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SOCCER MOMS Jessica Aguilar Alana Durmer Nicole Glenn Joy Sprink: Consumer Behavior.

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1 SOCCER MOMS Jessica Aguilar Alana Durmer Nicole Glenn Joy Sprink: Consumer Behavior

2 DEFINITION An American mother living in the suburbs whose time is often spent transporting her children from one athletic activity or event to another. A middle-aged upper middle class woman (usually white)and lives in the suburbs who devotes her life to her children. She carpools, drives them to soccer and little league, volunteers at their school, does snack days, and play dates.

3 MENTAL MAP Middle Class Minivans or SUVS Shop department stores: Kohls, Macys. Watch family shows, movies, sports, sitcoms. Strong faith system. Race: White, Mexican, African American, Asian. Family oriented. Dress for comfort Competitive in nature. Work full time, part time. Extremely involved in their childrens lives. Support system.

4 Mother with two sons, about 12 and 7 years of age. Wearing capri pants, flip flops, t-shirts, large boho bag. Shopping for boys clothes, food items, hangers. Busy juggling kids, older was quite and obedient, the younger one threw a tantrum about candy at the checkout. Driving a brand new Lexus, SUV. 3 girls: ranging from 3 rd grade to 7 th grade. Dropping off the youngest two at Kumon, the oldest at piano lessons. Then going to dance practice for the youngest. Picking up food on the go for dinner (each one wanted a different place). She was fashionable in Rock and Republic jeans, cute flats, and a flattering top. Her hair was long brown with it straight around her face. TARGET MARKET Customer 1: Target Customer 2: Escondido, CA

5 TARGET MARKET Customer 3: Target, San Diego Young mom, with a daughter around 9 to 10 years old. Mom was drinking Starbucks coffee, dressed in American Eagle jeans, a cardigan, scarf, and flats. Hair was down natural and wavy. Shopped in different departments such as: shampoo, freezer food, snacks, women/girls clothing sections. Bought: magazines, shampoo, frozen pizza and vegetables, gummy snacks, mascara, and dresses for both the mom and daughter.

6 Stay at home mom. Her children were her main focus. Drove a minivan. Was not fashion savvy. Middle Class. Age Range: 30-45 Involved in childrens activities. Watched Sitcoms and family oriented shows. Married, working women. Involved with their childrens lives. Drive mostly SUVs and minivans. Age Range: ranged from 25 to 40 and above. Are not budget conscious. Technology savvy. Media Consumption: Television and Internet. Enjoy dressing in the latest fashions. RESEARCH Initial Thought/Assumptions What we found

7 SURVEY RESULTS Age Range Current Occupation

8 SURVEY RESULTS Media Consumption Type of Cell phone

9 SURVEY RESULTS Vehicle Shopping for Necessity Products

10 SURVEY RESULTS When shopping for themselves When shopping for their children

11 SURVEY RESULTS Location for shopping Budget

12 Husband, Wife, and there 3 kids living in Orson, Indiana. Struggling to make ends meet, while raising teenagers and a unique son, all while trying to keep their marriage alive. Comedy. MEDIA CONSUMPTION The Middle About the show

13 PRODUCT PLACEMENT Nissan Quest 7iA 7iA Olay

14 NISSAN QUEST 2011 Dodge Caravan R/T the man van. When you sit behind the steering wheel you will feel you are driving a sports car, the Wall Street Journal quoted a Chrysler rep as saying. As long as you dont look behind you, you forget you are driving a minivan. 2004 Nissan came out with their first Quest call it, sexy mom minivan. Since style, performance and status arent on the minivan shopping list, they have to shine in less glamorous areas: safety, utility, and options. Minivans for families -- what a concept!

15 Sears Ford Pella Windows Kenmore MEDIA CONSUMPTION Extreme Makeover Home Edition Product Placement

16 Memphis Tennessee- very different than mothers anywhere else Well dress Gucci sunglasses Toy Watch Designers clothes were use throughout the whole movie some: Vera Wang, Gucci, Oscar De La Renta and Jimmy Choo Elie Tahari, Catherine Malandrino and Red Valentino. Cars BMW model 750Li (E66) Audi SUV MEDIA CONSUMPTION The Blindside

17 STORES Kohls Designers Well priced products, and a variety of fashion for everyone in the family. Soft music playing in the background. Bright and cheery feeling. Promotions and advertisements everywhere. Candies (Celebrity endorsements) Vera Wang Lauren Conrad

18 Great quality with affordable prices for every budget. Comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. Environment: calm, soothing with organization of colors and styles. Lighting allows you to see merchandise clearly. Should maybe add a signature scent to capture consumers. STORES What it brings to the table

19 Plays upbeat music depending on the section of the store you are in. Fresh, floral scent upon entering. Feeling of status, employees are willing to help. Lighting is bright, the floor plan is open. Always the right temperature. Nordstrom Café and the coffee bar enable you to explore your hunger. STORES Environment

20 Friendly employees, they get to know you. Easy to find products. Fresh, clean scent. Organic products. Pre-cooked meals for moms on the run. Televisions throughout the store with recipe ideas and demonstrations. Smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. STORES Environment

21 PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES Planners/Agendas Planners are a moms best friend. Either a handheld planner, or one for the wall with each childs name and certain activities that need to be done that week.

22 PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES Trunk Refrigerator All moms on the go need this. Allows you to have a fully stocked refrigerator in the back of your vehicle that can be built in to save space. Will hold up to 6 water bottles or other drinks your children love. A place for healthy snacks that need to be kept cool. Placed in a location that is perfect for kids to grab and go.

23 Kids are extremely dirty when picking them up from school, or even soccer practice (muddy shoes). You plug in your vacuum in a specific outlet in your car, and go to work cleaning. When done, fold it up and put it underneath the carpet in a tiny safe compartment. All the mess that you just cleaned up is now in a small bag in the same compartment where the vacuum is kept, you empty it whenever need be. Fast easy, and you dont have to lug out your home vacuum to do the job! All new cars, should invest in this. PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES Central vacuum system in vehicles

24 Plug your phone into your GPS (unit) and all of your appointments for the day are displayed hour by hour. This allows you to see what needs to be done, and at exactly what time. PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES Itinerary in your vehicle

25 No more searching for a product that cleans sinks, wood, or even tile floors. All in one cleaning product is one bottle, that allows you to clean anything and everything in a timely manner. This cuts down time looking for each specific cleaning product. Another great feature: no more fake smelling products, they will smell fresh as well as be disinfecting. PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES All in one cleaning product

26 An application for any smart phone that scans the flied and records all action during a soccer game or any other game. Allows you to have your hands free to cheer, and enjoy the game rather than spending all your time holding the camera. Special plug in feature allows you to plug your phone into your television and relive the moments. PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES Smart phone application and stand

27 Inner Values

28 Outward Expressions

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