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Biology Mrs. Teater 1st Block Fall Semester 2013.

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1 Biology Mrs. Teater 1st Block Fall Semester 2013

2 What New ??? Food availability Focus room access High School Break And the biggie…. New process point system developed

3 Process Point Sheet Name: __________________5th Block: ____________ Date:Total Points: 1st2nd3rd4th5th Prompt to Class Prepared to Learn Professional Dress Polite to All Positive Mental Attitude Proper Language Proper Use of Tech/Equip Produce Quality Work Present Participate in Class Focus Room Totals/Initials Goal: _______________________________________ Notes:

4 Getting Started… In the first five minutes: Gather materials Get your folder and paper Have pen / pencil ready Have a seat Check board for POD Do not ask what we are doing today until you have read POD first Complete opener if one is posted

5 Class Time Attending skills Listen carefully to all instructions Ask for clarification at any time afterwards Accountability Do your own work !! Keep all graded work in your folder…I could make a mistake entering grades

6 Respect in the Classroom… Use your discovery skills: 6 ps Dignity and respect To each other, and every staff member To the classroom Use only materials needed for present class period Take care of material used / borrowed To the school

7 Respect in the Classroom… Remove headphones Cell phones are not in use If ABSOLUTE emergency, ask to step into hallway Be in the moment Head up Engagement Participation

8 LABS Listen carefully to all directions Quietly gather only the materials needed for the lab out of cabinets This is the only time you should need to get into the cabinets When finished, clean up ALL materials, and work space Put materials away neatly

9 Leaving the classroom… 10 – 10 rules applies Restroom – Please use before class Administrator / Counselor Have appt. made If no appt. I will call to set one up for you Focus Wait for a note on your process point sheet If you need to, please wait in hallway for your note

10 Drills… Fire: Exit classroom to the right through double doors at end of hallway Proceed as a group to pavillion Tornado: Go to hallway and sit quietly facing the wall Lockout: Door is locked, but instruction does not stop Lockdown: When door is locked, and shades pulled, sit on floor by tall black cabinet and smart board.

11 End of Class… Put all materials away neatly in their proper place. Books, folders, notebooks Borrowed pencils returned All lab materials cleaned and put away Turn in assignments to your classes tray Return to seat Once everyone is seated, process points will be signed and discussed you will then be dismissed

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