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2011 8 th Grade Boys Basketball Parent Meeting Teaching Kids More Than Fundamentals Brian Town-MS Athletic Director.

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1 2011 8 th Grade Boys Basketball Parent Meeting Teaching Kids More Than Fundamentals Brian Town-MS Athletic Director

2 Introduction of Coaches 8 th Grade Basketball --Brandon Kleve-Head Coach --Don Hunerdosse-Assistant --Derek Flack-Assistant

3 MS Philosophy The middle school philosophy focuses on participation and skill development for our athletes. The goal of the coaches is to place your son or daughter in a position where they can experience the most success and contribute to the team.

4 ABCDEF Teams Not all schools have the numbers that we do Do schedule some extra DEF games Will work in some scrimmages this season

5 PHYSICALS Must have one before first day of practice Good for 13 months NO PHYSICAL = NO PARTICIPATION Forms on district website-click forms on left side, scroll down to Health Forms and go to Athletic Physical

6 Sports Injury Assessment Free Through Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons Offered M-F from 7:00-8:15 a.m. DMOS West Campus -6001 Westown Parkway

7 Transportation If a child is riding home with their parent the parent MUST sign out with the Coach May NOT ride home with another parent unless returning to participate in another school event or activity and must have a parent note signed by administration (District Policy)

8 School Directions/Schedules See JMS website for directions to schools we will be competing against Game/Meet Schedules- --Go to http://www.cimlcentral.org --Click on Johnston and locate your particular activity --District home page has this link as well as a How To parent guide

9 Weather Cancellations will be on JMS website as soon as a decision is made along with the make up date if known Decisions typically made after 1:00 CIML website has email option where you are automatically notified of a cancellation

10 Parent Expectations Be supportive of your son Be supportive of the TEAM and your sons role on that TEAM MS Officials

11 The Future of Youth Athletics

12 Parent/Coach Communication: 3 Step Process 1)Player talks to Coach 2)Parent talks to Coach 3)Parent/Player/Coach/MS AD conference ----This is an excellent time for your son to work on communicating with adults and being an advocate for themselves.

13 Role of Parents Before the season - understand why they play During a contest – be a positive role model After a contest – give them time

14 Why Kids Play – Boys Michigan State University Study To have fun To do something I am good at To improve my skills For the excitement of competition To stay in shape For the challenge of competition To get exercise To learn new skills To be part of a team To go to a higher level of competition

15 Admission to Events The Central Iowa Metropolitan League charges admission to all middle school athletic events. The league has adopted this policy and set the admission price at $3.00 for adults and high school students, $1.00 for students K-8, and $1.00 for seniors who are 55 years and older and have a pass from our athletic office. Some schools at certain times will not charge due to their facilities being under construction or not having an area that is conducive for selling tickets.

16 Admission to Events Please show respect towards our ticket takers and the opposing schools ticket takers as this is not a decision made by them, but the decision of the CIML and the middle school athletic directors. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy please contact me. Offset cost of officials

17 Individual Meeting: Topics Covered Contacting the Coach Attendance Policy-our job is to teach commitment and responsibility and we expect your son to follow through with this Responsible for replacing lost equipment Practice/Game Schedules Academic Expectations-Student First

18 Parent Workers Scoreboard and Scorebook Coaches will go over this If you work then you do not have to pay admission for that game

19 Practice Ending Times Coaches will give this to you at the individual meeting Please pick your child up at this time each day and be respectful of the coaches and their responsibilities outside of coaching 20 Minute Rule

20 If you have any questions please email me at or call me at 278-0476

21 Go Dragons!! Thanks for Coming

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