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Avaya IP Office Release 8

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1 Avaya IP Office Release 8
Avaya IP Office Release 8.0 Bringing The Power of We™ To Small and Medium Businesses

2 Nortel Corporate Presentation
Agenda Nortel Corporate Presentation Executive Summary Solution Offers Customer Segmentation & Business Proposition Training Investments Complementary Offers Additional Resources & Links 2 2 © 2004 Nortel 2

3 Executive Summary IP Office R8.0 delivers innovation, simplicity, and an enhanced functionality that enables greater collaboration across all platforms and devices. With IP Office R8.0 the only thing that is stopping your customers from being successful….is themselves. IP Office delivers the right solution 100% of the time for 99% of all businesses worldwide Differentiated Mobility: Federated IM/Presence across multiple platforms Enhanced Mobility extended to Android devices Simplified Installation & Management: Browser based web Manager for IP Office Basic Edition New UC Application Module (coming soon) Flexibility: Deploy IP, Digital or both utilizing existing network infrastructure Growth: Add UC and CC application now or as the business evolves Simplicity: Single platform with drag and drop management of multiple sites from a single interface to 25% TCO than competitive solutions Productivity: Preferred Edition enables access to IM/Presence, video, reading, call recording and more! Resiliency: Intelligent software-based failover across sites Enhanced Desktop Integration: Microsoft Outlook plug-in MSFT and Google calendar mining through one X Portal SalesForce integration 3

4 Solution Offers

5 Avaya IP Office The path from Integration to Innovation
Single, Modular Platform Scales to 384 users per system, 32 sites Simple, role-based solutions 5.0 AGENT POWER USER MOBILE WORKER 3.0 4.0 6.0 6.1 7.0 8.0 Merlin Integration PARTNER® Integration BCM, Norstar Integration Part 1 Innovation BCM, Norstar Integration Part 2 Avaya AuraTM Integration Avaya continues to offer unique investment protection capabilities to both our channel partners and our end user customers. We are the only manufacturer that can offer a clean migration path through all platforms. Now that our promise of integration has been met, all R&D efforts will be focused on Innovation. What better time to become a partner than now? Integral Integration 5

6 Avaya IP Office Differentiated selling for channels
Single, modular platform from 5 to 1,000 users Serves entire SME segment, as they grow One Product. One Model. Enriched mobility, voice and video desktop experience on cellular Includes 128 party audio conference bridge Rich Collaboration. IP, digital, analog or SIP or mix Greener on IP than the rest Variety of digital options consume far less energy Migrate to IP based on customer’s need 68 years MTBF (mean time before failure) Software, not idle hardware, delivers resiliency Uniquely reliable & resilient. It’s a Hybrid. Over 200,000 systems Sold World Wide Easy to Customize, Personalize. Browser based user solutions Configurable solution based on types of user 170+ compliant applications via certified 3rd party developers

7 Avaya IP Office R8.0 Differentiated Mobility
What’s new Differentiated Mobility “one-X® Mobile Preferred” solution extends UC to Android mobile devices Integrated presence, IM, visual voic , conferencing & more! New! Essential Edition License Expanded IP DECT options C110 UC Module provides on-board applications support for IP500v2 Bundled with Preferred Edition Browser-based Web Manager for IP Office Basic Edition (i.e. formerly Essential Edition - Quick Mode) Simplified Installation & Management High-quality audio G722 codec support This is IP Office Release 8.0 condensed into one slide. The 3 main themes of this release are Mobility, Simplified Installation and Management, and Desktop Integration. ## IP Office R8.0 introduces Basic Edition branding and the Essential Edition License It provides the opportunity to generate incremental revenue by selling features included in the essential edition license. It includes Twinning for all users at a low price and simple Home Worker solution for two users There is also a server-less UC option via the IP Office C110 Unified Communications Module Which provides simplified deployment and a single Maintenance Contract An external Microsoft or linux server, licenses & skill set NOT required This helps to simplify the sale with a one Stop shop for communications need. For Basic Edition, Basic Edition PARTNER mode, Basic Edition Norstar mode, there is also a web management UI for simplified Deployment, Configuration and Maintenance. ## Mobility There is a new mobility applications called one-X® Mobile Preferred for IP Office Which offers customers leading edge technology to further enable workforce mobility by bringing the desktop experience to the mobile phone## New Desktop Application Integrations via The Microsoft Outlook plug-in, then enhanced one-X Portal for IP Office, and integration with provide the ability to offer value-added capabilities to existing customer applications, Giving them Greater productivity through embedding communications where they spend the most time. Microsoft® Outlook plug-in Enhanced one-X Portal for IP Office adds MS Exchange & Google calendar mining and presence Integration Desktop Application Integration New! Advanced Edition Reports and Statistics

