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HR1 – Recruitment & Selection Dee Mullner and Mary Smith

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1 HR1 – Recruitment & Selection Dee Mullner and Mary Smith
Wednesday 10 September 2014

2 Objectives By the end of the session, you will be able to:
Describe the Line Manager role in recruiting and selecting staff at the NHS LA Comply with the policy, procedure and process for recruiting and selecting staff at the NHS LA Utilise the support offered by HR during the recruitment and selection and exit process Explore the challenges of recruiting and selecting staff and how they can be overcome Understand importance of procedural fairness in recruitment and selection.

3 Equality and Diversity
All recruitment should be conducted in accordance with the principles of equality and diversity Protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 are: Sex, Race, Sexual orientation, Gender Reassignment, Martial Status, Age, Religion or Belief, Disability, pregnancy and maternity NHS Jobs is designed to filter out any unconscious bias on the above grounds as managers cannot see who is applying for the roles at the shortlisting stage All interview questions must be designed and tested to filter out any bias and therefore is it recommended to use the same questions for each applicant

4 Programme Outline Introduction
Your experience of recruitment and selection Using interactive methods, mapping the procedure and process for recruiting and selecting staff at NHS LA Break Competency-based interview questions Recruitment and contractual issues Throughout session will be referring to a fictional vacancy – Project Officer

5 DISCUSSION: Your experiences of recruitment and selection

6 EXERCISE: Mapping the process of recruitment and selection

7 Walkthrough of the process of recruitment and selection

8 Pre-Advertising Vacancy arises
Recruiting Manager responsible for completing and submitting Business Case to Departmental Director/Deputy Director of Finance and Head of HR for sign off and approval (for the purposes of financial funding and workforce establishment) Recruiting Manager responsible for submitting approved and agreed Business Case to Head of HR who is responsible for submitting Business Case to ROC; Business Cases will not be submitted to ROC without Director/Finance and HR sign off ROC approves Business Case Head of HR informs Recruiting Manager of outcome

9 Advertising Recruiting Manager responsible for submitting advert and Job Description to HR Adviser HR Adviser responsible for advertising vacancy on NHS Jobs All posts are advertised internally first Vacancy can close early if enough applications have been submitted (some posts attract over 300 applications)

10 EXERCISE: Drafting an advert

11 Shortlisting HR Adviser sends NHS Jobs link to Shortlisting Panel members Shortlisting Panel review and score applicants on NHS Jobs (either individually or when meetings together as the Panel) Rationale as to why candidates have not been shortlisted must be detailed and entered for each application and each area of competency All decisions and outcomes made must be recorded and entered on NHS Jobs by Shortlisting Panel Use of Person Specification to shortlist

12 ScrScreen shot of NHS jobs shortlist link of NHS jobs

13 Competency-based interview questions

14 What is a Competency-based interview?
Competency is more precisely defined as the “behaviours that employees must have, or must acquire to input into a situation, in order to achieve high levels of performance” Competency-based interview questions will usually refer to activities a candidate has participated in, that can be used to effectively display evidence of a particular competency Also use of other forms of selection – presentation, written exercise

15 Competency-based interview questions
Competency Based Interview Questions could assess the following: Responsibility level (eg. planning, organisation and time management skills) Commitment to Career/Career Motivation (eg. Learning & Development/CPD) Decision Making (eg. analysis & judgemental skills) Communication Skills (eg. negotiation and influencing skills) Leadership (eg. problem solving and initiative skills) Vision and Values or E and D (PEER – Professional, Expert, Ethical and Respectful)


17 EXERCISE: Writing competency-based interview questions

18 Interviewing and outcome
Interview Panel should include at least two people plus HR representative when appropriate Other forms of assessment (exercise/test/presentation) might be used and taken into account Interview Panel scores each applicant (0, 1, 2) Interview Panel makes decision on who to appoint using scoring outcome and other forms of selection Recruiting Manager responsible for contacting unsuccessful candidates by telephone with outcome of interview Ensure feedback is offered to all candidates Interview Panel Packs must be returned to HR

19 Contractual issues

20 Selection and Offer of Employment
Recruiting Manager responsible for informing HR Adviser who has been successful following interview Recruiting Manager must have conversation with HR Adviser prior to contacting successful candidate with regards to starting salary Recruiting Manager responsible for contacting successful candidate by telephone, stating starting salary Recruiting Manager confirms start date with candidate only after OH Clearance and references have been received; HR Adviser will inform Recruiting Manager when these have been received

21 On-Boarding HR Adviser sends New Starter Pack to new employee once start date has been agreed between Line Manager and employee Line Manager responsible for completing, signing and sending IT New Starter Form to IT Helpdesk HR Adviser responsible for undertaking: ID checks (first day of employment) HR Induction (first day of employment) Line Manager responsible for undertaking Departmental Induction Education & Learning invite new starter to Corporate Induction

22 Probation Probation Period is for 6 months; this is detailed in the Offer Letter and Contract of Employment Line Manager responsible for undertaking Probationary Review Meetings each month during Probation Period Line Manager responsible for submitting Probationary Review Meeting Form to HR Adviser immediately after each Probationary Review Meeting Probation Policy and Procedure is on NHS LA Intranet; Probationary Review Meeting Form is attached to the Policy and Procedure

23 Contract variations Contract Variations can arise from the following:
Change to contracted weekly hours Change of post (e.g. successful candidate to new post) Temporary Acting Up Contract Variation Letters are produced and sent to employee by HR; copy sent to Line Manager

24 Exit process Employee resigns (e.g. retirement, leaving organisation)
Line Manager responsible for submitting copy of employee resignation letter to HR Adviser HR Adviser produces and sends Confirmation of Resignation Letter to employee; copy sent to Line Manager HR Adviser sends Exit Interview Consent Form and Exit Interview Questionnaire to employee and arranges Exit Interview with HR Adviser Line Manager and employee responsible for signing Termination Form; Line Manager responsible for submitting form to HR Adviser in time for Payroll deadline Data shared with Board and soon with SMT and SEG

25 Next steps and close

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