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Handling Stress © Lisa Michalek.

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1 Handling Stress © Lisa Michalek

2 Stress A physical, social, or mental event or condition that requires us to cope with a given situation. Stressor: the “thing” that caused the reaction.

3 Eustress vs Distress Eustress – positive stressors that allows for personal growth and satisfaction Getting married Starting school Beginning a job Making new friends Learning a new skill

4 Eustress vs Distress Distress – negative stress that is caused by events that cause stress and strain Financial problems Death of a loved one Academic difficulties Breakup of a relationship

5 Response to Stress Fight-or-Flight
when our bodies go on the alert to either fight or escape A sudden burst of energy and strength The heart speeds up, breathing increases, blood pressure elevates, sugar is released into the blood.

6 Stress and Your Health Greater risk for heart disease
Can decrease immunity to disease Can cause negative mental reactions

7 Stress Reducers Assess stressors Change reactions to stress
Learn to cope Exercise Relax Eat Healthy Manage time Reduce stresses

8 Other Techniques Hypnosis – focus on one thought, object, or voice
Massage Therapy Meditation – focus on deep breathing Biofeedback – monitoring of physical responses to stress Support Groups

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