8 R8.0 Delivers Right Priced Value Across Editions
How To Explain Price Changes to Your Sales Channels BEFORE: With 7.0 GROUP COLLABORATION Problem: Too much value in STD mode for $50 Modes are too confusing Too wide a gap in price to jump to Preferred IP Office Essential Edition Quick Mode IP Office Advanced Edition Pre-requisite: Preferred Ed. IP Office Preferred Edition Pre-requisite: Essential Edition Standard Mode One Edition License Covers All Users on the Server (I.E. Location) $50 +$2,395 +$2,295 AFTER: With 8.0 GROUP COLLABORATION Solution: Simplify by eliminating “modes” Re-allocate pricing to minimize gap Add value to strengthen proposition New Preferred Edition upgrade price is $500 lower than it was with 7.0 While the overall price is unchanged, now the gap is reduced and with new “preferred mobility” on ANDROID should significantly strengthen the Preferred selling proposition With forthcoming UC module and iPhone support (c1H2012), channel can easily upsell and increase their construct size – (for US sales = more Rewards points!) Essential means that with 8.0 all users will get call control/twinning from their mobile device. Previously, they had to pay $89/seat. (e.g. 30 users x $89= $2,670 value for only $495 or < 1/5th the price!) This drives SIP/T1 upgrades which means more revenue for the partner – added mobility can become the main reason to compel the customer to spend more Should they not want to spend more, just sell Basic Edition Delivers on channel feedback Channel requested to build in mobility across editions to be more competitive Recent channel survey identified biggest gap to selling UC as the price/value across editions* IP Office Basic Edition IP Office Essential Edition IP Office Advanced Edition Pre-requisite: Preferred Ed. IP Office Preferred Edition Pre-requisite: Essential Edition One Edition License Covers All Users on the Server (I.E. Location) $50 $495 +$1,895 +$2,295 Raised price & increased value Added mobility for all users Reduced price & increased value Added preferred mobility with power user 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

9 Avaya IP Office Essential Edition The Best Value for the Money
For 10 user constructs $ is approx. $1,000 For 25 user constructs $ is approx. $2,000 IPO Essential Edition UC 320 Small Business Edition 3000 Link Pro 160 $$$$ $$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$$ Avaya Value Mobility for all users with SIP/T1 Scales to 384 users on single platform Native SIP trunks TUI or Web GUI programming Visual Voice Can add: up to 2 Remote worker solutions Multisite support TDM or IP for trunk/phones DECT support UC apps with upgrade to Preferred Edition Areas to exploit: Cheaper for <15 but does not scale above 24 users Limited conferencing More expensive SPA500 phones needed to get features No TUI Pure IP Play only Requires separate PC server (included) Pure IP play only URL GUI May need third party for SIP support VM and AA optional, not included (3 options t o choose from 900MHZ cordless (3810 equiv) Limited scale Only scales to 25 on one system, 50 across 10 Pure IP Play 10 SIP, + 6 analog line limit *What they have that we don’t: Built-in WiFi Can add UC apps Optional broadband module for UMS/softphone click to dial and up to 12 remote IP phones Desktop cordless /mobility handset PBX or Key modes 10 25 * Comparing Essential Edition ONLY

