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Administrator – Employee Overview September, 2011.

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1 Administrator – Employee Overview September, 2011

2 2 Objective To provide regional and country administrators an overview of the employee creation and licensing process in OneView. Licensing a user in OneView is an important and essential role for administrators as it entails designating the user’s security and data visibility role which dictates what records the employee has edit rights over.

3 3 Agenda Employee Profile Employee Licensing – Rules and Security Employee Record Creation Licensing an Employee Administrator Designation Granting Marketing and Mass Mailing Permissions Country Lead Manager Designation User De-Activation Employee Smart Portals Employee Reports

4 Employee Profile

5 5 –The employee profile consists of 3 tabs: 1.Employee Tab provides general employee contact information and a summary of the employee’s security and access information 2.Administrator Tab is used to assign the reporting and data visibility role and security permissions for the employee 3.Interactions Tab lists all of the e-mails sent to the employee by the Communications Team To view your employee profile in OneView, click the My Profile Business Object Quick Tip

6 6 Employee Profile – Employee Tab –The employee tab contains information on: 1.Employee’s contact and job details 2.Summary of the employee’s security permissions (read-only view) 3.List of countries in which the employee is the Country Lead Manager Most of the employee’s contact and job details (figure 1)will auto - populate as part of an employee upload process from HCM (human resources database) into OneView. To correct any errors, please advise the employee to work with his or her human resources representative to get the error (s) corrected in HCM. Quick Tip 1 2 3

7 7 Employee Profile – Administrator Tab –The administrator tab is where you designate: 1.Security and role settings which dictate the records the employee has edit access over –License the user by ticking the OneView User Box 2.Marketing and mass e- mailing permissions 3.The employee as a Country Lead Manager 1 2 3 After ticking the Country Lead Manager box, the “+” sign in the country grid will become visible. Click the + sign to add a row in the country grid and select the country from the drop down list. Quick Tip

8 8 Employee Profile – Administrator Tab, Continued 4.Re-assign or delete accounts linked to the employee –Use the Re-Assign / Delete Account Button to initiate the Account Re- assignment Tool 5.View system details regarding to that user 6.View a list of companies where the employee is the account manager 7.View a list of opportunities where the employee is the opportunity owner 8. View a list of activities assigned to the employee 4 5 6 7

9 9 Employee Profile – Administrator Tab, Continued –The Administrator Tab is also where you run certain extracts and reports including: 1.Company Extract 2.Contact Extract 3.Employee Extract 4.Extract User Adoption Statistics 1 2 3 4 For additional information on the extracts listed above, please refer to the reports sections of this manual. Quick Tip

10 10 Employee Profile – Interactions Tab –The Interactions Tab contains: –Internal e- mails the employee received from the Communicat ions Team –The number of e-mails bounced back e-mails –Preferred e- mail format

11 Employee Licensing – Rules and Security

12 12 User Licensing Rules –By default all administrators with country level visibility or higher can create new users in OneView –Regional administrators have the ability to grant or restrict this functionality to Country Administrators and below –An administrator can create or license users that have up to the same security and visibility as themselves (i.e. a regional administrator cannot create or license an user with global visibility) –Licensing an user takes between 1-2 business days –IT sends newly licensed users an e-mail notification with their user ID, password, and instructions for installing OneView on their computer. IT copies in the relevant regional administrator on the e-mail. –No e-mail notification is sent to re-licensed users (users that were un-licensed or de-activated and are licensed again) –Licensed users who do not log into OneView at least once every 60 calendar days automatically get un-licensed via a batch process –Users will receive e-mail notifications that their account is at risk for deactivation at 30, 40 and 50 days of inactivity –No notification sent to the user when the account is un-licensed

13 13 Freight & Logistics Security and Visibility Model – The user has edit rights to all records in their security group and below – An administrator can create or license users that have up to the same security or visibility group as themselves (i.e. a regional administrator cannot create or license an user with global visibility). Glob al Region Region Area Country Country Area Team Sales Rep

14 Employee Record Creation

15 15 Employee Record Creation –First check to see if the employee already has a record in OneView by running an Employee Quick Search –To run an Employee Quick Search: –Click the Employee Business Object –Click Quick Search –Select the appropriate search criterion, Contains or Starts With –Starts With is selected by default –Type in the user the employee’s name –Click the Search Button or hit Enter Employee Name If the employee already has a record, you can license the existing record, if not, you will need to manually create an employee record. Quick Tip

16 16 Employee Record Creation, Continued –If the employee does not have a record in OneView, manually create an employee record by: –Clicking on the Employee Business Object –Clicking New Employee Link –New Employee Form will appear –Enter all mandatory information (designated with an orange dot) on the Employee Tab –Click Save You can create an employee record without licensing it. This will allow for the employee’s name to appear in employee drop down lists (i.e. Reports To Field) but the user will not be able to log into the system. Quick Tip

17 Licensing an Employee

18 18 Licensing an Employee Record –Licensing an employee record enables the employee to log into OneView –To license an employee: –Open the employee record –Click the Administrator Tab –Tick the OneView User Box (indicates that the user should be licensed) –Designate the Reporting / Data Visibility Role for the user by clicking the Change Reporting Data Visibility Button –Fill in the mandatory reporting and data visibility fields designated with an orange dot –Click Save The default reporting data visibility role is sales rep. To grant the user greater visibility click the Change Reporting Data Visibility Button and tick the box next to the appropriate security role. Quick Tip

