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Expository Writing vs Personal Narrative Writing

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1 Expository Writing vs Personal Narrative Writing

2 Quick look at each: Personal Narrative: Expository:
Retell about a life event Hook reader Connect to prompt in lead and conclusion Must remember life event well enough that writer can give details Event should be important, meaningful, memorable Expository: Purpose is to explain a topic State your opinions and defend them Use life experiences What you have read What you have seen What you have discovered through movies, music, the news, and history

3 Expository Writing is informational writing that explains by using details, examples, descriptions, definitions, persuasion, and reasoning.

4 Expository Writing Explains by using
details describing examples definitions persuading reasoning a mixture or composite Amalgam: It is an

5 Structure: PERSONAL NARRATIVE At least 3 paragraphs: EXPOSITORY
Beginning (hook and connection to prompt) Middle (event frame by frame) End (conclusion with reflection) EXPOSITORY 3-5 paragraphs Introduction (hook and state opinion on topic) Body(s) (reasons for your opinion with supporting evidence to explain/show why you believe what you do) Conclusion (restate belief in different words and give a final thought/statement or quote on subject)

6 KEY TO A GREAT ESSAY PERSONAL NARRATIVE: Make sure you are writing to the given PROMPT You put the CONNECTION in the LEAD REFLECTION included in CONCLUSION EXPOSITORY: MAKE SURE IT IS BASED ON WHAT YOU TRULY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND! Don’t try to talk about topic you don’t really “get” but you hear adults say BLAH, BLAH, BLAH on the topic, so you repeat it.

7 Point of View used: Personal Narrative: Expository: First person only!
It is a retelling of writer’s life event. Writer must use “I”, “me”, “we”, “our” pronouns. Expository: Can be told in 1st or 3rd person.

8 Expository Prompt Page:
READ the following quotation. A famous businessman once said, “Players win games; teams win championships.” THINK carefully about the following statement. Sometimes you can accomplish good things by yourself but better things with other people. WRITE an essay explaining whether it is better to work by yourself or with a group. Writer must make a choice of what side to defend

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