10 Customer Segmentation and Business Propositions

11 Avaya IP Office R 8.0 Market Segment Customer Type
Traditional key-system customers PBX customers <250 Heritage Avaya legacy customers Healthcare and Hospitality and Professional Services verticals Customer Type Current Avaya customers with legacy products Expanding or Greenfield Desires Mobility, UC and or CC functionality Customer Positioning Seamless Desktop integration to select mobile devices Lower TCO – Green product Investment Protection and easy migration path Simple to understand, purchase and finance Innovative productivity applications 11

12 Avaya IP Office R8.0 What it means for your SME prospects and customers
Manage Your Office from Your Mobile Device Seamless integration between your office desktop and your mobile devices Real-time business collaboration and federated presence across multiple platforms Integrate Communications & Business Applications Integration with® and Microsoft® Outlook enables SMEs to embed communications into their desktop What does IP Office R8.0 mean for your prospects and customers? It delivers a desktop user experience to mobile devices, along with federated presence of all contacts across multiple platforms, and provides real-time business collaboration across the enterprise# It provides an even lower total cost of ownership via the new C110 UC module, which uses less power than an external server, and provides up to a 5% lower TCO over 5 years. The new Hybrid DECT can provide significant savings by enabling customers to retain and reuse much of their infrastructure.# And finally, it’s even easier and more comprehensive to use and own the ever before, with a simpler management interface and a comprehensive support offer. It’s greener - C110 UC Module consumes less power than external server Up to 5% lower TCO over 5 years than server-based installations* Hybrid DECT enables SME to retain infrastructure; save $ Lower Your TCO with a Greener Solution *Research was conducted independently by The Tolly Group, and The Tolly Group was compensated by Avaya for conducting the study 12 12

13 Avaya IP Office R8.0 What it means for you
Improve applications attach rate Pull through white label mobile services / traffic Expands sales opportunity through integration with Microsoft Outlook and Maximizes Revenue Opportunity Strengthens Selling Proposition Installation made easier by consolidating applications on a single “plug and play” module External Windows server, licenses, and skill set not required What does IP Office R8.0 do for you? It maximizes your revenue opportunity by increasing application attach rate and expanding sales opportunities with new integrations for Outlook and Next, easy deployment of UC applications via a simple integrated module will strengthen your selling position And finally, it can lower your Preferred Edition installation times by more than 90 minutes with the new C110 UC Module, and reduce management overhead through with a new web-based management application. Lowers Your Cost of Sale, Support Web-based management reduces overhead and maintenance costs Reduce installation times by more than 90 minutes over server-based installations 13 13

14 How Partners Benefit by doing business with Avaya
What Avaya brings to you Programs to offset costs, fuel growth, increase margins Robust functionality which includes; mobility, Salesforce integration, Microsoft Exchange integration, point to point video and voice conferencing; all address’ customer hot buttons, increase loyalty Upgrade capabilities open the door to complete solution sales Easy migration path from legacy products Increase Margin MDF programs, Promotions, Expanded Product portfolios Avaya programs help marketing dollars go further! Tested programs provide quicker ROI with a lower “touch” Simplified installation increases margins, decreases time on premise, improves customer satisfaction accelerates project closure Learn, Sell and Maintain one product platform that scales the SME Market Reduce Cost Market Leaders Campaigns, Partner Marketing Central, Streamlined training, One product line We recognize the fact that an award winning product isn’t the only thing necessary to gain channel partners’ interest. We have built value into our Avaya Connect programs that help partners increase margin, reduce the cost of doing business and with AFS, help them realize their cash quicker through financing. Increase Margin: discretionary Marketing development funds, and promotions help offset costs, therefore allowing partners to invest more into their Avaya business. With our robust application suite, partners can offer end to end solutions which, when sold on value, can increase construct and margin Reduce costs: Avaya’s channel can take advantage of the pre-developed marketing templates, programs and offers. The tools are there and some are offered at a deeply discounted rate, while others are FREE! Instead of building marketing campaigns from scratch and incurring the cost of development, Avaya helps do that for you! Realize Cash quickly: Avaya Financial Services is there to help you and your customers! By leveraging our leasing and financing programs, Partner can improve their cash flow. Additionally by taking advantage of the Advanced payment option, 50% of the margin on a deal can be received upfront – before final payment is made! Utilize AFS leasing options to increase cash on hand AS Advanced funding option puts 50% of margin in your hands at the time of sale Improve cash flow by lowering “payable to receivable” gap Realize Cash Quickly Avaya Financial Services (AFS)

