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UTHS FOOTBALL 2006 PARENT/TEAM RULES MEETING. Thanks for trusting us with your son, grandson, guardian. It is a relationship that we take very seriously.

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2 Thanks for trusting us with your son, grandson, guardian. It is a relationship that we take very seriously. Teams exist because of players, not coaches. UTHS Football is about the kids. It must be a positive experience.

3 HOW WE WILL COACH UT FOOTBALL PLAYERS Do it right. Do it hard. Do it over. We will challenge players emotionally, intellectually, and physically. We will be consistent and fair. Praise when it is earned. Correct when it is needed.

4 UTHS FOOTBALL PHILOSPHY 1. Be the best person you can be. HEART Honest Effort Attitude Responsible/Respect Trust

5 2. Be as strong as you can be in your morals and ethics. Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it, regardless of who is watching you.

6 3. Be the best student you can be. As? Cs? Everyone can show up on time and make their best effort. Everyone can take personal responsibility for their actions, or inactions.

7 4. Be the best football player you can be. All-State? All-Conference? Starter? Valued reserve? Contributor to a team?

8 NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS All students must be enrolled in school. All transfers must be cleared through the athletic directors office. (9 th graders are not transfers). All athletes must sign and complete the manila folder once for their high school career. All 10 th, 11 th, and 12 th graders must have passed four classes the previous semester.

9 YEARLY REQUIREMENTS Physical Emergency medical card Activity fee-$50.00-paid in the general office.

10 PRACTICE We practice everyday. Even if it is hot. Even if it is raining. Even if it is your birthday.

11 Bring a pair of gym shoes to school everyday in case of indoor practice (lightning). We practice everyday. Practice determines who plays on Friday. Practice determines who wins on Friday.

12 PRACTICE SCHEDULE Wed. Aug. 9, Thur.Aug.10, Fri. Aug. 11 Varsity 6-7 a.m. Varsity/sophomore/freshmen 3-6 p.m. Helmets, practice jersey, shorts Sat. Aug. 12 (V/S/F) 8-10:15 a.m. full pads 11:30-1:15 helmets/sh. pads

13 UT FOOTBALL RULES BE ON TIME 1. See U.T. Activity Code 2. Attendance policy One unexcused absence = physical consequence Two unexcused absences = double physical consequence, plus 1 game out Three unexcused absences = dismissed

14 PARENTS & ABSENCES We want and need your sons at practice. Be honest Emergencies or tragedies. Birthday parties, picnics, etc.-no. If you have question, please ask in advance.

15 IF YOU MUST BE ABSENT Call 752-1633 and ask for a note to be placed in one of your coaches mailbox. Call 752-1621 with the same message. Do not have another student tell us you will not be at practice. If you are at school, be at practice.

16 IHSA PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS 5.062 Pre-Season Practice Requirements: A student shall become eligible to participate in an interscholastic contest or scrimmage in Boys Football after completing a minimum of 1 1/2 hours of actual field practice on twelve (12) different days excluding Sunday and any day on which the student actually plays in an interscholastic football contest. These practices must be conducted in accordance with Association By-laws.

17 3. Dress and appearance. No jewelry, hairstyles, cosmetics, colorings, apparel or other applications that are deemed inappropriate by the coaching staff. This category is not debatable.

18 4. School Infractions I.S.S.=physical consequence O.S.S= 3 days=physical consequence plus two strikes. O.S.S.=Five days=3 strikes and out. O.S.S.= ten days= same as above.

19 COACHING STAFF Varsity Mike Tracey, Head coach, 752-1621,797- 2031 John McCormick Kai Killam Dan Taylor

20 Sophomore Jim Smith, Head coach, 496-2816 Mark Goodwin Brian Lajeone Justin Thies

21 Freshmen Merlyn Hood, Head coach, 496-2826 Brian Peterson Mike Brooks

22 Trainer-Shannon McMillan Athletic director-Mike Tracey Jr. Panther Coordinator-Gary Taylor


24 UTHS Football Webpage John Smith OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!

25 Lift-a-thon We asked our players to obtain sponsors for their maximum bench press lift. The goal was to reach $.50 per lb. Every player is required to participate. Why do this? It is a way to give back to the school and football program. Nothing is free.

26 Only 24 kids turned in money. THANKS TO: Sam Browning, Jereme Gonzalez, Dan Spindler, Jordan Escontrias, Shane Erickson, Garrek Becker, Kyle Smith, Sean MacMillan, Jimmy Comins, Kyle Kirkland, Alex Fulton, Mike van Watermeulen, Demetrius Singleton, Nick Clark, Austin Hubbard, Corey Whitcomb, Matt Wendt, Chase Pavelonis, Markus Brems, Julio Riojas, Brandon Hobbs, Robert Cooney, Andrew Mohr, Justin Clark

27 Pictures Monday, Aug. 7 3:00 p.m. game jerseys and pants Equipment for non-campers Pictures 4:30 p.m. Parents clothes order forms

28 WESTERN BIG 6 FOOTBALL DINNER Wednesday, Aug. 16, 6:00 p.m. QC Botanical Center 2525 4 th Ave., Rock Island Tickets: $13.00

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