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Job Interview Techniques

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1 Job Interview Techniques
Mary Jaeger Michele Biddison Presentation to the Public Works Institute of the Kansas City Metro Chapter of the APWA

2 Overview Why interviews are important Types of interviews
How to prepare an effective interview strategy Key interview questions to ask Lawful & Unlawful interview questions Behavior based interview questions Conducting the interview Concluding the Interview Evaluating candidates Job Offer/Post-Job Offer Onboarding Key points to remember

3 Why Interviews Are Important
Gives you an opportunity to meet candidates face to face. Helps you assess a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and fit for the job. Allows you to ask what you don’t know and want to know about the candidate. Provides you with the information you need for making the best hiring decisions.

4 Types of Interviews Phone interviews One on one interviews
Panel interviews Peer interviews (lunch) Realistic job preview (tours) Sr. management interviews

5 How to Prepare an Effective Interview Strategy
Individual interview? Team interview (panel)? Identify your interview team (if applicable) Schedule dates/times/location Allow enough time for each Interview Allow sufficient time between Interviews

6 How to Prepare an Effective Interview Strategy
Review job description Prepare interview questions relevant to the position, experience, skills, competencies and qualifications you are seeking: Consider working with peers, staff and HR to assist Develop questions related to specific expectations (OT, night/weekend shift work, on-call, CDL, certifications, snow plow duty, etc.) Screen applicants (determine who) Determine additional testing for compatibility if applicable (i.e., Kolbe, SDI, Strengths Finder, Myers-Briggs, etc.) Determine key candidate selection criteria (weighted)

7 Key Interview Questions to Ask
Work experience Knowledge/skills relevant to the position Major accomplishments Teamwork experience Why leaving current job Why do you want to work for… (name of your municipality)

8 Interview Do’s and Don’ts
Lawful interview Questions (Can ask) Unlawful interview Questions (Don’t ask) Address or duration of residence Age or date of birth Alcohol or Drug Use Citizenship Education Names of relatives working for the company Pregnancy Disability Arrest records Personal life such as married or children Religion or creed Military status

9 Behavior Based Interview Questions Which one of these questions is the better interview question to ask? Teamwork How would you handle working with a team on a daily basis? Describe a time that you demonstrated the ability to be an effective team member. What do you think about working with others? Attention to Detail Describe what you do to control mistakes in your work? Do you ever make mistakes? Do you own up to your mistakes, or do you blame others?

10 Conducting the Interview
Greet applicants Introduce yourself and others on the panel committee Talk about the job and the organization Provide a copy of the job description Focus on qualifications for the job Take notes (relevant -job information only) Allow silence Courtesy to have a glass of water for the candidate

11 Conducting the Interview
Explain how the position fits into the organization Talk about key responsibilities of the position Review company perks and benefits Describe the culture

12 Concluding the Interview
Ask candidate if he/she has any questions Explain notification procedure Give an expected start date Describe the next steps Thank candidates for interviewing Show them to the exit

13 Evaluating Candidates
Review your notes Discuss each candidate with panel (if applicable) Evaluate each candidate using your rating comparison chart Summary/justification for selection Make sure ratings and remarks are job related Reference checks

14 Job Offer/Post-Job Offer
Conditional job offer (typically done by phone or in-person) Offer letter: Start date Hourly rate if non-exempt Salary if exempt Other conditions of employment Pre-employment requirements Benefits start date and/or other benefits Notify candidates not selected – protect your brand Retain applications for 2-years HR conducts pre-employment screenings: Background check Schedules physical & drug screen Schedules other job specific screenings (if applicable) Initiates compatibility testing (if applicable)

15 Onboarding – Now What??? New hire paperwork New hire orientation
Orientation check-list Assign a buddy (if applicable) Consider a team lunch and/or department food day Develop performance planning document (typically within first 30-days) Schedule routine follow-up

16 Key Points to Remember Interviews are an essential part in the hiring process You need to be a skilled interviewer You must be able to plan, conduct, and evaluate interviews with job candidates effectively Avoid potentially discriminatory questions and judgments Keep calm and call HR if any questions or to ask for help

17 Questions and Contact Information Mary Jaeger – Michele Biddison –

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