15 IP Office Adds Differentiated Mobility Grows Stronger With Every Release
*Planned; Subject to change R 7.0 R 8.0 *2012+ Nortel IP and digital phone support Nortel data migration tool Simplified administration for sub-20 market WW New conferencing phones IP Office UC extends to Android Outlook Plug-in New option for “server-less” UC with Preferred Edition (1Q 2012) Contact Center Coaching /silent intrusion & whisper page Web management for Quick Mode IP Office UC extends to iPhone Remote SSL/VPN Access Federated presence Multi-site CCR Web management for other editions Hybrid cloud Avaya Flare® Experience Avaya IP Office What does all this mean to you? With R7.0: Migration of heritage customers and traditional TDM users Expanded client base into sub-20 Enhanced user experience with new sets With R8.0 Innovation with new Mobility offers Integration with key business management tools Enhanced call center functionality In the future releases of IP Office we are looking to introduce the following (subject to change) Seamless desktop integration to the device of your choice Market leading offers Enterprise class UC functionality for SME’s

16 FY’12 SME Promotions and Programs Avaya helps reduce cost
Reseller and Customer offers for IP Office Incentives to ensure success IP Office sales Software attach Training Competitive attack Reseller Avaya offers both reseller promotions and customer rebates to help sell and buy our solutions. For a reseller, we offer, My Rewards, Competitive Attack campaigns For a customer, we offer “Think Big” rebates, Trade in and Trade up and buy back programs to offset the cost of a new solution. Makes buying decisions easier Try and buy Buy-back Trade in Trade up Rebates Investment Protection Customer 16

17 Complimentary offers

18 Avaya IP Office R8.0 - Premier Partner Solutions Integrating Professional Services solutions for SMEs Key Verticals Targeted by IP Office release 8.0 Services Vertical - Legal Services Vertical - Finance Customer Profile Highly mobile workforce Require high degree of collaboration with colleagues and clients Need to have accurate and efficient billing management Need to hire temp workers Call recording integral to business Need sales/service staff to be easily accessible Must provide a high degree of customer service Need to manage costs Often operate across multiple sites Key Value Propositions Anytime, anywhere access Improved AR turnover Attract and hire workers regardless of location Prompt, personalized customer service Seamless collaboration across multiple sites Solutions Core Solution IP Office Preferred Edition Power User / one-X® Mobile Preferred for IP Office CTI Integration Efficient Office IP Office Advanced Edition Power User / one-X® Portal for IP Office Premier Partner Solutions Computer Instruments (Enhanced IVR/Paging/Messaging) AMC (CRM Integration) RSI , Tiger (Call Accounting) Datel (Call Reporting), NMS Adaptive (Call Recording, 3rd party app integration)

