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2 Introduction Of Coaches
Shelly Vest Athletic Coordinator/ 8th VB/ Head Track Elida Galvan Head BB/ 7th VB Mary Nino Head Soccer / 8th VB / 7th BB Mario Garcia Head cross country / Asst. track Marta Barriero Head Tennis Jennifer Faircloth Head Golf Barbara Torres 7th BB / 7Th soccer Krystal Martinez Asst. Cross Country/ Asst. Track Darcy Ahlman 7th VB/ Asst. Track/ Asst. swimming Marina Aguilar 8th BB

3 PHYSICAL Must have one per school year.
Must be completed by a physician in the US Must be on current document Can not be registered in an athletic program, receive any athletic equipment or locker, or try out for an athletic sport without a current physical.

4 Practice clothes Issued once cleared by the trainer
First set issued free of charge Shirt to replace $10.00 Shorts to replace $10.00 Coming soon: second shirt to purchase Must wear EVERY DAY!

5 Excuse Notes Valid from parent per day ( 3 consecutive days)
Valid from a doctor until clearance date ( be persistent for an exact date)

6 Game Schedules and Travel
Will be sent home with athlete once they make a team Will be available online Students must travel to and from the game on the bus with the team unless prior arrangements are made and approved. If the student misses the bus, the athlete will not play in the game. The athlete will only be allowed to leave “away” game site with a parent or legal guardian. May be asked for a picture ID.

7 Grades and Attendance Must have been promoted to start the year eligible Must be of eligible age: As of Sept 1: 7th grade 14 years of age 8th grade 15 years of age Must be passing all courses at report card 3 weeks period for ineligibility

8 Lockers Issued to athlete after released by the trainer as complete physical on file 8th Graders one per locker 7th Graders one-three per locker Athletes are responsible for their items being secured!!!!!!!

9 Non- Completion of a Sport
Refer to Student/ Parent Handbook Please list all the pros and cons before trying out Student is subject to not being able to try out for anther sport after quitting. Be respectful of the others trying out for the team

10 Cell Phone Use in the Athletic Area
Cell phones are not permitted to be used in any manner while inside the field house facility. This means all areas including the hallways and training room. All cell phones will be taken up and turned into the front office if used in this facility. This is enforced at all times. Not just during the school day.

11 Try out dates Volleyball 8th Grade Tuesday am and pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4:00-5:30 pm Basketball Off-season Oct 11 Basketball (playing another sport) Oct 21-22 Tennis- August 26-Sept. 5

12 Numbers per team Volleyball/ Basketball
* 30 players 7th grade ( 2 teams) * 30 players 8th grade ( 2 teams) Soccer * 22 players 7th grade (1 team) * 22 players 8th grade (1 team) Tennis * 20 Girls 7th Grade (1 team) * 20 Girls 8th Grade (1 team)

13 Numbers per Team Golf * Top 15 Scores Swimming * Top 40 Scores
Cross country / Track All athletes that meet timed trials

14 Absences from Practice
1 absence does not start 2 absences does not play but must attend the game TIME- If you arrive late…We use cell phone time!

Please feel free to contact your athlete’s coach Remember the 24 hour “rule” Remember the action plan: * Coach- athlete * Coach- Parent ( athlete) * Coach- Athletic Coordinator- Parent * Coach- AC- Parent- Athletic Director

16 Fan T-Shirt Order Form

17 Welcome to the start of Sharyland Athletics
Trainer available in the practice gym If you have already turned in a physical, report to the your grade level tables 8th grade North side of gym…7th grade south side of gym. Make sure to leave your card with the coach!!!! Athletes in tennis, after updating with the trainer, report to Coach Barriero.


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