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Recognition Ads How To Plan Your Yearbook Ad Sales Campaign To Families & Groups On Campus.

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1 Recognition Ads How To Plan Your Yearbook Ad Sales Campaign To Families & Groups On Campus

2 Recognition Ads Recognition ads provide a yearbook program a great revenue opportunity by raising extra income by allowing families & individuals to recognize important people/accomplishments. Recognition ads allow people to show their appreciation for others Recognition ads are a great gift for people who are hard to shop for Recognition ads can be formatted to meet the budget of any person, keeping in mind cost.

3 Getting Started: Audience The first step in developing a business advertising program is to identify your audience. You have 3 distinct buyers: Families: These buyers want to recognize their children for the their accomplishments throughout their school years. Many photos will probably accompany their ad as well as words of praise. Students: These buyers want to recognize their friendships on campus. Many photos will probably accompany their ad as well as words of celebration. Club Sponsors/Teachers/Coaches: These buyers want to recognize their club officers, fellow colleagues, teams or team captains, classes, or overall organization. Some photos will probably accompany the ad as well as words of appreciation, accomplishments, or encouragements

4 Getting Started: Develop Offer The next step in developing an recognition ad program is to identify your cost & develop your offerings/rates: You will need to identify what your cost is to print on a single page. Most color yearbooks average about $150/page wholesale (take your overall cost and divide it by # of pages to get a simple #). Once you identify your cost, you will need to determine how much income you would like to raise (Consider raising about 2 – 3 times your cost). Once you have your profit margin identified, & a per page cost you are looking to raise, then figure out how you can raise that amount: ¼ page, ½ page, business listing, etc. Finally, develop a rate card for people that will allow you to present your offerings. Consider offering these ads at a 10% – 25% LOWER RATE than you offer businesses

5 Getting Started: Materials Needed The next step in developing a recognition advertising program is to prepare the tools you will need to launch your campaign. You will need the following: Cover Letter Rate Card & Deadline Chart Business Cards Last Years Book Ad Sketch Pad Sample Ads (All Types) Ad Guidelines (what you need – digital/paper) Ad Contract Form Sales Brochure (for drop-off/mailing piece)

6 Timeline For Program The next step in developing a timeline to initiate sales in both an efficient and effective manner: Choose one month to implement your program Announce to all students & faculty the launch of your program. Include ads in the local newspaper, football program, volleyball program, etc. Mail out a brochure announcing your launch of the program to all parents included in a school mailing done by the administration (like report cards). Provide incentives for early buyers like a $10 coupon to an ad (make sure you include an expiration date) Post sample ads on the school website as well as in your brochure

7 Promoting The Process Public relations & marketing are critical in getting the word out about sales of recognition ads. Consider the following ideas: Make sure to have a definite beginning and ending to the offering. Do not leave it open ended where people can come in any time. Tie launch of ad sales with yearbook sales and offer a coupon for one or the other. Consider a 10% - 25% discount off one or the other (use business rates if you are offering an discount coupon on ads) Attend all parent functions in the district at all campuses & announce sale of recognition ads List ad in all sport/event programs Use the school calling system to announce sale of ads as well as the school website & marquee

8 Promoting The Process A very popular process is having a parent/student appointment process to review ad ideas and offerings. As in a doctors office, set up an appointment schedule for parents and students to sit/visit with yearbook staffers in your room. Set up appointments two weeks ahead of time. Mail/call reminders for appointments one week in advance Set up meeting times to be an average of 30 minutes in length Set up multiple meeting tables in your room so more than one person can be discussing ad options with your staffers. Have each station have a set of supplies and samples along with an ad contract Provide parents a 9 x 12 collection envelope with deadline date and instructions for ad material/digital guidelines.

9 Types Of Ads: Traditional Consider a discount from business ad rates if you do not offer coupons…just multiply # of boxes w/ cost per box. Consider a package that includes a yearbook

10 Types Of Ads: Strip Ad This allows for lower prices ads and can include more people who just want to include a few words of appreciation. Consider a package that includes a yearbook.

11 Billing Of Ad Make sure that you have a plan in place to collect ad revenue. Most schools have one of 3 types of payment options: Pay in Full (cash or check) – made out to school Down Payment for any ad over $100 (non-refundable deposit of a set fee of $50/down) with final payment due upon mailing of proof to client) Billing For Entire Fee – Mail invoice to company and include a proof with word PROOF written across it. Inform them that you will proceed with ad once payment is received. Provide them no more than 30 days to pay. Make sure to include a yearbook offer in all billings or include it in an ad package at a special package rate

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