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2 Question that could be on your test!
What is the Smith System? An organized system to develop good seeing habits. What is Commentary driving? Thinking out loud! What is an orderly visual search pattern? A process of searching critical areas in a regular sequence.

3 The Smith System Aim High in steering! Get the Big Picture
Keep Your Eyes Moving Leave Yourself an Out Make sure they see you

4 Before you start

5 The Driving Risk Driving can be the most dangerous thing you will do.
What are some risks coming from the driver?

6 Risk Factors of Vehicle
Bald Tires Poor brakes Dirty windows Worn wiper blades Broken headlights

7 Risk Factors of Roadway and Environment
Bright sun Construction Dark shadows Rain Snow and ice Sharp curve Steep hill

8 Look where you want to go

9 The IPDE Process will help you lower the Risk of Driving
Good seeing habits and your ability to manage space are the basic tools for low risk driving. The IPDE Process is an organized system of seeing, thinking and responding. The four steps of the IPDE Process are: Identify Predict Decide and Execute

10 Identify What are you trying to identify? Open and closed zones
Specific clues Other roadway users Roadway features and conditions Traffic controls



13 What can you Identify? I have cars & trucks all around me. I must keep a space cushion and identify hazards!

14 Predict Use knowledge, judgment and experience to predict:
The actions of others Speed Direction Control Points of conflict

15 What do you Identify and Predict?
Four way stop, stop line, School zone-20 MPH, other vehicles-School Bus, Crossing guard

16 What do you Identify and Predict?

17 Decide Once you have Identified a situation and Predict a possible conflict, you then Decide upon an action. Deciding is a very important mental task. You must continually Identify and Predict until you have enough information to make correct decisions.

18 Execute Carrying out your decision to avoid a conflict is the Execute step in the IPDE process. This is the physical step of IPDE. The important actions you can execute are: control speed, steer, and communicate. Other actions include: using the heater, defroster, and wipers.

19 Control Speed You may speed up to avoid a hazard.
You may slow down or stop to avoid a hazard. Check your rear zone when braking. Don’t lock up your brakes!! Can not steer! Sometimes you keep the same speed.


21 The best position for normal conditions.

22 When would you drive in position 2?

23 When would you ride in lane position 3?

24 Traffic Flow Minimize a Hazard - Moving away from a parked car or bike rider. Separate Hazards - More than one hazard, adjust your speed to deal with one hazard at a time. Compromise space - You cannot minimize or separate, decide to move away from the greater hazard toward the lesser hazard.

25 Minimize a Hazard

26 Separate The Hazards

27 Compromise Space Move away from the greater hazard (truck) toward a lesser hazard

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