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By: Cecilia Gonzalez-Gordon, Victoria Kiarsis, and Myesha Anderson

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1 By: Cecilia Gonzalez-Gordon, Victoria Kiarsis, and Myesha Anderson
Run's House By: Cecilia Gonzalez-Gordon, Victoria Kiarsis, and Myesha Anderson

2 Age The kids ages are from 9 to 22
Youngest of the family is the most spoiled, he doesn’t share, doesn’t do what is told to do. Two oldest daughters are the most mature, they take responsibility for very important things, the act the right way when something is wrong. The oldest son tries to be the man of the house but sometimes he needs help with some issues, like controlling him-self, or cleaning up after him-self. There was an 8 month old baby recently adopted into the family Younger kids and the baby get lots of attention from parents and older siblings.

3 Gender There are more boys than girls in the house
And girls have the rooms and cars and makeup that they enjoy The males in the house dominate the women The boys have a basketball court and various other sport fields for them

4 Class They are high in class They are a rich family.
Often get what they want, but when they don’t get what they want, they usually make a big deal out of it. Father was a famous DJ, when he retired he got a lot of money. Father is a working dad, mother stays at home.

5 Ethnicity and race The house is mostly put together of Indian and African-American race The younger kids have mostly Caucasian friends They are the typical African-American family They are very social with all kinds of races They feel the same way to all kinds of races, they usually like more the people that are from the same race, but they are not “enemies” with different races.

6 Relationships The kids mostly get along with the parents.
The parents are very caring for their children, and they love them. The daughters are very connected to their mother. The children have good relationships with their siblings. For example, when the two sisters move to the west coast, their younger brother admits that he misses them a lot

7 Conclusion In conclusion we say that Run’s house is a reality show that can be related to the people that watch it. It is about an African American and Indian family, and their normal day life, different things happen to this family, like they get in fights with their siblings, they get bad or good grades, but they are being followed and filmed almost every time, everywhere. We would like to know how it feels to be judged by what the watchers see on TV, sometimes we think that this people get tired, and mad because they are filmed, but it’s kind of their “job”, watchers expect something new every week. This show shows all the critical lenses that we provided before; age, gender, class, ethnicity and race, and relation ships between they kids and the parents and between the siblings. We think this show is a great example of a lot of critical lenses.

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