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Stress! Chapter 3, Lesson 3 (page 63)..

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1 Stress! Chapter 3, Lesson 3 (page 63).

2 Lesson Vocabulary Stress Stressor Fight or flight response Adrenaline
Time management

3 The body’s response to change.
What is stress? The body’s response to change.

4 What causes stress? A “stressor” is anything that causes stress.
It can be either positive or negative. It can be classified as a person, thing, or event. What are some examples of stressors (both good and bad)? Do all types of stress cause the same reaction?

5 Is all stress bad? NO! Sometimes stress helps you to perform better in high-pressure situations. Can you name any examples when this might be true?

6 The body’s response to stress
The “flight or fight” response is the process by which the body prepares to deal with a stressor. It is the body’s natural response to threats of harm. What does the term “fight or flight” mean?

7 How does stress affect the body?
Short-term effects Increased sweating. Racing heart. Tense muscles. Deep, fast breathing. “Butterflies” in your stomach. Dry mouth, difficulty swallowing. Glands release adrenaline – a hormone that gives the body extra energy.

8 How does stress affect the body?
Long-term effects Headaches. Digestive problems. Difficulty sleeping. High blood pressure. Anxious, irritable behavior. Moodiness – extreme emotions or withdrawing from family and friends.

9 How to manage stress Relax! Have a positive outlook. Laugh!
Yoga, meditation, other ways? Have a positive outlook. Laugh! Spend time with family/friends. Practice good time management. Strategies for using time efficiently. Practice healthy habits. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat right.

10 How to practice good time management
Arrange the hours in your day. Keep a day planner/organizer (like your school agenda planner). It will help you to identify your priorities and stay on task. See page 68 for an example.

11 Writing Activity Identify some causes of stress in your life that you have experienced more than once. Choose one and write about steps you could take to lessen the effects of stress. Due at the end of class. Worth 10 participation points.

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