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Drive Right You are the Driver

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1 Drive Right You are the Driver
Chapter 1 You Are Part of the System

2 HTS Highway Transportation System Three Parts People Vehicles Roadways

3 Roadway Users People People Good Safe Low Risk Responsible
Good Driving Skills People Bad Distracted Tired Sick or Ill Alcohol Influenced Drug Influenced

4 Vehicles Mopeds Motorcycles Cars Vans Small Trucks Busses Campers
Trailers Farm Vehicles Construction Equipment 18 Wheelers Semi Trailers

5 Roadways Multilane Expressways Highways Gravel Dirt Roads
Common Conditions Rain Night Rough Pavement

6 People Have to take Responsibility! Defensive Driving

7 Vehicles Interacting with other vehicles is important

8 Roadways You must take control of your vehicle at all times in all conditions!

9 Regulating The HTS States grant individuals the privilege of driving on the roads by issuing them a driving license. By passing a licensing exam, you agree to obey traffic laws in exchange for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on public roads.

10 Federal – State – Local Government Agencies
Assist in regulating the HTS Laws are made to make up the vehicle code. Enforcement Agencies assure that driver and vehicle standards are met. Courts decide whether drivers charged with violating the laws are guilty or innocent. Highway traffic engineers plan, build, and maintain the complex system of roadways.

11 Your Driving Task / pg 6 Using Knowledge & Visual Skills
Obeying Traffic Laws Judging, Time & Space Anticipating How Your Car Will Respond Under Normal And Emergency Conditions

12 Social Skills Interact Successfully With People Curteous Driver
Obey Traffic Laws SOCIAL TRUTH : All Drivers Bring Their Own Problems and Skill Levels to Your Shared Higway World!

13 Physical Skills You Must Learn Physical Skills of Driving So That They Become Natural Habits. (Second Nature) Beginning Drivers Must Focus on Physical Skills First. Seasoned Drivers can focus more attention to the Social and Mental Aspects of Driving!

14 Mental Skills Safe Low Risk Driving is Primarily A Mental Task Which Involves Decision Making. DECISION MAKING SKILLS!


16 MASTER THE IPDE You Will Be Able To Drive In A Way That
Reduces Conflicts. This Ability Is Called DEFENSIVE DRIVING It Lowers the Risk of Conflict by Protecting You and Others From Dangerous Driving Situations!

17 IPDE IDENTIFY: important information in the ongoing driving scene
PREDICT: when and where possible points of conflict will develop. DECIDE: when, where, and how to communicate, adjust speed, and/or change position to avoid conflict. Execute: the right action(s) to prevent conflict.

18 Your Driving Responsibilities
Driving is a privilege-not a right! The driving privilege is based on an assumption that you will be a responsible driver. Assume it and respect it! It Will be good to you and low risk, you will enjoy it. Disrespect Responsibilities and you may ruin your life and the lives of those around you!

19 Attitude Affects Willingness to Learn Reinforces Safe Driving Habits
Allows for Safe – Enjoyable – Low Risk Driving

20 BAdditude Attention Seekers – Reckless Behaviors Road Rage
Careless When In A Hurry Challenge another problem driver Peer Pressure – Someone Sometime is going to try to get you to do something that you do not want to do. DO NOT GO THERE!

21 Breakdowns in the HTS Traffic Tie-Ups Collisions
A collision occurs when a vehicle conflicts with and hits another object. Collisions are a major cause of injury and death!

22 Compare the Odds pg 9 You will be killed in an airplane crash!
You will be killed in a Fire 1 in 40,000 You will be killed in a Car Crash! 1 in 125

23 The system works when we work the system!
National guidelines Laws are passed to make up the vehicle code. Enforcement agencies assure laws are obeyed Motor vehicle departments set rules to assure that driver and vehicle standards are met. Courts decide the charges for those who violate laws. Highway traffic engineers plan, build, and maintain the roadways. The system works when we work the system!


25 Other Responsibilities
Financial: Driving Related Costs Fuel Maintenance Insurance Financially for damage and/or injury you cause! Environmental: Managing Environment Problems Ex: fuel efficient vehicles, recycling, carpool, public transportation, energy efficient driving.

26 Your Driver’s License Licensing Process
To make sure only safe drivers are allowed on public roads. Requires: written, physical, & driving exams. Three Stages Of Progressive Licensing PERMIT period : ( Supervised, logged, held for a period of time without citation (6 months) Collision Free. Must wear Safety Belts, minimum logged hours of practice driving. INTERMEDIATE period: 16-17 FULL-PRIVELEGE for LIFE: period & on!

27 Your Beginning Driving Is A Mental Decision Making Process
Your Driving Will Be Greatly Influenced By Your Attitiude The Stats Arguing Against Drinking & Driving SHOULD Convince You Not To Drink and Drive Safety Belts and Constraints Must Be Used at All Times


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