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A short introduction Five things Ive learned that everyone should know about airports What does a great association look like?

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2 A short introduction Five things Ive learned that everyone should know about airports What does a great association look like?

3 Kevin

4 54 years old

5 Married to Barbara

6 Who makes concrete letter boxes

7 We have three kids

8 Beth on Bebo


10 a gap year


12 In a house which will be 100 years old this year

13 Have a degree in Geography and wrote a Masters thesis

14 On coastal erosion

15 Before joining the Ministry of Transport which at the time was responsible for managing Foreshores and Seabed

16 which back then didnt have such a familiar ring to it

17 As a coastal geographer, quickly became involved in economics and state sector reforms

18 Replaced harbour boards with port companies, and changed the waterfront labour system

19 Which qualified me to become the Director of Marine, in charge of sailors, ships, boilers, lifts and cranes

20 Which naturally led

21 To the job of Director of Civil Aviation

22 Which as a coastal geographer with no knowledge of ships I was particularly well qualified for

23 As Director of Civil Aviation I quickly learned

24 That the common theme in all the undesirable events in the aviation sector

25 Is that they all had the same civil aviation authority

26 Which was therefore logically the cause of

27 the grounding of the entire Air NZ B737 fleet, on a Friday afternoon

28 Volcanic eruptions

29 An air traffic controllers strike

30 An airline crash on the hills just behind us The Dash that crashed The crash of an Ansett Dash 8 in the foothills of the Tararua Range on 9 June 1995 was the result of a cluster of causes. On the approach to Palmerston North airport, the pilots had difficulty lowering the planes undercarriage (it was a design flaw that had been previously identified). Instead of climbing to a safe altitude while fixing the problem, they continued descending on an instrument approach in cloud. While they were distracted the plane collided with a hill; four people died and others were seriously injured.

31 An adventure aviation activity called the rack, which involved

32 hanging passengers on a chain under a helicopter while low flying over active thermal areas

33 Imposing user charges to cost recover for safety audits that operators didnt want

34 Under new rules they opposed but didnt understand

35 Which after nine years qualified me

36 as a consultant

37 Which after seven years finally qualified me

38 to join NZ Airports

39 Which brings me to the five key things I have learned since joining the Association

40 Which I think everyone should know

41 1. Despite the conventional wisdom, NZ airports are not the most costly in the world

42 In fact they are very reasonable

43 Compared to Australian airports

44 And all the major destinations around the world visited by Air NZ

45 2. NZ airport infrastructure is in good shape

46 In fact it is a major success story compared to some other infrastructure sectors

47 And airports in some other countries LONDON British Airways canceled 54 more short-haul flights at Heathrow Airport's problem-plagued new Terminal 5 on Monday. Almost 300 flights have been scrapped and some 15,000 bags have been separated from their owners since the state-of- the-art terminal opened last Thursday. Airport operators have said the problems were triggered by glitches with the terminal's high-tech baggage-handling system. The chaos has been a major embarrassment for British Airways and the airport operator, BAA. They hope the £4.3 billion, or $8.6 billion, terminal will transform Heathrow's reputation as a grubby, overcrowded transport hub Problems continue at Heathrow's Terminal 5

48 3. NZ airports are the good news behind the good news

49 Low fares and a choice of airlines

50 - Are possible because airports have provided the capacity and facilities for competing airlines

51 New airlines and services and destinations

52 - Because airports are helping promote more options to more airlines (including places where the governments carrier doesnt go, and doesnt market)

53 Better experiences for travelers

54 - Because airports are investing in terminal space and traveler comfort and safety and security and baggage handling and shops and transport options and shorter queues

55 Better regional development and growth

56 - Because airports are working with their business communities and councils to develop opportunities

57 4. It takes a long time to grow an airport

58 Airports have very long planning and development horizons

59 - To ensure the future of airport activities is safeguarded, and airports are good neighbours

60 5. The aviation sector is very much under the environmental spotlight Fyfe slams climate change bureaucracy The hand-wringing over climate change regulatory structures is distracting from the more important focus of taking action, Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe said. He told a Greener Skies conference in Hong Kong that action speaks louder than words in the debate on climate change.

61 And airports are doing their bit, but will need to do more carboNZero

62 As they get squeezed between air travel guilt and 100% pure

63 And the con trails in our logo, may have to go

64 Because everyone is learning that con trails lead to cloud coverage which aids the greenhouse affect which affects climate change

65 6. What carnivorous native land animal is celebrated in the terminal carpet of one of our members?

66 Powelliphanta


68 What would a great airports association look like?

69 Other successful industry associations perform these functions

70 Services for members Events Communications Information exchanges Knowledge base and resources Web site

71 Research Collation Analysis Intel Policy recommendations

72 Advocacy Networking Submissions Media Publications

73 Support Executive Committee Membership Accounts Compliance

74 And have these attributes

75 Authoritative Informed Responsible

76 Responsive Helpful Timely Involved

77 Persuasive Logic and rhetoric

78 Producing these outcomes

79 Value for members Informed Advised Coordinated

80 Awareness and understanding Industry Public Media Government

81 Trusted Members Industry partners Government Public

82 Influential Decision-makers Opinion leaders

83 An early step towards a great Association

84 Is the NZ Airports web site

85 Where we will put all in one place, for members Useful documents and resources What we are working on Agendas and minutes Press releases Member news

86 Stuff the public, news media, public servants should know when they search the Internet about their airports Issues Stories How things really work at airports

87 The most popular and useful sites You tube Facebook Linked in

88 Have mostly user-generated content

89 So we have designed the NZ Airports site to emphasise the ability for members to comment and share and discuss and add issues and upload material

90 And that is so much more interesting and useful than stuff we might produce All the good work that members do Experience and knowledge

91 Encourage you to use it

92 We used the NZ Airports logo on the web site

93 And my favourite bit is


95 Because that is what we are short and clear and unambiguous

96 One One thing I try to avoid on the web site, and in our publications and submissions is


98 Because Because everyone knows that the AA is

99 About this

100 Or this

101 Or even


103 Were











114 In fact NZ Airports is

115 You.

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