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Chapter 1 You Are The Driver

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1 Chapter 1 You Are The Driver

2 You Are Part of the System 1.1
The main RISK in driving is the possibility of having a conflict that results in a collision. Pg-4 Highway Transportation System (HTS)-has three main parts: people, vehicle, and roadways. Pg-4 The purpose of the HTS is to move people and cargo from one place to another in a safe, efficient, and economical manner. Pg-4

3 Your Are Part of the System 1.1
Regulating the HTS-Drivers who operate their vehicles in a responsible, low-risk manner are the most important part of the HTS. Pg-5 Federal, state and local governments in turn enforce these national guidelines. Pg-5 Laws are passed to make up the vehicle code. Each state has their own vehicle code. Pg-5

4 Your Driving Task 1.2 The driving task includes all the social, physical, and mental skills required to drive. Pg-6 Social Skills-Like other social tasks, driving requires you to interact successfully with other people. Pg-6 Physical Skills-You must learn the physical skills of driving so well that they become natural habits. Then you can focus your attention on the social and mental tasks of driving. Pg-6 Mental Skills-Safe, low-risk driving is primarily a mental task that involves decision making. Physical skills are minor when compared to the necessary decision-making skills. Pg-6

5 Your Driving Task 1.2 The IPDE Process-Make sure you know the IPDE process. You are going to see 5 questions on your test dealing with this process. Pg-6 Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute. Look at 4 pictures on page 7. Pg 6-7 The ability to drive in a way that reduces conflicts is called defensive driving. Defensive driving lowers the risk of conflict by protecting you and others from dangerous driving situations. Pg-7

6 Your Driving Responsibility 1.3
Driving is a PRIVILEGE-not a right. Pg-8 If you do not handle this responsibility, you have the power to ruin your life and the lives of others. Pg-8 Attitude-Road rage is an extremely negative attitude towards driving. We talked about this in your Rules of the Road book. Pg-8 You must earn respect from other drivers. This takes time and effort. Pg-8

7 Your Driving Responsibilities 1.3
Breakdowns in the HTS-A breakdown in the HTS occurs when any part of the system does not work well. Traffic tie-ups and collisions are two examples of HTS breakdowns. Pg-9 A collision occurs when a vehicle conflicts with and hits another object. Pg-8 Examples of collisions and accidents. Pg-8 Accident implies that something just happens by chance. Pg-8 Causes of collisions-Of all the possible causes of collisions, driver error is by far the most common. Pg-8

8 Your Driving Responsibilities 1.3
Causes of Death-Lack of experience is a major factor for this poor driving record. Pg-9 (Compare the odds) Social and Economic Loss-Traffic collisions cost our nation billions of dollars each year. The mental anguish and physical suffering simply cannot be measured. Pg-10 Financial Responsibility-As a driver, you are responsible for your share of driving-related costs. Pg-10

9 Your Driving Responsibilities 1.3
You are also financially responsible by law for any damage or injuries that you cause. Pg-10 Environmental Responsibilities-All drivers should act responsible by buying and maintaining fuel-efficient vehicles. Pg-10

10 Your Driver’s License 1.4 Chart on page 11-forty-one percent of the young people who were killed in these collisions died in single-car collisions. Pg-11 Graduated Driver Licensing Program-Over the years, one thing about new drivers has become abundantly clear. Structured practice-driving time works. Pg-11 A GDL program requires young drivers to go progress through a series of licensing stages. Pg-11 Safety belts must be worn by all occupants. Pg-12 Other licensed drivers, such as family members , may be asked to provide a minimum number of hours of practice driving. How many hours? Pg-12

11 Your Driver’s License 1.4 Organ Donor Program-You need to discuss this decision with your family to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Pg-13 Implies Consent Program-You have given consent to a blood, breath and/or urine test if your are under the influence. By signing your permit application, you have given consent. Can you refuse to take the test? What happens if you refuse? Pg-13 Continuous Process-Driver education will help start you on your own personal driving adventure. It/We cannot teach you about everything you will encounter when driving. Pg-14 Question? Your Test is ????

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