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CitiManager Cardholder Self- Registration

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1 CitiManager Cardholder Self- Registration
November 2011

2 CitiManager Overview Common global web-based portal
Easy access to online statements Current statements Up to the past 13 months

3 Cardholder Self Registration
Step 1: Click on ‘Self registration for card holders’ link

4 Cardholder Self Registration(Cont.)
Step 2: Enter Card Number, Account Name (your name as it appears on the card), and Contact Details and click continue

5 Cardholder Self Registration (cont.)
Step 3: Create a User Name and Password. Password guidelines appear in the box to the right. If you receive an error message, look at the guidelines to see what has a red x. If the message says you are already registered, then you will have to create another user name as the one you submitted is already in use by another cardholder.

6 Cardholder Self Registration (cont.)
Step 4: Confirmation of Registration. Click OK. The CitiManager Log-In Page appears.

7 CitiManager Log-in
Step 5: Enter the user name and password for registered users that you just created.

8 Cardholder Self Registration (cont.)
Step 6: Answer three unique challenge questions selected from the drop down menu with three unique answers having at least four letters in the answer. Click ‘Save’.

9 CitiManager Navigation
You should now have access to view your account information, statements, unbilled transactions, and payment details.

10 CitiManager Navigation (cont)
CitiManager has been designed to provide you quick access to the functions that you use on a regular basis.  This is done by either "quick links" or the tabs across the top. 

11 Setting Up E-Mail Alerts
CitiManager can notify you via when certain events take place. You also have the option to add multiple addresses where alerts can be sent.

12 Setting Up E-Mail Alerts
Setting up Alerts 1. From the CitiManager Home screen, click the My Profile link. The My Profile page displays. 2. Locate the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Alerts”. Click on the Alerts link. The list of available alerts displays. 3. Place a check mark next to the desired alerts and click save. Suggested alerts are when your statement is ready, when your payment has been received, and if your payment is late or past due.

13 Setting Up E-Mail Alerts
Manage Address Click in the Manage Address link. Verify your address and update if needed. Add up to five (5) addresses to receive alerts and click save. 3. You will begin receiving alerts once there is an event.

14 Merge ID Instructions If you currently have a different User IDs registered for multiple cards, you can merge the User IDs by following these Merge ID instructions. Log into the CitiManager portal using your preferred or primary User ID. Click on the “My Profile” tab from the menu bar at the top of the page. Click the “ID Merger” link at the bottom of the page. Read and review the conditions of the ID Merger, then click “Accept” to proceed with the merge. Enter the name of the secondary or “Alternate” User ID and Password. Answer a Challenge Question recently set up during the Registration process. Click on Continue to Merge the User IDs. 8. Click on OK to confirm the merge process. 9. You will receive an confirmation of the Merged User IDs.

15 CitiManager Information
Basic information available on CitiManager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: The Account Summary under the My Card Account tab you will find your credit limit, available credit, and current balance View Unbilled Transactions Ability to change passwords Alert notification setup i.e. when card statement is ready for view

16 Helpful Links CitiManager Travel Card FMOG Travel Advances FMOG
Travel Reimbursement FMOG Texas State Charge Card Program Disbursements & Travel Services

17 Citibank Contacts Customer Service (Card Holder Support)
On-Line/Web-based Tool Helpdesk , Option 1 Fraud Early Warning (FEW)

18 Questions?

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