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Registering with Universal Jobmatch

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1 Registering with Universal Jobmatch
A visual guide

2 Before you start In order to register, you will need an account, preferably a web-based one you can access from any computer with an internet connection The following slides consist of screen shots, with instructions in red

3 This is the front page of gov
This is the front page of, the portal for government services and information. Click on the Working, jobs and pensions link.

4 Now click on the Finding a job link

5 Finally, click on Find a job with Universal Jobmatch

6 You have arrived. Now you need to register

7 Fill in the form, and make a note of the password you use, which must be between 8 and 12 characters long and contain both letters and numbers. Then click Submit

8 The number displayed on the card below will be your user ID for Universal Jobmatch. Make a note of it and keep it with you You can print out your number from here

9 Now check your for a message from Universal Jobmatch, and click on the link to activate your account.

10 Once you have clicked on the link in your , you will be taken to your profile pages, where you will be asked to fill in some details about yourself and your skills.


12 You can opt out of completing this Equality monitoring section.
It is used for statistical purposes only, and does not form part of your record

13 When you have completed the profile forms, click on Continue, and you will be taken to your account

14 This is what your account will look like
This is what your account will look like. You can look at your job searching record, and see if you have had any messages or job recommendations

15 You can upload an existing cv, or create one here

16 Next time you log in you will enter your User ID (Gateway number) and password on this form. Don’t lose them!

17 Good luck with your jobhunting!

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