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Driver’s Ed. Chapter 1 Test Review.

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1 Driver’s Ed. Chapter 1 Test Review

2 A state’s driving laws are found in its
Vehicle code

3 What’s the greatest problem new drivers have?
Inability to make decisions

4 What IPDE step do you use when you look ahead and locate a problem?

5 What are the four steps in the IPDE process?
Identify, predict, decide, execute

6 What are the parts of the highway transportation system (HTS)?
People, vehicles, and roadways

7 Which is NOT a special program related to driving
Which is NOT a special program related to driving? Implied consent, provisional license, excise tax Excise tax

8 If you leave your house, drive somewhere, and return, how many parts of the HTS were involved?

9 What IPDE step are you using when you judge possible conflict areas?

10 The skilled actions a driver uses to drive safely are called:
The driving task

11 The most important part in the regulation of the HTS is the
Driver who obeys traffic laws

12 Why is driving a social task?
It involves interacting with each other

13 Good drivers must _____ for bad drivers.

14 Which ability is most important to safe driving
Which ability is most important to safe driving? Hearing, vision, decision-making, or knowing the car controls Decision-making


16 What IPDE step do you use when you apply the brake?

17 What does a driver-education course do for you?
Gives you a good start towad becoming a good driver

18 What are there more accidents with new drivers?
Lack of experience

19 When you drive to protect, you are driving _______

20 If you have a good attitude towards driving, you earn ___ from others.

21 Traffic jams and accidents are examples of
A problem with the HTS

22 Most states require you to pay for ___ if you are the cause.
Property damage and injuires

23 What is the cause of most collisions?
Driver error

24 T or F: Most accidents have several causes.

25 Who are drivers responsible for while driving?
Passengers, other roadway users, and themselves

26 What part of driving is affected by attitude
What part of driving is affected by attitude? Distance judgment, driver behavior, motor skills Driver behavior

27 It’s important to conserve fuel so you can protect ____.
The environment


29 What is the main purpose of the HTS?
Move people and cargo safely

30 When driving, expect the ____

31 Who decides who is at fault in an accident?

32 Drivers under 20 represent 10% of the drivers, but their percentage of traffic deaths is
Much higher

33 What does HTS stand for? Highway Transportation System

34 What are the 3 parts of the HTS?
People Vehicles roadways

35 What is the IPDE process?
A process you use when driving that involves visual thinking (identify, predict, decide, execute)

36 What is defensive driving?
Protecting yourself and others from dangerous and unexpected driving situations


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