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MEMBERSHIP BUILDING Lorraine Wheatley, CC ALB 12.14.14.

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1 MEMBERSHIP BUILDING Lorraine Wheatley, CC ALB 12.14.14

2 MARKET your event: Use your club website, Facebook, Meetup ADVERTISE: Open house, Demo meeting or Speechcraft Use TM Int’l Branding materials for: -posters, business cards -hand out Guest Passes for a specific “Guest Night” or Demo meeting Planning:

3 Marketing the Program

4 Market to corporations – be specific! -market employee development in communication and leadership -market the benefits of TM to employers Provide a small lunch or snack Have a corporate speaker (know the audience!) Drop off flyers to all offices Talk to people as you drop off flyers Getting People There

5 Use Toastmaster Branding

6 Promotion Material

7 BE PREPARED! Be welcoming and enthusiastic! Have guest packages with club information and membership application Have guests sign in with their contact info Run an EFFECTIVE meeting! Answer their questions Ask them to join! At the Meeting

8 Contact guests, send a note thanking them for coming (from your guest book info) Follow up with your guests! Ask them to return to your next meeting ASK THEM TO JOIN! After the Meeting

9 Market benefits to corporations of having their employees become better communicators & leaders Invite corporate leaders and people in the community to contests and special events Show that members are provided with something they value: a safe supportive environment Other Considerations

10 Marketing to Corporations

11 Promoting within Corporate

12 Items to include: Welcome Letter from Club President Membership Application Schedule of Fees (detail amounts by month) Features, Benefits, Values Chart (PDF online) All About Toastmasters brochure (Item 124) Copy of current Toastmaster Magazine Business Card with Contact Information Benefits of Toastmasters Membership (Item 354) Visitor or Guest Card (for them to invite a friend) Find Your Voice brochure Confidence: The Voice of Leadership brochure (Item 101) Your Corporate or Club Newsletter Small Notepad and Pen (optional) Guest Packages

13 Is membership a part of your Club Success Plan? Membership is a year-long effort! Have a membership plan a Year in Advance Use TM Int’l promotions to help you plan:  Smedley Award (Aug 1 – Sept 30)  Talk up Toastmasters (Feb 1 – Mar 31)  Beat the Clock (May 1 - June 30) Invite guests to all your club events Leave people on your club email list until they ask to be removed (Lance Miller’s club had a lady visit their club then return after 12 years of receiving their weekly emails – she was busy raising her family!) Working Your Plan

14  Take advantage of media opportunities in smaller centres  Place meeting info in FREE community sections of papers  Look for Adult Learning brochures, stressing toastmasters as an educational and personal development program  Volunteer to speak at events and promote the program  Send posters of upcoming events to radio stations and newspapers in smaller centres with a short article  Use our District Toll-Free number! 1-844-808-4742 Working Your Plan

15  Volunteer to do an interview  Promote your club with a Newsletter (CL credit!)  Find clubs and organizations with shared interests such as offering a Youth Leadership program for Cadets  Use the toastmaster display sign where you can  Promote and deliver Speechcraft programs  Print up postcards with club information for advertising (eg. Vista Print is inexpensive). Working Your Plan

16 Target with Postcards or Club Newsletter: Coffee houses Indoor bulletin boards Bookstores, hairdressers Libraries Professional waiting rooms (if allowed)  Do a demo meeting once a month or every 6 weeks. Promote! Working Your Plan

17 Be an enthusiastic toastmaster and have fun! People want to be with other energized people! Working Your Plan

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