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Classroom Expectations

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1 Classroom Expectations
And Procedures

2 Classroom Expectations
Follow All School Rules Appropriate Language What is appropriate language at school? Dress Code What do you have to do to remain in dress code? Silent Passage What does Silent Passage mean?

3 Be Prepared and Productive
What does it mean to be prepared? What does it mean to be productive? What does it mean not to be productive?

4 Respect Yourself and Others
What does the word respect mean? What does it look like to respect others?

5 Comply with ALL teacher and staff request.
What does it mean to comply?

6 Rewards Following the expectations will result in rewards.
Some include Free work pass Free computer time Gift cards/lunch Not following the expectations will result in consequences. Verbal warning Phone calls home Safe Seat Buddy Room Recovery Office Referral

7 Class Procedures What is a procedure?
It is a guide for how to do something. Following the procedures will help you follow the expectations and keep you out of trouble.

8 Entering the Room Come in quietly
Place all homework in the appropriate bin. Sharpen pencil at this time if needed. Quietly walk to your assigned seat. Quietly eat your breakfast at your assigned seat.

9 Entering when Tardy Walk in quietly.
Place all homework in appropriate bin. Sit in your assigned seat. Get out text book for the class period we are currently in.

10 Leaving the Classroom Wait Quietly in your seat for an escort to your destination. Walk quietly out of the classroom Walk quietly in the halls.

11 Sharpening Pencil Sharpen Pencil when you enter the room at the beginning of the day. If your pencil breaks, quietly raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call on you, ask to sharpen your pencil. Do not ask when the teacher is teaching to sharpen your pencil. When given permission to sharpen pencil get up quietly, walk quietly to the sharpener, quickly sharpen your pencil, walk back to your seat quietly, sit down and remain quiet.

12 Going to Safe Seat/Buddy Room
Get up quietly and walk to the safe seat when asked. Sit quietly in the safe seat continuing to do your work. If assigned buddy room, wait for an escort to ask you get up. Get up quietly and follow escort to the buddy room. Sit quietly in the buddy room seat and continue to do your work.

13 Labeling Class work and homework
Write your name at the top, right hand corner Write the subject below your name Write the page number and assignment below the subject. Write the Date below the page number and assignment.

14 Missing Work after an absence
When entering the room after an absence get your work from the labeled Folder with your name from the missing work file folders. Powerpoints are online in the grade book. If you do not have internet access at home it is your responsibility to ask for printed copies. If you need help or clarification on any assignments it is your responsibility to ask for help. Remember make up work can be done at the end of class when you are finished with other work.

15 Classroom Discussions
Do not talk when another student is talking. Listen quietly to each other. Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call on you to contribute to the discussion. Treat everyone with respect. Do not put down other’s ideas or thoughts.

16 Independent Seat Work When given an assignment work quietly on your assignment. Raise your hand to gain permission to hand in your finished work in the designated bin. If you finish your assignment early work on any missing assignments first. If you do not have any missing work you may choose to read a book or magazine or choose an activity from the Early Finishers bulletin board. Raise your hand to get permission before getting activities or books. Take assignment/book to seat and quietly complete.

17 Partner/Group Work Wait until the teacher has assigned your group and area and then walk quietly to assigned area. Bring all materials the teacher instructed you to bring to the designated area. The teacher will pass out all other material to designated area. All students must be working on the assignment. Talk quietly about the assignment amongst your group only. The assigned group leader will raise their hand and ask permission to hand in the assignment to the designated bin. When instructed by the teacher take all materials walking quietly back to your assigned seat.

18 Restroom Break When directed by staff line up in your line order at the door. When directed by staff Walk quietly to the restroom. Remain in Line Order. Quietly Line up in Line Order against the wall next to the appropriate restroom (boys outside boys, girls outside girls). Only one person in the restroom at a time unless directed for all students to enter. Use the restroom quickly and quietly. Wash hands using soap and water keeping area clean. Dry hands, throw paper towel in the trash. Return to your assigned spot in the Line order. Talk quietly among each other. When directed line up in line order. When directed walk quietly without talking to the classroom.

19 Interruptions (announcements, fire/weather drills)
Stop what you are doing. Listen quietly without talking. Follow any directions given by staff.

20 After Interruptions: Return to work quickly and quietly without talking. There is to be no discussion about the interruption.

21 Dismissal At your desk collect all material needed to take home. Remember your homework. Remain in your seat until a staff member comes to the room to dismiss us. Line up in line order. Walk quietly without talking to the checkout area. Wait in line order to retrieve your materials from checkout. Walk to the bus talking quietly. Comply with all directions and requests from staff.

22 Index Card On your index card write one thing from the expectations and procedures you can be successful at. Write one thing you will need help with being successful at.

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