout the region and at the same time support the teaching of skills, create full employment and new jobs. We believe that it is important to lower the costs of doing business, support export growth and make all market sectors work if we are to be truly competitive. We believe that the Government with the support of the LEP’s and Local Authorities, and where appropriate the LEPs and Local Authorities acting in their own right should build on current policy and work with HIBA on delivering this manifesto by providing support and encouragement.

3 Economic Development Support the economic development across Hampshire and IOW. HIBA would like to see the simplification of the planning process, release of land for employment use and to aid all businesses to invest and create local jobs across all sectors but particularly in Marine, Aerospace, Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Creative Industries. Support long term local business investment. Encourage new business start-ups and seek to improve access to finance and public procurement for SME’s including social enterprise and co- operatives and this relies on the following actions.

4 1.Education & Skills Business would want to work across the public sector to ensure that young people achieve all they can, that educational attainment and skills are given the priority they deserve, that they are aware of and have employment opportunities that inspire them and give the genuine aspirations for the future thereby providing business with a skilled and committed workforce, young people with the opportunity to thrive, and relieving the state where we can of the increasing financial burden facing us all. Actively encourage educational institutions to improve the employability skills of young people. HIBA believes that it is important to keep graduates in the Region to retain high level skills. Support and help develop an apprenticeship training system that is robust, long- lasting and resistant to short-term change. Increase the number schools promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and to encourage innovation through higher education.

5 2.Competitive Business Reduce business costs and taxes to encourage business development i.e. Reform of business rates. Address emerging costs such as pensions and waste recycling. Create a light touch business tax framework for SME’s to support growth. Infrastructure - Support the development of infrastructure for the long term benefit of local business. Deliver the rollout of high speed Broadband and increased 4G coverage across the region and business premises.

6 3.Energy Adopt an Energy Strategy for the Hampshire and IOW LEP areas to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and ensure continuation of energy supplies to business at competitive prices that are sustainable. This strategy should include a realistic and cost effective pathway to decarbonisation.

7 4.Inward Investment Support local plans within the area that allow for balanced development of employment land, for the supply chain including logistics, warehousing and distribution sectors, manufacturing, science parks and office accommodation. HIBA believes that this will encourage inward investment and job creation.

8 5.Marine & Maritime Support the expansion of the Port of Southampton, improved deep water access and business access to waterfront employment sites. Support the development of Portsmouth Port and investment in the Royal Naval dockyard to encourage business development in the marine and maritime sector. 6.Export Provide continued and increased funding from Government for export initiatives supporting all sizes of business.

9 To Summarise:- We will lobbying for the agenda through our national bodies to the Government of the day and locally as HIBA to Local Authorities and LEPs. Where appropriate we will work with our partners to deliver the benefits and outcomes of the manifesto. We will seek partners from the wider business community to help deliver the benefits and outcomes.

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