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Mission Bay high School Welcome back to Mission Bay. We have some changes this year, but I think you’ll like them. We’re going digital.

2 New clubs – how do you start?
Create a Club Constitution. We have a “Club Constitution Form” – a digital template for this form will be placed into the public ASB folder by start of school. Create a Club Charter. This must include A) the purpose for the club B) President / Secretary / Treasurer (at a minimum). New club must be approved by the A.S.B. Therefore, new club deadline is in order to secure approval from the student body in time for the all-clubs deadline. Teachers must attach a “club roster” with student first and last names, with grade level. A.S.B. will submit approved club to Fred Hilgers for final administrative approval.

3 Current clubs – how do you renew?
Have you already submitted a Club Constitution? If you haven’t, your club will not be renewed until it has been re-submitted before the deadline. All clubs must submit a renewed Club Charter by no later than to continue an existing club. Form will be available by beginning of year in the public folder. New rosters must be submitted with club members, first, last name and grade level. Please have the kids type this list. Also, you must designate a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Renewal is contingent upon A.S.B. approval. A.S.B. will submit approved club to Fred Hilgers for final administrative approval.

4 Minutes – any time you involve money!!!
If you have income or expense, you must include this in the club minutes. This includes: field trips, events, or anything involving outgoing or incoming $$$. Must have the following signatures on minutes: Club Adviser, Treasurer, President. Template will be on public folder by the start of the school year. Your purchases and/or fundraising will NOT be approved without attached minutes.

5 Fundraising We have a Club Adviser Checklist, which will be posted in the public folder. This list details what is permitted and what is not permitted regarding fundraising. The worksheet details specifically how receipts are used for accountability, what can’t be sold nutrition-wise, or time-of-day, keeping us in compliance with district and state policies. It also lists what is not permitted for purchase with A.S.B. funds. Think: instructional support any time your students want to purchase something with student funds. The receipt books are very important. It’s better for the Finance Office to handle ALL of the money. If the club chooses to collect money via cash, then the adviser must come to the finance office, sign out a receipt book, and keep it in a secure location because it must be returned at the end of the year for auditing purposes. You may not collect money and spend it immediately. You must deposit collected funds before you spend them, or you are out of compliance, and we could FAIL AN AUDIT.

6 Fundraising steps – very important
All fundraising must be submitted 4 weeks prior to event in order to secure approval from A.S.B. and Fred Hilgers. The Request for Approval: Fund-Raising Event Form must be completed in full and submitted. The form details projected earnings, items to be sold, date of event, etc. It will be posted in the public folder. This form must be signed by Club Adviser, Treasurer, A.S.B. Adviser, A.S.B. Treasurer, and Fred Hilgers. If this process hasn’t been met before you’ve gotten the sign-off, the event will be canceled. (This has happened once already this year, and happened many times last year. So, be prepared.) After the Fundraising is Complete: Revenue Potential Form must be submitted. (Template will be posted in public folder.) This form shows exactly how much revenue (gain / loss) took place as a result of the fundraiser. This can be easily refined when the fundraiser is done in the future. The district monitors this very closely.

7 Deposit information sheet
Once it’s time to deposit your earnings (hopefully!), you must complete the Deposit Information Sheet along with the Revenue Potential Form. Please bring them both together, along with the receipt book. Deposit Information Sheet includes a sign-off from the Club Adviser and Club Treasurer.

8 Donations: How do we manage that?
The person, company, or entity that wants to donate to our school must supply a “Letter of Intent and Purpose” outlining exactly where they want the funds to go, e.g. Junior Class Club, M.E.Ch.A., main ASB account. If the donor does not have their own letter of intent, they can fill out our “Letter of Intent and Purpose” form which will outline exactly the points they could include in their business letter. This must be completed before a donation can be deposited into the appropriate income account. The donor signs, the address and telephone number must be included, Principal signs, A.S.B. adviser signs, and Coach / Club adviser signs.

9 Student Body Requisition - How to get $$
Every coach / club adviser is responsible for maintaining the budget of their club. That means, don’t overspend, and make sure to add funds to your account through fundraising. If you want to withdraw from the account for any reason, no cash withdrawal, you must complete the Student Body Requisition Form. This withdrawal MUST be mentioned in the Club Minutes, which must be attached to the requisition form via paper clip, please. This form is signed by Club Adviser, Treasurer, and the Merchant Address (for purpose) with a full description of what’s being purchased must be included. If the student body requisition involves paying an INVOICE for a bill for service or product, you must include a copy of the ORIGINAL INVOICE with your paperwork. The requisition amount should be an exact match of the invoice, making sure to include applicable taxes, shipping, or miscellaneous fees.

10 Where do all of these Forms Go?
Katrin Safa is happy to take all of these forms from you and organize them appropriately. We will meet daily in order to manage this process. Her lunch break is after student lunch, so try to hit her office before 12:30 or after 1:45.

This looks like an overwhelming and daunting process, but once you figure out the system, it’s really easy to implement. We’re going to be here to answer questions any time you don’t understand a step. Athletic Department: Whether you have the money or not, you MUST renew your charter in order to continue to withdraw or make deposits from account. Non-compliance will result in the account being FROZEN. Fred wanted to gently remind you that the stipends for coaching will be removed if these procedures aren’t followed. Enjoy your clubs. I run three of them, so I know what it’s like and how enjoyable, yet challenging it can be.

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