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Matthew Delaney Regional Director Sport England London.

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1 Matthew Delaney Regional Director Sport England London

2 VisionMaking England an Active and Successful Sporting Nation MissionWorking with others to create opportunities for people to get involved in sport, to stay in sport, and to excel and succeed in sport at every level. ObjectivesStart: increase participation in sport in order to improve the health of the nation, with a focus on priority groups Stay: retain people in sport through an effective network of clubs, sports facilities, coaches, volunteers and competitive opportunities Succeed: create opportunities for talented performers to achieve success Sport England: Vision, Mission, Objectives

3 The Context Game plan Government strategy for delivering sport & physical activity objectives Widen participation base 70% of population active by 2020 International success Efficient delivery structures

4 The London Plan For Sport ‘The London plan for sport and physical activity’ ‘Working for an active and successful sporting capital’ 2004 - 2008 Launched May 2004 33 London boroughs Local issues Endorsed by partners

5 The Delivery Plan in the London Region What does our plan say? The need to maximise opportunities for sport and physical activity through effective and sustainable partnerships A resolve to overcome barriers and enable excluded or hard-to-reach groups to participate in sport on a daily basis The need to provide opportunities and incentives for everyone in a workplace setting to take part in activity within their daily routine A determination to maximise opportunities for children and young people to make physical activity part of their everyday life The desire to develop potential within organisations and individuals to maximise personal and sporting success The potential to change attitudes by raising awareness of the economic, educational, social and health benefits of sport and physical activity

6 Sports Partnerships Introduction 5 Sub Regional Sport Partnerships will play an integral part in widening, extending and increasing the regional, sub regional and local infrastructure in London. Purpose To develop and enhance existing, establish new, partnerships and ways of working using sport and physical activity as a catalyst to bring about positive social and economic well being of local communities.

7 The 5 Sub Regions

8 Strategic Coordination Develop and Enhance Pathways Inward Investment Marketing and Communications Interpreting and shaping national, regional and local policy to best fit future community need For sport and physical activity Generate investment for the benefit of the whole community Building Capacity Club Development Work Force Development For Young People For Adults Partnerships Core Functions

9 Partnerships Key Timescales 1 st April 06 – 1 st Sept 06 Sub Regional Strategic Needs Analysis 1 st April 06Oct 05 31 st March 07 7 – Year Strategy (min Business Plan to 2009) 1 st April 07 31 st March 2014 Sub Regional Partnership Team - October 05 - 31st March 06:  5 x Sub Regional Advisors  5 x Interim Board Chairs  5 x Partnerships set up  Engaging with key stakeholders  DCMS Fit For Purpose Target achieved 1 Year Plan 31 st March 09 – Confirmed £150K Annual Core Funding per Partnership

10 Sport England & LB Westminster Multi Sport Environments PESSCL Pilot Local Area Agreements Champion 2012

11 Sport England- 2012 Role Talent and Performance 2012 Fit for 2012, Access 2012, Skills 2012, Talent 2012, Clubs 2012 Sustainable and Accessible Facilities Campaigning – Everyday Sport Lottery Distribution 2012

12 A Legacy for Sport Talent 2012 To develop: Media based campaigns, providing talented teenagers with a goal and a pathway to the Olympics National talent identification & development program, with London 2012 as a focus Links for schools & clubs to the Long- Term Athlete Development frameworks of national governing bodies Club 2012 To develop: Multi sport clubs at heart of communities Link - schools / university / club & community provision Local focus, capacity and programs Fit 42012 To develop: Links to health & well being programs Technical training, guidance and support School / Youth club programs Active workplace program Marketing & media Campaign Skills 2012 To develop: Skills and capacity of the sports sector workforce including: Community coaches, club coaches & schools coaches, Young leaders for 2012, Development staff, Volunteer network Access 2012 To develop: Community use of institutional / corporate facilities Support facilities Targeted affordable programs Accessible provision for disabled people Involve retailers

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