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UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server

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1 UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server
NEC’s Premier Small Business Communications Solution Now let’s review a short slide deck that covers the SV8100 and its’ integrated applications at a high level.

2 NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server
Scalable, Reliable, Flexible and Full Featured Growth up to 512 Phones x 200 Trunks Distributed Architecture Multiple Survivable Sites and/or Remote Devices via IP Networking Converged VoIP SIP Based Solution Investment Protection – Energy Efficient Easily Upgraded, Open Standards Based Easy-to-Learn and Use Integrated Advanced Productivity Applications In response to the expressed desires and requirements of our Small to Medium Business customers, NEC has developed and provided the SV8100 Communications Server. The SV8100 is scalable, reliable, customizable, and flexible with growth to 512 stations by 200 Trunks. <click> A single SV8100 system can support up to 16 remote survivable locations utilizing a customer’s Wide Area data Network such as MPLS. <click> The SV8100 has been designed to use today’s technologies including Unified Communications and SIP, on a platform <click> that can be easily updated to embrace newer technologies as they emerge, in a format that uses less energy than traditional phone systems. <click> The SV8100 is easy to learn, use and manage, <click> with multiple integrated applications that are designed specifically to improve end user efficiency with an eye on fulfilling your customers’ idea of good service. Voice/Unified Messaging • Contact Center • Mobility • Unified Communications • Conference and Collaboration • XML Integrated Phones

3 Univerge SV8100 Platform Architecture
Analog, ISDN, PRI, SIP NetLink Single System Image IP DECT 802.11 VoWLAN Extension to Cellular Mobility WAN Remote IP Phone Native IP SIP Based Optional Blade Based VM/UM Add Application Blades i.e., Conference Bridge, UC… Add TDM Gateways as Needed Let’s take a look at the SV8100 architecture. As previously mentioned, the SV8100 is a SIP based native IP solution. <click> Voice Mail is built into the system or full Unified Messaging with fax support may be deployed with the addition of an applications blade. <click> Additional Application Blades may be implemented to support a Managed Conference Bridge <click> Traditional TDM support requirements like copper trunks, PRI, and analog or digital stations may be added with the implementation of blade based gateways. <click> Mobile users on campus and external users with cellular devices can be treated as system users in a variety of ways. <click> Remote branch offices requiring survivability and local trunk lines may be added by deploying SV8100 NetLink, which provides a single system image with full feature and application transparency. Analog, ISDN PRI, SIP

4 Telephones Soft Phone SP310 Executive DT750 Modular DT730 / DT330
Desktop Collaboration and Video Remote Workers Specialized Knowledge Workers Contact Center Agents Executive DT750 IP Only Color Touch Screen with XML Integration Full Duplex Speakerphone Menu Operation Modular DT730 / DT330 IP or Digital with XML support on IP Modular 12/24/32 Line Key or Desi-less Full Duplex Speakerphone Menu Operation The SV8100 offers a full range of telephone end points to meet every customer’s needs. Let’s take a quick look at the available terminals. Starting at the bottom, for deployment in common areas, the SV8100 offers several cost effective models in either IP or Digital. Included in this set of devices is an economical 8 line desi-less model that does not require telephone labels. <click> The most commonly deployed mid-range model offers flexible modular capabilities that allow this telephone to grow from 12 to 32 line keys, with or without labels, and a full duplex speaker phone. The larger display on this model offers menu driven operation and XML support on the IP model. <click> For executives and special advanced application use, the SV8100 offers an IP-only model with a full interactive color touch screen that supports menu operation, XML and full duplex speakerphone. <click> When a desk telephone is not required as in the case of remote workers, or for knowledge workers who may desire desktop application sharing or video, the SP310 softphone is a perfect solution. Economical DT710 / DT310 IP or Digital (Model Dependant) Non Modular Cost Effective Includes an 8 Line Desiless Model Non Display on Some Models

5 Mobile Devices – On Campus & Off
TDM CORDLESS Digital Dterm Cordless Lite II Digital DECT Office G-355 Basic C-124 Hi-End G955 Healthcare I-755 IP DECT IP Cordless or Network ML-440 In-BUilding Mobility VoWLAN MH240 Most customers have a need to support a mobile workforce, however since not all customers are the same, there may be different requirements for a mobility solution. <click> The most common request for mobility support is to extend the features and functionality of the system to a cellular device. The SV8100 offers a standard feature called Mobile Extension, which provides the ability to ring a system extension and a cell device at the same time. The caller id of the original caller is displayed on the cell device, and when the user answers on their cell phone they can use system features to transfer or conference the call. Mobile extension also allows cell phone users to place calls from their cell device using the SV8100 telephone lines and features. <click> When mobility is desired in the office for users such as a warehouse manager, line supervisor, administrative assistant or any employee who’s responsibilities include leaving their desk for short periods of time, an SV8100 cordless solution will make them more productive and efficient. <click> Where an existing managed wireless LAN exists, or if there are plans to deploy one, the SV8100 offers a wireless SIP device that works with most wireless LAN access points. <click> When multiple cordless Voice over IP devices are the requirement, the SV8100 offers a full range of IP DECT wireless handsets. <click> Wireless LAN and cellular smartphones can be integrated using SV8100’s uMobility application which provides a smartphone client that manages passing calls between the wireless LAN and cellular network. Mobile Extension Managing Calls to Cell (or other) Devices Any Cell Device Fixed Mobile Convergence WLAN meets Smartphone uMobility Home or Outside

