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1 Stress

2 Stress Stressor- any new or potentially unpleasant situation
Stress Response- the body’s reaction to a stressor Stress- the combination of a stressor and a stress response Stress intervention- Any action that prevents a stressor from resulting in negative consequences

3 What Causes Stress? Environmental Stressors: conditions or events in your physical environment that cause you stress. Examples: pollution, poverty, crowding, noise.

4 What Causes Stress? Biological Stress: Conditions that make it difficult for your body to take part in daily activities. Examples: having an illness, disability, or an injury

5 What Causes Stress? Thinking Stressors: Any type of mental challenge can cause stress. Example: Taking a test

6 What Causes Stress? Behavioral Stress: Unhealthy behavior, such as not getting enough rest can lead to stress. Example: Using tobacco, alcohol, other drugs. Not getting enough sleep, exercise.

7 What Causes Stress? Life Change Stress: Any major life change, whether positive or negative, can cause stress. Examples: death of a loved one, getting married.

8 Fight or Flight Response
The physical changes that prepare your body to respond quickly and appropriately to stressors is called the “Fight or Flight” response.

9 Physical changes of the body due to a stress response
More blood goes to the brain 2. Heart beats faster 3. Pupils open wider 4. Mouth becomes dry 5. Breathing speeds up 6. Sweating increases 7. Muscles tense up 8. More blood goes to the legs/arms 9. Blood pressure increases 10. Hearing improves 11. Adrenal glands secrete adrenaline

10 Long Term Stress Can Make You Sick!
Tension headache Cold/flu Backache TMJ Heart Disease High Blood Pressure Ulcer Insomnia Depression Stroke

11 Positive Stress Eustress: A positive stress that energizes one and help one reach a goal. Makes you feel alert and lively. You appear confident and in control

12 Negative Stress Distress: Negative stress that can make a person sick or keep a person from reaching a goal. Makes you nervous, forgetful, frightened.

13 Dealing with Stress Take care of yourself! Exercise Get Enough Rest
Eat Right

14 Learn to Relax! Relaxation Techniques
Meditation- Sit down and close your eyes 2. Progressive Relaxation- Tense and relax muscles as your eyes are closed 3. Body Scanning- Find one body part that is relaxed

15 Learn to Relax! Relaxation Techniques
4. Autogenetic Training- imagine that your eyes and legs are heavy 5. Laughing 6. Yelling or Crying- Go somewhere quiet and let your stress out

16 Change Your Attitude! Use Positive Self Talk
Be confident about yourself Don’t worry about things out of your control

17 Manage Your Time! List and Prioritize Your Projects
Arrange priorities by importance Know and Set Your Limits Learn to say “no” Make a Schedule Enter priorities first Be realistic Prepare for problems Make time to relax Do it!

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