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Chapter 1.

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1 Chapter 1

2 How Can you Reduce Risk Within the HTS?
First what do we mean by the word Risk when it comes to driving? Risk – is the chance of injury to yourself or others and the chance of damage to the vehicles and property.

3 Understanding and Reducing Risk
Many factors contribute to the degree of risk when you drive; Bad Weather Poor Roads Vehicle condition Anticipate the actions of others Take steps to protect yourself and others Drive only when you are in good condition

4 Managing Visibility, Time, & Space
Visibility refers to what you can see from behind the wheel and how well you see it and to the ability of others. Time and Space come into constant play when you are driving. Time refers to your ability to judge your speed and the speed of others vehicles. It also refers to how long it takes a vehicle to stop.

5 What is SIPDE? S – Search I – Identify P – Predict D – Decide
E -Execute

6 What is the Smith System?
A Series of Driving Principles Driving Guidelines Aim High & look ahead Keep Eyes Moving Get the Big Picture Make sure others See You Leave Yourself an Out

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