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Parent/Team Rules Meeting

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1 Parent/Team Rules Meeting
UTHS Football 2008 Parent/Team Rules Meeting

2 Welcome Thank you for your attendance.
We are very excited about the upcoming year. Progress is best measured by the direction of the step, not the size. The essence of our program is to compete at the highest level and frustrate opponents.

3 Special Thanks go to… John Smith—
Players—We raised about $8,000 for the booster club last year. UT Booster Club—Great support of all programs at UT. Join the Booster Club Volunteer

4 Coaching Staff Freshman Coaches Mike Brooks, Head Coach Al Gorgal
Lambros Fotos

5 Sophomore Coaches Brian Peterson-Head Coach Justin Thies Jim Hughes

6 Varsity Coaches Kai Killam-Head Coach Jim Smith Dale Maynard Dan Taylor

7 Other important people
Trainer—Shannon Pirmann Athletic Director-Mike Tracey, Jr. Panther Coordinator-Gene O’Brien

8 My contact info: Kai Killam Home Cell Work

9 Player Expectations Attend school everyday Attend practice everyday
Push yourself and your teammates to finish every play Do your homework Steer clear of the trouble that is swirling around you Off-season Play another sport or have 90% attendance in the weight room 100 % attendance at summer camp 100% attendance at passing league Look at the football calendar first, then schedule work and vacations Lifting is not mandatory, but neither is playing time.

10 Parent Expectations Be honest…
About your child With the coaches Communicate problems with the coaching staff Start with the head coach of your son’s team We WILL NOT discuss how your child compares to another player or playing time Discuss all injuries with your son’s head coach Ensure that your son has a physical prior to the start of school Do your best to supervise your son. Alcohol and drug abuse is running rampant right now, and we can’t afford to lose kids to this (both figuratively and literally). Teach your son the importance of being at football practice, lifting, and summer sessions. Do your best to schedule work, vacations, etc. around the football calendar. Report illegal or unethical behavior by any coach to the head coach. If you feel the head coach has done anything which falls under these categories, report it to the athletic director. Understand the difference between being sore and being injured.

11 Participation Requirements
12 practices Physical, good for 1 year Enrolled at UT Transfers must be cleared through the athletic directors office. (9th graders are not transfers.) Tan Folder Emergency Medical Card Athletic Fee Passed 4 classes in the previous semester May not participate in other “football” competition or practices.

12 2. Athletic Code will be followed.
Rules 1. Do the right thing. 2. Athletic Code will be followed. Video

13 Rules 3. Attendance We practice everyday. 3:20-6:00-(Varsity longer on Mondays) We practice if it rains. (Tennis Shoes) We practice if it snows. We practice if it is hot. We practice if it is cold. We will practice over the intercession at normal time. We will practice 2 Saturdays, Aug 16th & 23rd We will practice Labor day from 9-11:30. 6:30 AM to 7:15 AM Practice August 13, 14, 15- UNLESS EXCUSED.

14 Rules 3. Attendance Unexcused Absences: At school and not at practice, skipping practice for no reason, skipping practice for a bad reason are all considered unexcused absences. These will be rewarded with extra conditioning and loss of playing time. 3 unexcused= Varsity Player dismissed from team 3 unexcused= Sophomore Player dismissed from team 4 unexcused= Freshman Player dismissed from team Excused Absences: Excused from school with a parent phone call or direct contact by the parent with a legitimate reason for the absence made with the appropriate head coach PRIOR to the missed practice. Contact AFTER the missed practice will be considered unexcused. Excused absences may result in a loss of playing time.

15 The importance of practice.
We need everyone at practice everyday. Please, Pretty Please do your best to schedule doctor, dentist, etc around practice. We understand emergencies happen…please communicate as soon as possible.

16 Rules 3. School rule violations.
Minor school infractions: Will be rewarded with extra conditioning. O.S.S.: 1 day OSS=missing 1 half of next game, 2 days OSS=missing the next game, 3 or more days OSS=missing 1 game per day of OSS O.S.S. penalties will double on the second infraction. The third school violation resulting in OSS will result in the player being removed from the team.

17 Rules 4. Dress and appearance.
No jewelry, hairstyles, cosmetics, colorings, apparel or other appearance that are deemed inappropriate by the coaching staff will be allowed. This rule is strictly based upon the judgment of the coaching staff, and is not debatable.

18 Rules 5. Unusual circumstances will be addressed by unique, non-precedent setting decisions by the coaching staff. These are not debateable nor appealable.

19 Rules 6. Equipment School equipment must be returned or paid for, it may not be modified. Lost = Lost, Stolen = Lost Take care of your personal property. Report lockers that don’t work.

20 Things to know 1st Day of Practice—Wednesday, August 13th
JPF Referee Clinic—Thursday, August 14th, 6:00 pm Varsity Players Only, Mandatory if you want to ref Pictures—Wednesday, August 20th Meet the Panthers-Friday, August 22th Western Big 6 Football Dinner—Wednesday, August 20th QC Botanical Center 6:00 pm Tickets $14.00

21 What to do now… Buy WB6 Dinner Tickets Buy UT Football Clothes
Turn in Tan Folders Turn in Emergency Medical Cards Turn in Physicals Enjoy the season

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