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DTT Welcome Kit: Account Setup Instructions

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1 DTT Welcome Kit: Account Setup Instructions

2 Welcome to… the Learning Community!
Dell’s Retail Training Portal Quick & Easy Navigation Multimedia Rich Content Globally Relevant Externally Accessible Confidential

3 Creating an Account External employees who have not previously accessed DTT, need to create their account using a computer connected to the internet. To start, access DTT at You will need the following information, found on the Access Card included in the DTT Welcome Kit or via your DTT Administrator: Your Company Name Assigned Company Number Note: If you already have an account in DTT, please do not create a new account. Also, let your local DTT Administrator and your regional Business Consultant know about it. They’ll help you with the next course of action. Confidential

4 Creating an Account First time users should click on “Set up Account”

5 Creating an Account Fill in the required fields and click on ‘Submit’
Enter a DTT User Name (Example: john.doe) Provide your work (NOT personal) address and phone number. Company Number: A specific number has been assigned to your company, which is located on the ‘Access Card’ included in the Welcome Kit. Employee ID: Enter your Employee ID if applicable. If not, enter “0”. Provide your work address Enter a password for DTT which must contain at least 6 characters and: One upper case letter One lower case One special character Confidential

6 Creating an Account After you submit the form, the following message will appear. Before you can access the tool, your DTT Administrator will verify your credentials and grant access. Confidential

7 Navigation Once your DTT Administrator grants access to the tool, you will be able to log in utilizing the User Name and Password which you created. Once you login, you will see a series of tabs within DTT. To start navigating content, click on the Learning Community tab. Confidential

8 Navigation Welcome to the Learning Community, where you will be able to navigate through Dell’s retail curriculum. Within the learning community you will find four main sections… Confidential

9 Navigation The Product Library The Product Card Catalog
Product training materials The Product Card Catalog Quick reference job aids Confidential Essential Curriculum Brand and Development training materials The News Center Relevant updates

10 Troubleshooting If you experience problems creating an account -OR- logging into an existing account, submit any issues via these two links: Or by contacting one of the following: Your local DTT Administrator Your regional Business Consultant Confidential

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