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Human Resource Planning

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1 Human Resource Planning
Topic 2 Human Resources Human Resource Planning

2 Learning Objectives Evaluate strategies for developing future human resources Discuss different methods of recruitment, training, appraisal and dismissal Describe reasons for and consequences of changing work patterns and practices HL – Analyse the impact on business of legal employment rights HL – Examine how recruitment, training and appraisal can help achieve workforce planning targets HL – Analyse the consequences of changing work patterns and practices on business HL – Apply Handy’s Shamrock organisation theory

3 Recruitment

4 Forbes

5 Recruitment Identify a job vacancy and notify potential employees.
Regulated by employment law. Recruitment through advertising in newspapers, magazines, trade papers and internal vacancy lists.

6 Recruitment Process – Part 1
Define the skills & qualifications that are required for the job, and the rewards $$ Do a job analysis Job description: title, role, duties, responsibilities Person specification: qualifications, skills, experience required Write a job description & person specification Advertise the vacant post The advertisement must be: truthful, relevant, accurate, positive, short. Screen applications, make a short-list The HR manager compares the applications with the job description and person specification. Interviewing is time-consuming and therefore expensive. Interview the short-listed candidates

7 Interviewing candidates
Plan your interviews well Use a checklist of questions to ask the candidates Different types of interviews Face-to-face Video-conferencing interviews Panel interviews Interviews are time-consuming  expensive. Interview structures Alec Rodgers seven-point plan Munro-Fraser’s five-fold grading system

8 When you are being interviewed…
Which of these things should you DO or NOT DO? Arrive late Dress smartly (appropriately) Be critical of your previous employers Prepare by researching the organisation and industry Be prepared to answer questions about your resume The interviewers will ask you: Behaviour based questions to assess your behaviour Situation based questions to assess your judgmental ability

9 Recruitment Process – Part 2
Psychometric testing of your personality, Aptitude testing of your skills and abilities, Intelligence tests of numeracy and literacy, Trade tests of specific skills. Test the aptitude of candidates Check candidate’s references Check the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant. Check that they are telling the truth! Offer the job to the best candidate Send the contract of employment to the candidate. Sign contract of employment Give induction training Teach the new employee about the procedures of the company.

10 Recruitment Job description Person specification
Job title, job functions, management responsibility, reporting to Person specification Describes skills and qualities required for job Applicant sends application form, letter or curriculum vitae (CV, resume)

11 Internal Recruitment Hiring people from inside the company Its cheaper
Less down-time since the person knows the company Less risk since we know how the person works Motivational for all employees But Fewer applicants Time consuming Don’t get a fresh outsider’s perspective from the person Internal politics, resentment from others

12 External Recruitment Hiring employees from outside the business
Newspaper advertisements Specialist trade publications Internet advertising Commercial employment agencies Job centres are non-profit organisations Headhunting University visits Direct contacts through personal recommendations

13 External Recruitment Advantages New blood and fresh ideas!
Wider range of experiences Larger number of applicants But the disadvantages Time consuming Expensive A greater degree of uncertainty about candidates



16 Job descriptions / Person specs
Which companies will have long and thorough documents and why?

17 Task Create an advert, job description and a person specification for a job role in the technology industry

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