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Financial Calendars Calendars for Banks, Saving and Loans, Credit Unions, Stock Brokers, Lenders, etc.

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1 Financial Calendars Calendars for Banks, Saving and Loans, Credit Unions, Stock Brokers, Lenders, etc

2 The average person looks at a calendar 12 times per day…that is 4380 times a year!!! Span a Year calendars keep your ad on top all year See the entire year at one glance for convenient planning

3 Calendars=Versatile advertising tool External Brand Building  Launch a new product to customers or reinforce your brand image in a new way  Calendars are a time-tested business-to-business marketing tool Retail Customer Loyalty  Put new traffic building coupons in your customer’s hands every month  Measure the effect of this dynamic style of calendar marketing Internal Brand Building  Employees and other associates represent the brand everyday  Employee influence on brand image cannot be overestimated  Use a calendar to communicate usual company information and reinforce your brand to employees Business Gift Giving  Calendars, planners, desk pads can be customized with your imprint and message  Gifts like these deliver personal thanks and appreciation to important customers every time they are used

4 To customers, a calendar isn’t advertising. It is a thoughtful gift—more than just another ad. Investor’s Planning monthly planner includes advance planning, financial information, and a special investor’s information section Planners are great for employees of the financial industry Planners are also a great inexpensive customer give a way in paper or vinyl cover options

5 A calendar overcomes the “tune-out,” common with other forms of advertising. Maximizing your advertising dollars for an entire year Executive calendars include a series of large pictures. This would be a great way to encourage customers to save up for the trip, home, car they have been dreaming of A large easy to read calendar features a generous ad space and memo blocks

6 The functionality and visual appeal of a calendar keep your brand personally relevant day after day Desk calendars Tent calendars are printed on both sides so it is in the view of the employee and the customer Desk pads are great for jotting down appointments, days off, meetings, and more. Keeping organization (and your brand) right in front of them

7 83% of customers purchase products or services from the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar, while only 78% did before receiving the calendar Calendars appeal to everyone. Hundreds of stock pictures to target your market

8 When a customer displays your calendar, it’s a personal recommendation for your brand to everyone who sees it Window calendars keep your brand center stage all year. The center layout draws the eye to your name first when looking at the calendar. Center layouts have many stock designs.

9 Top 10 reasons to add calendars to your marketing mix 1. Visual appeal for your brand 2. Command of wall or desk space 3. Controlled, targeted distribution 4. Remarkable cost-effectiveness 5. Creative design to fit your brand 6. Year-long high-frequency visibility 7. High-perceived-value for gift giving 8. Useful for personal record keeping 9. Business people use an average of 2.5 calendars 10. Versatile styles, colors, formats, and designs

10 94% of all business people can recall the advertising message on their calendars. Do you remember the newspaper ad on page 3 this morning? Pockets in calendars make it easy to keep receipts, coupons, mail, etc Many also include an annual revenue and expense chart Makes a great gift to those starting business’ and opening accounts

11 Most suppliers offer early order discounts, delayed shipping until the fall and delayed billing. Stick up calendars come in many shapes and sizes Calendar pads can have a stock picture with dates or just a date pad

12 Go Green Printed on recycled paper Gives “Green Living” tips “Green Products” are in high demand as consumers become more eco-conscious

13 Think a little off the Wall Old Farmers Almanacs Desk accessories with calendars Picture frame magnets with calendars Calendar cards Calendar strips for computers Calendars don’t always have to hang on the wall to be noticed.

14 Contact your Business Development Associate for more details.

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