19 New Tools! Sales Tool Kit for R8.0
EZ Demo gets a makeover Also available on iPad Available soon in French, German & Russian Updated ROI Calculator Updated Collateral and tools New Posters & Screensaver With each release of IP Office, we add and update many of the sales tools. As you probably already know, the IP Office EZ Demo gives Partners a way to demonstrate IP Office without carrying all the equipment to a customer’s site. It runs on any PC or laptop without any connection to IP Office! The EZ Demo is getting an update to include the latest capabilities the 8.0 offers EZ Demo is also available now on iPad. Perfect for environments when you need rapid access to show a client the value of IP Office and its applications The online ROI tool is also currently being updated to show how customer that take advantage of the power capabilities of 8.0 can save more than ever. A Release 8.0 sales toolkit in the SME portal has all updated collateral and sales tools. Please get familiar with the SME Sales portal. We have spoken about verticals, and 9 separate industry toolkits are available. A comprehensive competitive section includes competitors you deal with day in day out, and the Total Cost of Ownership paper authored by Tolly will arm you with some great facts when encountering Shoretel. Case studies are a vital part of your arsenal, and we have them across all industries and sizes Download IP Office EZ Demo: Go to Safari on iPad (must be running latest OS on iPad)

20 Don’t forget the full arsenal! Complete set of tools to help you win
Reminder … Industry Toolkits TCO paper Competitive Sheets BCM Feature Matrix EC Tool Case Studies Please get familiar with the SME Sales portal. We have spoken about verticals, and 9 separate industry toolkits are available. A comprehensive competitive section includes the famous or infamous competitors you deal with day in day out and the Total Cost of Ownership paper authored by Tolly, will arm you with some great facts when encountering Shoretel. For current BCM and Norstar users, a comprehensive feature matrix gives you the information you need when asked will I see any difference? Case studies are a vital part of your arsenal, and we have them across all industries and sizes Roadmaps Positioning Tools White Papers

21 Avaya IP Office R8.0 Call to action
Download the EZ Demo Sales tool Laptop: iPad from safari on iPad: Understand verticals – Differentiate! Learning Resources… SME Portal Look for the Avaya IP Office R8.0 sales toolkit Take the Course: R8.0 Delta APSS Additional information on IP Office can be found on the Avaya Sales Portal > Products A to Z > IP Office. If you are on the SME Sales View, simply select IP Office under Evaluate the Solutions. Be sure to also access the Understanding Verticals section from the Sales Portal > SME Sales View. This is found under Understand the Marketplace The IP Office Knowledge Base also provides great information. You can access the knowledge base by visiting For detailed information on Avaya’s Developer Connection Program, its members, and their solutions, be sure to visit the dev connect program web site. 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.


23 Training Investments

24 Changes you need to understand!
The New Avaya Learning Center Changes you need to understand! What’s Changing? Effective October 31, will have a new look and feel Who’s Affected? Sales Partners Customers Why Does It Matter? Cleaner and more intuitive Guest Access to view product and solution training User training materials available Learning Resources On Sales/Partner Portal New Avaya Learning Center coming 31 October Effective October 31, 2011 the Avaya Learning Center will have a new look and feel. For the past two years, Avaya Learning has undergone a top to bottom review and analysis of what's developed, how it's delivered, and how to continually improve. As a result of this extensive audit, many areas were targeted for improvement to help Avaya meet its growth and changing business needs. Avaya Learning streamlined content and courses, improved communications and awareness and enhanced curricula and certifications to make Avaya technical training offerings more accessible and relevant for business partners, end users and associates. At the heart of all of these initiatives is the Avaya Learning Center. It is the “engine” that drives Avaya's training. It is where business partners and customers find up-to-date information on credentials, certifications and courses. The existing Avaya Learning Center site has undergone an extensive analysis to determine next steps to accommodate business growth in the coming years. While the current site has been enhanced over the past decade to meet the learning community’s needs many times, it became clear that a new platform was needed to provide additional capabilities and functionalities while increasing overall effectiveness. The current platform demonstrated an inability to support Avaya’s channel centric competency. In addition, the analysis revealed that the current Avaya platform was not scalable or flexible enough to support the NES integration. After considerable review of top learning management systems available in the market, a new platform was selected. This new technology, leverages “out of the box” functionality; provides greater flexibility for administrators, managers and learners; and generates significant improvements to Avaya’s Partners. This new platform offers many features that are not available on the current site today and allows the appropriate functionality and flexibility for growth in the years to come. The new site will allow ‘guest access’ to view curriculum maps, credential program information and news items. This functionality is currently not available on the existing Avaya Learning site. User Training materials include Getting Started User guides and Self-paced tutorials will also be available. Existing tools….Learning Navigator, Training Proposal Tool and the Professional Credential Program site will continue on the new site. In addtion Partner Training Manager functionality will be enhanced to include a Manager Dashboard, Curriculum Mapping tool and batch enrollment functionality. Avaya puts great importance on training and learning programs to serve its business partners and customers. The current Avaya Learning Center site serves over 120,000 users. With the implementation of the new Avaya Learning Center all users will be able to effectively manage their learning needs.

