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1/36 How amazing! Do you know …… Which hotel is most expensive in the world ? The cheapest price is US $1,000 per night.

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1 1/36 How amazing! Do you know …… Which hotel is most expensive in the world ? The cheapest price is US $1,000 per night

2 2/36 How amazing! Which building is highest in the world ?

3 3/36 How amazing! Man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree

4 LOGO 44 Dubai Logistics City: A Quantum Leap in Logistics Professor : Lyu Ph.D Student : Mira

5 5/36 Dubai  Dubai is the second largest and second wealthiest of the seven emirates that from the United Arab Emirates  1.2 million inhabitants  Dubai is known as the ’Switzerland of the Arabian countries’  It’s largely neutral and stable role in its external political environment  There are no corporate or income taxes  As a result of tax concessions and development of the harbor, the city of Dubai encourage foreign traders to use the city as a link between the West, Persia and India

6 6/36  The discovery of oil in 1966 led to rapid growth and infrastructure development  The royal family pays close attention to the diversification of their economic foundations  Development of the trade and tourism sector was encourage early on

7 7/36 Dubai location

8 8/36 Business opportunities  Main focus on trade, manufacturing and processing, as well as on transport and distribution  It become a leading regional trade hub, serving about two billion customers worldwide  Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City were very favorable for foreign investors  Foreign companies could set up free of local ownership and benefit from a renewable 15 year guarantee of no taxation

9 9/36 The current logistics activities in Dubai  Dubai International Airport  Location in the middle of the city  25 million passengers fly to and from the Dubai International Airport per year  Dubai is used as a hub for long-distance flights  Dubai cargo village  Since 1999 the amount of air freight has more than doubles from approximately 480000 tonnes in 1999 to approximately 1.2 million tonnes  They are very flexible and enable a fast handling of goods

10 10/36 The current logistics activities in Dubai  The airport’s unusual location in the middle of the city and the resulting space limitations

11 11/36

12 12/36  Two problem  The logistics service providers face significant operational constraints in cargo handling  There is no, or only limited, capability to meet the growing demand for value-added services in logistics

13 13/36 The idea of ‘Dubai Logistics City’ A quantum leap in logistic

14 14/36 The idea of ‘Dubai Logistics City’  Build Dubai Logistics City next to the existing Jebel Ali Port as another free zone and part of the future Dubai World Central which would also host an all-new airport  It will be very easy to change freight from air, sea or land transportation  The location of Jebel Ali as a free zone has no regulatory obstacles for logistics services providers  A capacity of 120+ million passengers and 12 million tonnes of airfreight are expected to be handled per year

15 15/36 Elements of the master plan  Dubai Logistic City (2007)  Jebel Ali International Airport (2007)  One runway  Executive flights  Passenger terminals  Residential City (2007)  Dubai World Trade Center (2008)  Dubai Air Show (2009)  Master Planning reaches into 2050 and includes  Commercial city  Aviation city  Technology park  Golf resort  Full passenger airport

16 16/36 Thank You for Your Attention

17 17/36 Establishing a branch at Dubai Logistics City  Advantages  Geographic location : close to Asian countries, India and to a certain parts of Africa  The political system : relatively stabile and neutral, reduce the political risks for foreign companies  An important hub : for passenger and cargo air traffic that enables fast handling of goods for transports around the world  Easily switch : between road, sea and air transport within a free trade zone

18 18/36  Reduce transport time : customers can react more flexibly to demand changes  Lower stock levels : improve their overall resource allocation  Provides enough space : establish services for the conditioning and processing of goods

19 19/36  Disadvantages  Muslim country : the risk of terrorist attacks exists  The problem of corruption and existing insider relationships  Aware that other locations : such as Shanghai or Hong Kong, could develop similar logistics platforms  The extreme temperatures : have a negative effect on food, pharmaceuticals, flowers and other temperature-sensitive goods

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