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Lived Experience Recruitment Panel Members Training Workshop.

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1 Lived Experience Recruitment Panel Members Training Workshop

2 Aim of the session Session goes for around three hours What will we learn about? 1.Get to know each other 2.Understand recruitment and staff selection 3.Interviews – what to do & how to do it? 4.Know the rules about selecting staff 5.Join recruitment panels selecting staff in your area

3 Information Booklet

4 Introductions Whats your name? What services do you access? Why do you want to be involved?

5 Important Words to Know Interview Applicant Employee Position Panel Legislation Discrimination Criteria Human Resources (HR) CV / Resume

6 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 1.Need for staff is identified General pool staff or specific role What sort of job is being offered? Permanent – Full Time or Part Time Casual Fixed term – specific project or job or cover scheduled leave

7 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 2. Position Clarified and Advertised Position Description Advertise - Aims to get the attention of the right people for the job. Who can apply? - Anyone who wants a job/not all applicants will be suitable

8 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 3. Interview questions Human Resources (HR) team puts together interview questions Must comply with rules/laws - Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Anti Discrimination legislation Questions specific to role and LWB values Must be consistent

9 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 4. Applications received – shortlisting HR compile all applications Talk about quality and quantity Shortlist of applicants

10 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 5. Notify people not shortlisted HR notify all those who have not been shortlisted – thanking them for their application

11 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 6. Panel is put together THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!! Three or four people (minimum two): 1.Line manager (Panel Leader) 2.Person with lived experience 3.Human Resources person

12 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 7. Interviews Arranged Time, date, location One hour each interview 15 minute debrief

13 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 8. Interview packs Compiled by HR or line manager on panel includes: Applicants CV / resume Interview questions HR will also have applicants complete forms to check Probity, and the applicants Authority to work in Australia

14 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 9. The Interview Panel Leader welcomes and introduces applicant Panel leader explains that the interview will be in three sections: 1.Provide candidate with an overview of LWB and the role 2.Asking candidate targeted questions 3.Opportunity for candidate to ask questions 4.Explain next steps in the recruitment process

15 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 10. The Interview (Continued) Panel Leader tells applicant about LWB and role Panel members take it in turns to ask the set questions and note responses Applicant asked if they have any questions Panel leader advises applicant of next steps Panel leader thanks applicant and closes interview

16 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 10. The Interview (Continued) Panel discussion and recommendation IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: NO DISCRIMINATION – age, gender, disability, culture / ethnicity, religion, sexuality, medical history Select candidates on MERIT - abilities, aptitude, skills, qualifications, knowledge, experience, achievement

17 Panel Behaviour Let the Panel Leader lead to interview Treat applicants and other panel members with respect Make notes but keep you views and feelings to yourself until panel discussion time If you need a break, let the Panel Leader know in between applicants.

18 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 10. Reference Checks Panel member contacts referees and conducts reference checks 11. Suitability & Probity Checks Criminal Record Working with Children

19 Recruiting and Selecting Employees 12. Position Offered Contact applicant and offer the job Letter of offer sent and accepted Induction New employee commences Probation/trial period of three months

20 Role Plays

21 Quiz

22 What Happens Next? You will be issued with a certificate to say you have completed the training Your name on register of trained LWB Lived Experience panel members in your region You may be contacted to participate on a panel You can ask for help You dont have to participate if you dont want to

23 Any Questions?

24 Contacts


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