6 Voice and Unified Messaging
Provide Callers with Choices from Voice Mail Manage all Messages – Voice Mail, , Fax in One Place Manage Callers While They are in Your Mailbox Find Me / Follow Me Policies you’re When Out of the Office Play your Messages Over the Phone Access Voice Messages from the Web Manage Your Mailbox via GUI Any customer who utilizes voice mail and as primary forms of communication can leverage unified messaging to improve their efficiency and increase responsiveness. The SV8100 includes an internal voice mail for cost effective voice messaging. Voice messages may be sent as attachments to the user’s inbox. True Unified Messaging with Fax and Text to Speech may be provided with integration to standard offerings such as Microsoft Outlook, Groupwise or Lotus Notes by adding an applications blade to the SV8100. The SV8100 voice and unified messaging solutions offer a robust array of features to improve your user’s productivity. For example, users can monitor callers who are in their voice mailbox and those retrieve calls as desired. Find me – Follow me allows users to managing sending callers to multiple telephone destinations without the need to publish more than one phone number. Multiple language options are available, and users can easily manage their mailbox via a web based graphical user interface. A feature package for the hospitality industry with property management integration is available on the blade based model.

7 Managing Customer Contact Requests
Contact Center Reporting Engine IVR and Custom Integration Multi Media CHAT Web Fax Agent Desktop Productivity Agent Recording Most customers have a need for a contact center solution to provide them with revenue generation or revenue protection. Customer requests can come in the form of telephone calls, s, web based requests or Chat, or via an interactive voice response system. NEC offers a modular based solution for contact centers with routing management for all customer request mediums. In addition to the routing engine, real time and historical reports allow you to manage customer requests and your customer servicing staff effectively. An agent desktop provides your reps with information on the volume of requests in queue, the status of other reps on your team, and the availability of internal knowledge workers for quick call resolution. Call monitoring and recording may be added to retain the actual verbal transaction. The modular nature of NEC’s SV8100 contact center offerings allows you to implement as much or as little as you need to provide exceptional customer service.

8 Unified Communications
Unify all your Communications Desktop Call Control Presence Status Instant Messaging Unified Messaging Screen Pop Directory/Contacts Mobility Contact Center Attendant Console CRM* Integrations To provide you with the ultimate in user communication management, NEC offers a modular approach to Unified Communications. As desired, you may deploy some or all unified communications functionality to any of your users, even if they are remote. Some of this functionality may even be extended to mobile cellular users. In addition to desktop telephone call management, directory and contact access, screen pop, and unified messaging; unified communications extends the power of presence to your key users. Presence provides information not only on a user’s telephone status, but adds actual information about where they are and what they are doing based on user controlled presence profiles and even Outlook Calendar integration. <click> Unified Communications can also be used to send internal “instant messages” to users within the organization when a phone call is not possible or effective. An attendant console application for UC provides all available information at a glance to your organization’s answering position. When contact center is deployed, the same functionality can be integrated to improve the effectiveness of your customer service representatives. A full range of screen pop integrations with commonly available customer relationship management (CRM) tools can be added to further increase productivity. *Customer Relationship Management

9 SV8100 System Management System Management Web Based Client Based
Offline programming System backups Change Logs Wizard Programming Tool Set up Features and Users Call Accounting Graphical & Text Reporting Client, Web or XML Access Report Automation , printer or upload Security Alerts & Notifications Traffic Analysis option Campaign Manager option The SV8100 provides an easy to use graphical interface tool to manage the system. This tool comes in two formats – one that is web based and real time for quick and easy changes. The second is a client based version that allows for offline programming, saving of database setups, system backups and logs moves and changes. Both forms offer a wizard tool for easy programming of devices, users and features. <click> Call accounting is available to report on call detail, summary usage and traffic volumes. Reports are provided in both graphical and text formats, and can be automated to run on a printer, sent as an , or uploaded to a central storage location. Alerts and notifications can easily be programmed to notify system administrators of traffic peaks or inappropriate usage. Campaign manager allows you to track incoming or outgoing calls related to a sales campaign.

10 NEC Univerge SV8100 – a Summary
The Ideal Voice Solution for SMB’s Seamless Growth Up to 512 Stations and 16 Survivable Remote Branches Robust and Feature-Rich Versatile and Scalable Supports TDM, IP, Video, Wired or Wireless Supports a Full Range of High-Powered Applications Applications and Features are Transparently Shared Across Branches or Remote Users Individuals, departments and locations work more efficiently The UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server is the ideal solution for business that wish to compete and grow their organization over time. This robust, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet your communications needs now and well into the future. Designed to be both versatile and flexible allowing you to future-proof your investment, the SV8100 supports Voice over IP, traditional TDM, video, wired and wireless. It also provides advanced applications and a full range of high-powered features that are transparently shared by users at any location, including those who may be mobile. This presentation covers only a glimpse of the available capabilities of the NEC SV Please consider a live demonstration of the system and its’ applications.

11 Thank You and Questions
For more information… NEC Website: NEC Terminals Demonstrations: More in depth information is available at NEC’s website. Additionally, a demonstration of the NEC telephone offerings may be viewed at the link referenced here. Additional information, tools, demonstrations, webinar calendar, quote access and promotion information are available at the Information Portal and Channel Marketing Portal (link from “Login” off NEC’s website or use links provided here).

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