25 Avaya Learning Commercial Price Offer (CPO)
What’s New? Global pricing framework will be applied to Avaya Technical Training (excludes Sales and Design training) Instructor Led (ILT) – Virtual Instructor Led (vILT) – Web-based (WBT) Effective November 7, 2011 Who’s Affected? Partners and Customers Why Does It Matter? Leverages a single Global Price list which eliminates complexity of different pricing country to country Based upon competitive benchmarking of comparable offers in each market in each theatre. Learning Resources On Sales/Partner Portal Revised Global Pricing for Technical Training Revised Global Pricing for Technical Training FAQs As mentioned earlier over the past 2 years, Avaya Learning has undergone a top to bottom review and analysis of what's developed, how it's delivered, and how to continually improve. As a result of this extensive audit, many areas were targeted for improvement to help Avaya meet its growth and changing business needs. On November 7, 2011 Avaya Learning will introduce a new simplified global pricing structure for Avaya technical training delivered by Avaya Learning. The Commercial Pricing Offer does not apply to Avaya Sales and Design Training. Avaya Learning’s new Commercial Pricing Offer (CPO) for technical training leverages a single Global List Price with regional sensitivities ensuring every audience in every region gets competitive pricing on every Avaya Learning offering. Avaya Learning researched technical training prices on similar offerings from best in class companies and direct competitors. Benchmark market prices have been established for each theatre. This new frameworks eliminates the complexity of different pricing practices from country to country in existence today. 25

26 New to IP Office - Training Requirements
Course Name Course Number Delivery method IP Office Sales – APSS Selling IP Office (APSS) 2S00040W Web-based 3 hrs Selling IP Office Assessment (APSS) ASC00121AEN Web-based 1 hr Avaya is offering two methods to continue your learning; Virtual instructor Led via Web.Alive or In person Instructor led. IP Office Implement – ACIS IP Office Hardware and Data Components AVA00916WEN 6 hrs IP Office Implementation Workshop ATC01225VEN ATC01225IEN Virtual Instructor led or Instructor led 5 days ACIS - Avaya IP Office Implementation Exam 6401.1 Pearson Vue Testing Center 2 hrs Enhanced Support Requirement – Optional - ACSS IP Office Advanced Applications and Troubleshooting ATI00484VEN AT100484IEN Virtual Instructor Led or Instructor Led ACSS Small & Medium Enterprise Communications Exam 3000.3 Partner must have 2 individuals who are APSS authorized in each country where they sell IP Office. Training and assessments are available in French, German, Italian, Spanish Prices vary by geography and training delivery partner Virtual Instructor led classes will not be available until January 2012 Effective 11/7/11 26

