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Chisago Lakes Football established 1969 Parents Meeting 42nd.

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1 Chisago Lakes Football established 1969 Parents Meeting 42nd

2 Practice / Game Schedules Located on the football web site Var / JV / B / 9th

3 Other Dates Monday August 23: Gold Card Blitz Tuesday August 24: -Team Pictures -Picture Night: 7:00 pm–9:00 pm MEA Break: Varsity practice on Thursday & Friday 9:00 am-12:00pm

4 Lettering Policy To earn a letter in football a player must earn 20 points Points can be earned on and off field Head Coach will use discretion to award or withhold letter to any player

5 Playing Time 9 th / 10 th / JV: Everyone who commits and is healthy will play. Commitment means being at and fully participating at practice and having a positive attitude Playing time may not be exactly equal for all players 9 th grade: 5 th quarter / 2 nd game Varsity: playing time based on attitude and ability. Efforts are made to play as many players as possible but there are no guarantees

6 Discipline Management Plan / Accountability MAKE UP: tardy: 2 gassers excused absence: 2 gassers Excused absence must have prior notification / approval from head coach (Varsity) or your grade level coach (9 th & 10 th ) or an emergency

7 Discipline Management Plan / Accountability 1 st tardy: 2 gassers 2 nd tardy: 4 gassers 3 rd tardy: counts as unexcused absence UNEXCUSED ABSENCE 1 st : 1 Hard Yard & 2 gassers 2 nd: 2 Hard Yards

8 Discipline Management Plan / Accountability Tardies, Excused Absences, and Unexcused Absences can also result in reduction of playing time or dismissal from the team

9 Discipline Management Plan / Accountability In School Discipline: Consequences for any misbehavior in school will result in Hard Yards and or reduction in playing time Football Players will be held accountable for not doing what they should be doing

10 To me, no coach in America asks a man to make any sacrifice. He requests the opposite. Live Clean, come clean, think clean. Stop doing all the things that destroy you mentally, physically, and morally, and begin doing the things that make you keener, finer, more competent. Fielding H Yost

11 Safety / Concussion All helmets are recently reconditioned or new 10 year life Helmet design Helmet fitting (air) Formed Mouth Guard Players: See trainer

12 Gridiron Club Booster Club to support and promote Chisago Lakes football Send email to to receive football related emails

13 Practice Jerseys: $10

14 If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me:

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