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Characteristics of Personal Narrative.

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1 Characteristics of Personal Narrative

2 What Does Personal Narrative Mean?
Personal~having to do with oneself Narrative~telling a story A personal narrative is a story about yourself!

3 Point of View Personal Narratives are told in FIRST PERSON point of view Use pronouns like I, me, we… YOU are telling the story of what happened to you.

4 Focus of your personal narrative
Focus on only ONE event in your story Do not try to tell your whole life story

5 CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER Personal Narratives should be told in chronological order Start with what happened first, second, third, etc. Use transitions that help show the passage of time (then, later, the next day, etc.)

6 Introduction Technique
Use a sophisticated introduction technique For this assignment, you will you the technique called FLASHBACK I will teach you how to use flashback when we start the writing process

7 Include reactions in your story
Tell the reader how people reacted to the events in the story What did you and the other people DO? What did you and the other people SAY? This is what makes the story interesting and connects the reader to the events

8 Include reflection in your story
Reflection tells why the story is important Reflection reveals what you and the other people in the story learned from the experience Reflection indicates why the story is memorable This is what makes your writing more mature! Use reflection throughout your story, but especially at the end (as a conclusion)

9 ISAT Testing There will be a Personal Narrative prompt on the ISAT test in March You will be expected to write a multiple-paragraph essay

10 Your Prompt: Write a Personal Narrative Essay about an important, life-changing event from your life Include reactions and reflections in your essay Use flashback as an introduction technique Describe your memorable event Return to the flashback in the conclusion Follow the steps of the Writing Process

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