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Lobbying for Food Security: FAO advocacy interventions

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1 Lobbying for Food Security: FAO advocacy interventions

2 Overview FAO: Vision and Programme Focus Global Food Security Trends
Key Advocacy Instruments at FAO Committee on Food Security 1 Billion Hungry Campaign Strengthening Advocacy Partnerships

3 FAO’s vision “A world free of hunger and malnutrition where food and agriculture contributes to improving the living standards of all, especially the poorest, in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.’’

4 FAO Global Goals reduction of the absolute number of people suffering from hunger, to ensure all people at all times have sufficient safe and nutritious food; elimination of poverty focusing on increased food production, enhanced rural development and sustainable livelihoods; sustainable management and utilisation of natural resources, including land, water, air, climate and genetic resources

5 FAO Regional Priorities for Africa
Increase agricultural productivity and diversification Promote sustainable natural resources management Support market access and sanitary measures for better trade Improve knowledge management, information and advocacy in Africa.

6 Proportion of population that is undernourished in developing regions,
Global Hunger Trends Proportion of population that is undernourished in developing regions,

7 Number of undernourished people in 2010, by region millions


9 FAO’s Advocacy Approach
Facilitation of knowledge dissemination and utilization of communication networks Promotion of partnership between UN, core development agencies and civil society organisations Principle of FAO accountability to member states and country level engagement

10 Key Advocacy Instruments at FAO
Committee on World Food Security 1 Billion Hungry Campaign


12 Established in 1974 Foremost inclusive international and intergovernmental platform dealing with food security and nutrition Addressing food production and physical and economic access to food.  Contributing to development of Global Partnership for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition

13 Core Objectives of CFS Coordinate a global approach to food security
Promote policy convergence Support and advise countries and regions Coordinate at national and regional levels Promote accountability and share best practices Develop a global strategic framework for food security and nutrition

14 CFS Links to the Africa region
Opportunity for knowledge exchange between African countries on implementation of national food security strategies Participation of CFS Chair to biannual FAO Regional Conference attended by ministries of agriculture Establishment of a regional CFS-type platform proposed to monitor food security for Near East and North Africa Region Key recommendations from CFS 2011: South to South cooperation initiative on establishment of regional institutions for food security governance, pilot project in West Africa, for a targeted regional emergency humanitarian food reserve

15 CFS Challenges Weak integration and coordination among countries for effective food security governance Coupling food security programmes with accountability mechanisms Resource mobilization to finance implementation of research and advocacy and capacity building to enhance stakeholder engagement


17 1 Billion Hungry Campaign
To raise awareness on growing problem of global hunger following food crisis Generate political pressure on international leadership to meet 2009 L’Aquilla Summit commitments  Online petition called upon governments to prioritize the elimination of hunger

18 1 Billion Hungry Campaign: Key achievements
Over 3 million people signed the FAO petition – 3 times the original target! Publicity supported by international celebrities, renowned athletes and European football stars generating worldwide media attention Partnership established with non-governmental organizations, farmer organizations, universities, and city councils Over 100,000 people in Africa signed the online and paper petition Events to launch 1billionhungry campaign organized in cities around the world, Yokohama, Paris, Accra

19 1 billion hungry – into the 2nd phase
Launch of Ending Hunger website – Sept 2011 Continued attention on hunger awareness, ‘pushing hunger to the top the national and international political agendas’ Strengthen public education and engagement on causes and solutions of hunger Partnership extended to private sector alongside nonprofit groups, and other UN agencies

20 Strengthening Advocacy Partnerships
Common campaign mechanism and advocacy platforms on food security Utilization of existing national, regional and international advocacy networks including links to civil society and private sector Basket funding for joint initiatives where advocacy goals are shared Mutual contribution to capacity building support for farmers organization


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