19 19 Licensing an Employee Record, Continued –Between 1-2 business days, IT will send an e- mail to the user with their user name, password and instructions for installing the system on their computer –The OneView Regional Administrator will be copied on the new user e-mail notification IT will not send an e-mail to re- licensed users advising them that their account was re- activated. Quick Tip

20 Administrator Designation

21 21 Administrator Designation –Any licensed user with reporting or data visibility of team level or higher may be designated as an administrator –To designate the user as an administrator, tick the Admin Box on the Administrator Tab of the Employee Profile

22 22 Administrator Designation, Continued The regional administrator may expand or restrict an administrator’s functionality in OneView by advising the OneView Global Administrator of their preferences for each specific level of administrator.

23 Granting Marketing and Mass Mailing Permissions

24 24 Granting Marketing and Mass Mailing Permissions –Granting an employee marketing permissions, allows the employee: –To create marketing projects and project items –To create leads on the marketing lead form –To mass import unqualified leads against a marketing project or item –To become a mass e-mailer if desired –Your Regional Marketing Manager will indicate which employees are marketing users – Grant marketing permissions by ticking the Marketing Box – Grant mass mailing permissions by ticking: – Marketing Box – Mass Mailing Box – Import Leads Box Note: Only the OneView Global Administrator may tick the Communications and Mass Mailing Admin boxes Quick Tip

25 Country Lead Manager Designation

26 26 Country Lead Manager Designation – The Country Lead Manager is responsible for receiving, reviewing and actioning all leads coming into their designated country(ies) for their business unit & division – To designate an employee as a country lead receiver: – Tick the Country Lead Manager Box AND – Click the + to add a row to the country grid –Select the country from the drop down list –Click the X to remove the country – OneView only recognizes a Country Lead Manager when both the Country Lead Manager Box is ticked and at least one country listed in the country grid Ticking the Receive Lead Emails box is optional and will result in the system sending an email to the Country Lead Receiver whenever a new lead is received for their country and division. Quick Tip

27 User De - Activation

28 28 User De - Activation –Users can be deactivated or unlicensed via 3 methods: –Administrators (country level or higher) can un-license users by un-ticking the OneView User box or ticking the Left Company Box and entering the date left (if applicable) –The system will automatically un-license users that have not logged onto the system for 60 calendar days –The system will automatically un-license users whose employment status is inactive on the import file from HCM (HR Database) –Country or regional administrators can re-license a de-activated user by ticking the OneView user box on the employee record –It will take 1-2 business days for the account to get re-activated

29 Employee Smart Portal

30 30 Employee Smart Portal –Administrators can identify employees who are at risk due to inactivity with the My Team who have not logged in last ? Days Smart Portal –It is not an anchored smart portal and needs to be manually be added to the home page by clicking the Personalize Button on the Home Page

31 Employee Reports

32 32 Employee Extract –Provides a listing of all OneView users in your territory or security group along with their contact details, specific security group, last login date and license status – This report should be used to: –Ensure that there is only one record per employee –Ensure that the right individuals are licensed –Ensure that licensed users are set up with the correct security and visibility – Identify users that are at risk for auto-deactivation (not logged in for 60 days) –Validate that users are updating their profile information with accurate phone numbers, titles, and e-mail addresses –Recommended frequency to run this report is monthly

33 33 Employee Extract Continued The Employee Extract is located on the Administrator Tab of your employee profile Refer to the embedded sample Employee Extract CSV File (below)

34 34 Extract User Adoption Statistics –Provides a listing of all users in your division and security / visibility group with statistics on: –Number of log ins –Last login date –Count of the number of company records in which the user is –Account manager –Team member –Count of records created within the specified date range (companies, opportunities, and activities ) –Recommended frequency to run this report is weekly

35 35 Extract User Adoption Statistics Continued –Run the extract from the Admin Tab of your employee profile –Enter the desired date range for the extract to measure –Refer to the embedded sample extract

36 36 User Adoption Matrix –Provides a dashboard view of usage by region and country for the last 7, 30 & 90 days with information on –% of users with zero logins –Average # of logins per user –% of users with new opportunities –Total # of opportunities created –Total # of companies created –Report does not distinguish between business unit & division –Report only allows you to enter a cut off date (cannot specify the start date) –Report is located under the Reports Business Object –Recommended frequency to run this report is weekly

37 37 User Adoption Matrix Continued –Run the extract from the Reports Business Object –Sample report embedded

38 38 Differences between User Adoption Statistics Extract and User Adoption Matrix Report User Adoption Statistics – Provides a breakdown by individual user – Distinguishes between business unit and division – Have the ability to specify a specific start and end date Adoption Matrix – Provides a 7, 30, and 90 day view by country – Does not distinguish between business unit and division – Goes from the inception of OneView to a specific cut off date

39 Summary

40 40 Summary After reviewing this manual, you should be able to: – Create and license an employee in OneView – Designate an Employee as: –OneView Administrator –Country Lead Manager –Marketing and Mass E-Mailing User – Understand the rules for User De-Activation – Have an understanding of the available employee reports and smart portals that can help you manager your users

41 Thank you

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