27 New – IP Office Video Training
Currently Authorized Optional Training – Understand the latest release For Partners currently APSS authorized, or planning to refresh their Sales and Implementation credential this course is recommended. There is no additional assessment required. Course Name Course Number Delivery method Avaya IP Office Sales Delta R7.0 training 1S000410 Web-based 0.5 hrs Avaya IP Office Technical Delta R7.0 training 5S00001W 2 hrs Avaya IP Office Sales Delta R 8.0 training 1S00137O Avaya IP Office Technical Delta R 8.0 training 4S00003W New – IP Office Video Training For Partners currently APSS authorized, and are interested in selling IP Office Video solutions, Avaya has introduced a new video sales course. Course Name Course Number Delivery method IP Office Video Installation Class 0S00153W Web-based 1 hrs

28 Additional Training IP Office Essential Edition
Partners who traditionally sold PARTNER ® ACS and Norstar and would like to continue selling our – IP Office Essential must complete the following training: Course Name Course Number Delivery method Selling IP Office 2S00040W Web-based 3 Selling IP Office Assessment (APSS) ASC00121AEN 1 hr IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER ® Version Installation** ATC01993WEN Self-paced IP Office Essential Edition - Quick Mode Installation 4S00001W 2 hrs Partners are required to have 2 individuals with APSS Sales Authorization on IP Office in each country where they will be selling the product. This is the same course as the IP Office APSS (no PARTNER® specific version). Courses and assessments are available in French, Italian, Spanish, and German ** Available for those individuals who will be implementing and maintaining the IP Office Essential Edition – PARTNER® Version in the NAR. Course is non-credentialed and is at Avaya University in the APSS SME Communication curriculum map under “to continue my training” section For Partners currently APSS Authorized and would like additional training on IP Office Essential Edition – Norstar Version (Middle East/North Africa only) Course Name Course Number Delivery method IP Office Essential Edition – Norstar Version ATC01973WEN Web-based 2 hrs 28

29 Selling IP Office – Training offered in language!
Course Name Course Number Delivery method Selling IP Office 2S00040W Web-based 3 hrs Selling IP Office (Russian)* 2S00041W Selling IP Office (Mandarin)* TBD - NEW Selling IP Office (Assessment) ASC00121AEN 1 hr Selling IP Office (Assessment - Russian) 2S00041O Selling IP Office (Assessment – Mandarin) *Mandarin and Russian will be available at the end of the calendar year. 29

30 Selling IP Office Delta Training – Training offered in language!
Course Name Course Number Delivery method Selling IP Office - Update Release 8.0 (German) 1S00141O Web-based 0.5 hrs Selling IP Office - Update Release 8.0 (French) 1S00144O Selling IP Office - Update Release 8.0 (Italian) 1S00142O Selling IP Office - Update Release 8.0 (Spanish) 1S00143O Selling IP Office - Update Release 8.0 (Russian)* 1S00145O Selling IP Office - Update Release 8.0 (Mandarin)* TBD - NEW *Mandarin and Russian will be available at the end of the calendar year. 30

31 Selling IP Office R 7. 0 Delta Training – Training offered in language
Selling IP Office R 7.0 Delta Training – Training offered in language! Available NOW! Course Name Course Number Delivery method Selling IP Office - Update Release 70 (German) 1S00042O Web-based 0.5 hrs Selling IP Office - Update Release 7.0 (French) 1S00045O Selling IP Office - Update Release 7.0 (Italian) 1S00043O Selling IP Office - Update Release 7.0 (Spanish) 1S00044O 31

32 Steps to achieve the SME Expert Badge
2 APSS 2 Advanced Certifications held by 2 unique individuals * Credential Requirements: Service Assessment Requirement SME Expert Remote Assessment SME Expert Designation Achieved! SME Expert Benefits! Marketing SME Expert Logo Current Analysis Membership Partner Locator preference Lead routing preference certain theatres Financial Marketing Dev. Funds Technical Remote GSS Support for implementations Direct access to the GSS Backbone for Maintenance Input to product development Via (GRIP) * Could include: 2 ACSS OR 1 ACSS & 1 ACIS OR 1 ACSS & 1 PA-Implement OR 1 ACS and 1 PA-Implement

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