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What do LEPs do for Business Geoff French Enterprise M3 IOD Hampshire 19 th July.

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1 What do LEPs do for Business Geoff French Enterprise M3 IOD Hampshire 19 th July

2 What is Enterprise M3? Enterprise M3 is the Local Enterprise Partnership which covers almost all of Hampshire and most of Surrey Our remit is to increase economic growth in the area. By bringing together leaders from across the private and public sectors to provide a common strategy for economic development and to pool our resources to deliver priority activities which support economic growth.

3 Our Structure Enterprise M3 Board Strategic direction, priorities and targets Implementation Group Delivery, Overseas priorities of Action Groups LEP Project Director Finance, Innovation & Business Support Leisure, Tourism, Place Shaping, Inward Investment Infrastructure Rural Economy & Broadband Land & Property Skills & Employability Action Groups Aerospace IT ? Space ? Sector Groups

4 Enterprise M3 Board Members


6 Enterprise M3 The journey so far … April 2011July 2011 Dec 2011 March 2012 Clear Prioritised Actions for 2012/2013 Launch Conference First Board Meeting Conduct Research Establish Action Groups Appoint Director Business Plan and Priorities Growing Places Fund Additional Government funding

7 Our Vision Enterprise M3 will be: “One of the premier locations in the country for enterprise and economic growth, with an excellent environment and quality of life.”

8 Delivering the Vision - Our Four Priorities Skills Enterprise Support Infrastructure Red tape and planning

9 How we intervene - a Catalyst for Enterprise DeliverAdvocateInformCo-ordinate

10 How we are funded Government Funding £25,000 per year Growing Enterprise Funding £21m Support from Local authorities The future Private Sector Sponsorship? European?

11 A Focus on Skills Apprenticeships -Making it Easier Promotion of apprenticeships Making process easier Creating Entrepreneurial Culture Testing out new approaches Audit of activity – schools to university Preparing to bid for Growth and Innovation Fund ( £250k+) Retaining Talent M3 Job club Basingstoke Skills matching Service

12 A Focus on Enterprise Support Supporting Business Business Support Website Business to Business Marketplace Programme of events by partners Supporting High Growth Business GrowthAccelerator Accessing Finance Barriers Access to Finance Seminars

13 A Focus on Red Tape Barriers – Red Tape Focus Groups Working through business organisations Demystifying Planning NPPF – what means? Working alongside Local Authorities

14 A Focus on Infrastructure Identifying Infrastructure Priorities Growing Enterprise Fund -£22m A Commercial Property Market Demand, Supply and Site Assessment Study for Enterprise M3 Lobbying for superfast broadband across Enterprise M3 area

15 Social Media Information Connect With Us LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Contact Information Contact Board Members Telephone 01962 846755 Email Media Enterprise M3 © 2011 Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council | Site Map Design + Code by FHOKESite Map Design + Code by FHOKE

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