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1 Wayzata Boys Cross Country 2012 Parent Meeting August 20, 2012 1.

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1 1 Wayzata Boys Cross Country 2012 Parent Meeting August 20, 2012 1

2 2 Agenda Welcome Introductions Coaches Captains Booster Reps Season Overview/Expectations Booster Reps 2

3 3 Coaches Bill Miles 612-220-8455 (cell) Aaron Berndt (JV) Mark Popp (JV) (position paid with Booster funds) Eric Jahn (volunteer) Brandon Heebink (volunteer) Kyle Rasmussen (volunteer) Chad Bartels (Middle School) 763-745-6187 Steve O’Neill (Middle School) Ross Nelson (volunteer) 3

4 4 Season Overview Key Dates: 3 Winners Fundraiser - Tue. Aug. 21 (5:30 PM) @ Wayzata High School (High School athletes only) Uniforms – Wed., Aug. 22 (8:30 AM) Team Pictures- Mon., Aug. 27 (Noon) Banquet- Mon., Nov. 19 (6:30 PM) 4

5 5 Season Overview General Info It’s all about place (times vary too much) Lettering has changed- much simpler Coaches assign runners to meets & levels Communication is encouraged They are your sons 5

6 6 General Expectations Expectations Attendance Try to schedule Family Vacations before 8/12 Bad weather is not a reason to cancel practice Varsity are at practice over MEA break Respect Coaches, teammates, facilities, equipment, opponents, and officials Chemical Violations must be reported Academics are most important 6

7 7 Practice Expectations Expectations Sleep (9 hours a night) Eating healthy Morning Practice Optional, but... it’s a great way to start the day. Do not attend if you are not in bed by 9:15 PM Running on the roads (Safety first) Running off and on campus- representing the program and themselves 7

8 8 Meet Expectations Expectations Attendance is expected (even if injured). Distractions at camp cannot be tolerated- by athletes, family, or friends. Family can stop by camp before the meet and greet their child, but lingering gets to be a distraction. After the cooldown, lingering is encouraged. Friends can visit after the cooldown. 8

9 9 Meet Expectations Expectations Athletes should stay for all races- if possible. Athletes should ride buses- if possible. Athletes can never be transported to or from meets by non-adults (including themselves). Athletes should have food & fluid for post- race snack (within 30 minutes). Athletes need to act respectful and be treated with respect. 9

10 10 Season Overview Team Rules Available on the Cross Country website All team members and parents must sign Privilege to be on the team Team Rules will be enforced 10

11 11 Season Overview Schedule & Directions See packet and website Weekly Newsletters Meet Assignments Varsity & JV & Middle School Additional Varsity Meets 11

12 12 Cross Country Information Website: Schedules Rules Results History Photos (link to Kraig’s website) Previous years’ results Lettering Standards 12

13 13 Handouts & Boosters Parents Guide Schedule & Directions Boosters 13

14 14 Middle School Meet with Coaches O’Neill & Bartels one week from today- 8/27 7:30 pm in 2 nd Floor Forum to discuss late practices, bus times, etc. 14

15 15 Questions: will be answered individually - the line starts to my left!! Thanks for attending! 15

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